Quick and Easy way to order on CWMALLS 

Shopping is easy on CWMALLS, when you want to place an order, please follow the steps outlined below: 

Step 1

Browsing our website, add any your favorite item into shopping cart, please make sure to choose the size and the color, then click the “Add to cart” button. 


1. Select Size, Color (if it is available) 

2. Click the “Add to cart”

Step 2

Once you complete your selection of items, you will find a preview of your order. Here, you could review your order and change the quantity, size or remove item if necessary. If you’re ready to place the order, please click the “Proceed to Checkout” button. 


1. View your items and order 

2. If necessary, you could change size again using “edit” button, add or reduce quantity as well. 

3.Click “Proceed to Checkout” to continue.


Step 3



1. Choose “Login” if you have registered account already, then click “Login” when completing information

2. Choose “REGISTER” if you do not have an account to login in CWMALLS, then click “Continue” button

3. Choose “CHECKOUT AS GUEST” if you do not want to register right now, then click “Continue” button


Step 4


Complete billing and shipping information (you can also use different address by clicking “SHIP TO DIFFERENT ADDRESS” button), then click “Continue”. 


Step 5


Select your Shipping method, click “DHL or UPS Express”, or “Free Shipping” button, then click “Continue”.


Step 6


Choose your Payment Information, please choose “Paypal” button or “WESTERN UINON” button, and then click “Continue” button. 

1. If you want to make the payment by PayPal , please click “PayPal” button.

2. If you want to make the payment by Visa or Master Credit Card, please click “PayPal” button as well, we accept the payment by credit card via PayPal.

3. If you want to transfer the payment by Western Union, please click “WESTERN UINON” button.


Step 7


Please review and confirm your order details once again, then click “Place Order” button.


If you choose payment method by PayPal, you will be got access to Paypal website to complete the payment. 

1. If you already have a PayPal account, please Log In as usual.

2. If you want to pay it by Visa or Master credit card, please click “”Pay with Debit or Credit Card”, and complete your card information, then click “Pay Now” button. 


Step 8

The photo below shows how to pay by Visa or Master credit card.

If you choose Western Union, after clicking “Place Order” button, “Your order has been received.” will be shown as bellow. 

To complete payment of your items by Western Union, go to your local Western Unionbranch, or go to their website   (https://www.westernunion.com). 

After successfully transferring the funds, please provide the payment sender name, MTCN,Country, phone number,order number and send to service@cwmalls.com.  




1. Your order will be started to process when we receive your payment, and we will send you an order confirmation email.

2. If you cannot finish your order, please clear your shopping cart, and try above step again (because our website will be blocked if you keep placing the order for a long time).

3. If you cannot process your payment, please consult with your local bank or PayPal  company (www.paypal.com).


Note: If you have any question, please contact us in time (service@cwmalls.com, +86 13957165063), we will solve all your issues the first time! Thanks for your trust and attention!

CWMALLS will be more wonderful with you!