Being consistent is the goal, the plan;

Being consistent is the attitude, the choice;

Being consistent is the dream, the mission;


On the axle wire of time, CWMALLS, SVE NEWS and MWE FUND are always consistent, keep the faith for dream and mission, defend them and try to realize them;

On the big stage of history, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex are always consistent, try not to forget the original heart and try to stick out;

In the big transformation of evolution, CWMALLS Asia Pacific Center, CWMALLS European Center, CWMALLS North American Center are consistent, making people oriented and result sharing more international, global and integrated.


This is the season of ourselves, and also the home field of ourselves; in the everyday of 2022, we will show our own excellence; the consistent attitude stands for our direction of forward motion, the consistent responsibility lights up our determination and faith; the one-hundred-meter sprint will let us forget the pain and trouble, only the sound of wind and the power of dream encourage us to go forward bravely, break through ourselves and transform floridly, let being consistent become the main melody of our running way again; being the CWMALLS people who have attitudes, dreams, responsibilities and consistency is the best annotation of attitude, choice, dream and mission, and also the witness of pursuing excellence.


“Being consistent” is the swear to ourselves and the future, is also the wisdom of learning and execution, meanwhile it is the end of plan and aim; no matter in the level of product, technology, promotion or management, we CWMALLS people all set ourselves an example to others, start and end everything well, and stick to everything consistently; the new business boards consisting of internationalization, globalization, evaluation, standardization, ecologicalization, mobilization and intelligentialization will be connected to a whole and formed to a system under the threading of the steel needle of consistency to run through everything, aiming at realizing the big dream and big mission of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY and MWE FUND. Our direction, goals and plans will remain unchanged in 2022, we must be faced with the unknown and overcome it with the 101% spirit and courage, this is our only choice, let the attitude of consistency accompany us to grow, maturate, transform, upgrade and…


“Being consistent” is the leading main idea, serving for our “33 Months’ Battle Call”, our “Whole Industrial Chain Standardized Value Ecosystem”, our “Dual Brand Strategy”, our “Digenic Product”, our “Horizontal and Vertical Excavation”, our “Full Implementation”, our “Alliance Between Gaints”, our “Student Union Project”, our “CWMALLS College”, our “MARS plan”, our “CWMALLS Global Super Patent Review Committee”, our “CWMALLS Global Super Networked Factory”, our “CWMALLS Global Super Networked Lab”, our “Skyline Program”, our “Raindrops Plan”, our “Standard, Valuable, Ecological, Sharing CWMALLS”, our “Patent, Technological, Artistic, Intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY”, our …


CWMALLS people always maintain the absolute loyalty to dreams and missions, and always keep the absolute execution of targets and plans! “Ruled by the grace of God, there must be great achievements” — CWMALLS People! 


There is no back arrow, this is the direction of being consistent;

Cutting off all means of retreat to welcome tomorrow, this the goal of being consistent.





January 13, 2022

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Love is an eternal topic, sharing each other, accomplishing you and me;

Love is an eternal theme, happiness and felicity are in continuous succession;

Making love together, to bring more surprise to dream, mission and sharing;

Making love together, to bring more value to innovation, cooperation and public sharing;

CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND 2021 growing, sharing series — “Making Love Together” officially starts the globalized, networked journey of broadcast sowing; it is the represent of happiness, and more the carnival of true love and fraternity; the bond of frankness gathers the true love of each other, the sincere confession lights up our resonance; in this way, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex starts the 2021 growing, sharing series theme — “Making Love Together” in our own unique way; this is the continuation of dream, this is the sublimation of soul, only true love and big love can make us freer and easier, more relieved, more tolerant and franker; this is the meaning and value of “Making Love Together”!

“Making Love Together” stands for the attitudes of CWMALLS people, we are full of passion, power and big love all the time; “Making Love Together” coheres the dreams of CWMALLS team, trying our best to contribute to charity and public welfare continuously and assiduously; “Making Love Together” is the globalized new long march, and also the networked marathon; therefore, we take part in more activities and organize more programs to propagandize, set an example to the positive energy like “big love”, “true love” and “warm love”, to make our world become more wonderful due to our existence! At the same time, CWMALLS complex sets ourselves an example and carries out mutual-help cooperation with partners in European region, North American region and Asia Pacific region to make heart to heart, hand in hand become a love net to make due contributions to our human and nature society’s sustainable and stable development! The visions like the sky becomes bluer, water becomes cleaner, mountains become greener, air becomes fresher, the society becomes more harmonious, human beings become happier and the world becomes more peaceful will burst forth the better future under the pouring of “love”; future has come, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND open their minds, make love together and pass the value of love by practical action! Welcome friends and partners from all over the world to take active part in the “Making Love Together” activity, we make efforts together, we change together, we share together, we…

This is the spring breeze action which silence is better than cry, making flowers bloom branches and love brim the world!

This is the time and tide when passion and dream burn, true love is supreme and big love has no borders.

CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND 2021 growing, sharing series — “Making Love Together” will practice and annotate everything by practical action! Please pay attention and participate together; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY will be more wonderful with your support and help!



December 30, 2021

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Taking vertical excavation and potential stimulation as the center,

Taking horizontal excavation and resource integration as the root,


Via the cross between a vertical and a horizontal, CWMALLS people’s coordinate and target will become clearer and more accessible! Similarly, as the main keynote of 2021, “Vertical and Horizontal Excavation” carries the major tasks of transformation, change, upgrading and sublimation; making everything become more standardized, scientific, intelligent and prospective, making everything become freer, more personalized, valuable and ecological, making everything become more… These things are what CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex are about to do, it sometimes moistens things silently while sometimes is like the fury of the mountains, finally it will explain everything with execution, change, cooperation and sharing! That is us!


