Return policy

When you buy from us, we want to make you completely satisfied. Before exchanging or returning, please take time to read our return policy carefully.

For secure, fast return and replacement, be sure to contact our after-sales Customer Service first (email to or text 001- 212 518 7812, 0086 13957165063) to get the consent before you return an item, fill in the waybill according to the address, contact number, postal code, value, reason and receiver details that we provide to you, so that to avoid the trouble when pass the Customs, and then we can offer you secure and fast return and exchange services. (Special Remind: If you haven’t reported any question within 15 working days after signing the package, our system will automatically consider the order finished and close the transaction, we will no longer handle exchange, return or any other issues.)

We don't accept return or exchange if the item is used.



If you want to exchange, please contact us within 15 days after you receive the item, also please make sure the item is not used and there is no influence on selling the item again.



If we send wrong item to you or the item you received has quality problem, you can return it to us. You should report the problem within 15 days after you receive the item and send out it within 7 days, so that not to affect us to sell the item again, and the item must be in original condition when returning to us, please make sure the item is unused.

When the returned package arrives, we will examine the item, check the problem, and then we will ship the correct item back to you without extra cost. We will be responsible for the shipping fee from CWMALLS to you, but you have to pay the shipping fee from you to CWMALLS. If we discover nothing wrong with the item, we will promptly ship it back to you. In that case, you have to pay the shipping fees in both directions.

If you don't like the item or no longer want the item, and need to return for refund, please contact us within 10 days after you receive the item, also please make sure the item is not used and there is no influence on selling the item again. In this case, you are responsible for the shipping cost from you to CWMALLS.


1. CWMALLS offers refund on most items within 5 days of receiving your goods. The first step in the refunds process is to contact our Customer Service. 

2. We offer refund on any items that are found to be damaged due to our fault. Damage caused by the fault of the third party or the customer’s own fault cannot apply for refund.

3. We refuse to sign for the package that you return directly without contacting us, and we will not offer refund. 

4. Without our written consent or authorized, any third-parties or not our company staff signed package, we have the right to refuse the package and refuse to refund!

5. For custom-made products, if your are not satisfied, you can exchange size or style, we will customize it again for you; if you don't need both, we only offer 70% refunds of the product.

Partial Refunds

We also offer partial refund on returned items which have some original parts missing. In such a case, the customer can only get partial refund. 

All the rights for final explanation belong to CWMALLS COMMODITY. 


Note: Our global only after-sale service center is located in Asia Pacific’s China, at present it only take charge of return, exchange service, basic enquire service, complaint, advice, suggestion services; at the same time, our Asia Pacific Center is also responsible for the supply chains of global products, a part of operation and management services; North America Center and Europe Center are in charge of technology, marketing, research and development, and design services.

If you have any question, please contact us in time(,  001- 212 518 7812, 0086 13957165063 ), we will solve all your issues the first time! Thanks for your trust and attention!

CWMALLS will be more wonderful with you!