“Vertical and Horizontal Excavation”: vertical series: these are the excavation and stimulation of individual, team and group ability; it verifies all on the axis of time with a learning attitude that keeps pace with the times as well as the execution spirit of never giving up! Its biggest characteristic is the active self-learning, innovation and revolution, and taking plan and target as the core to blend enterprise spirit, culture, concept and mission in blood to form an organic whole and create synergy, finally to form a “super spokesman”! Similarly, vertical excavation is also the optimization and improvement of quality and capacity; it not only makes you have great and noble ideas as well as hard-bitten will, but also endows you more sense of achievement and security, but the premise is that you must execute, manage and assess yourself inside and out, starting well and ending well, only in this way can it be possible to yield twice the result with half the effort and skip to stand! Therefore, CWMALLS management team and operation team ally with world-famous management and training organizations to carry out regular learning, communication to make CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY’s dream and mission become the lighthouse, homeland of each CWMALLS people, and get involved in the work and action to convoy the accomplishment of all the plans and targets in 2021! This is our “Vertical Excavation”!


“Vertical and Horizontal Excavation”: horizontal series: this is a cross-border fusion, also a multiple sublimation, it takes horizontal integration as the center and takes digesting as the root to carry out big cooperation and expansion on the world stage, finally to form the unique product and extraordinary experience, and to verify all of it with the whole industry chain standardized ecosystem! Like “CWMALLS Global Super Networked Lab”, “CWMALLS Global Super Patent Review Committee” and “CWMALLS Global Super Networked Factory”, they are the best cases of our horizontal integration and excavation! It not only takes science and technology, authority, art as the center, but also takes networking, standardization, value as the carrier to form world-class competitiveness! But as the core of horizontal series of 2019 “Vertical and Horizontal Excavation”, we go with the flow, improve our exposure rate and conversion rate via alliance between giants to enhance competitiveness and innovation; therefore, CWMALLS promotion team and brand team carry out cross-border cooperation via information sharing and resource sharing to lay a solid foundation for the full implementation, execution of CWMALLS Digenic (Patented, Networked) Product and Dual Brand Strategy! Meanwhile, it will play the role of a stabilizer for the excavation of international talent and integration of international team to make the success of horizontal series of “Vertical and Horizontal Excavation” realize value of 1+1>=2! This is our “Horizontal Excavation”!


The horn of 2021 has been rung, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex must realize full transformation through “Vertical and Horizontal Excavation”; it is not only the proactive excavation and integration, but also the drastic execution and upgrade; we don’t have any route of retreat, nor do we want any, only with our absolute loyalty to dream and mission as well as the absolute respect of plan and target can CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY become a part of the world! To create value for customers, to bloom brilliantly for the team, CWMALLS people are on the way!

CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2021 Globalization, Socialization Series — “Vertical and Horizontal Excavation” is the best annotation and witness!

Wish CWMALLS the arrival of the blue ocean era of globalization!





November 17, 2021

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This is the responsibility of CWMALLS people – speaking for ourselves;
This is the dream of CWMALLS team – speaking for ourselves;
This is the mission of CWMALLS complex– speaking for ourselves;
This is…

“CWMALLS: Speaking for ourselves” opens up publicity and sharing of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, also it records our own history and creates our own declaration and witness;
“CWMALLS: Speaking for ourselves” starts the global networking mode of new product, new retail, new manufacture, new ecology, new standard and new service, it is an annotation and bloom of the past, present and future;

This is a monodrama combining the scriptwriter, actor and director; and it is also a new endorsement of technology sense, artistry and intelligence; and we will show our own original works and patented products to you and make you appreciate them by original, innovative, authentic and timely body language, expressions and actions, interaction and communication; the with stereo, wonderful and diverse features , the endorsement lights up the dream and passion; with professional, personal and free characters, it remodel the value and mission; this is the meaning that CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex speaks for themselves, making every movement, every word and every action become the witness of our efforts and innovation; this is the reason that CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY speak for themselves, and the power that we keep challenging and persisting to realize the dream and complete the mission; as the brave and the terminator, “speaking for ourselves” will play every role well, and make them give out light and heat to light up everything, warm you and me!

“CWMALLS: Speaking for ourselves” is a revolution for us to skip and stand, and as well as a movement for global full enjoyment; this is the catalyst for model the soul and release yourselves, for example Facebook’s Zuckerberg, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Tesla’s Elon Musk, Google’s Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Apple’s Steve Jobs, Oracle’s Larry Ellison, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, each of these technology giant is the best spokesperson of their own enterprise and products, and as well as the guide of the industry; they are consistent, they work hard, they are brave to innovate and break with convention, they start their career with responsibility, they complete all missions, they cut off all means of retreat and carry it to the end, and finally they make themselves, realize dreams and achieve everything! This is a true story of “speaking for ourselves”, which makes drips of innovation gather to the mission, and makes drips of change accomplish the great dream; we are on the way to speak for ourselves, and we will show the real features of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY give the pragmatic attitude, dream and passion to you by the networking, mobile and ecological new internet spirit; I want to speak for myself, hope you can pay attention to everything of us together! CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex are “speaking for themselves” by activities such as live video, picture sharing, news broadcast and review to share with the world, it shows everything in a different way, hope worldwide partners to pay great attention and actively experience it, its brilliance is just your excellence!

“CWMALLS: Speaking for ourselves” leaves the wonderful to you;
“CWMALLS: Speaking for ourselves” gives the thumbs up to the dream and mission!

“CWMALLS: Speaking for Ourselves”—endorse for achieving dreams!



October 25, 2021

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“Mars Consumption Genetic Map” officially starts the journey of world-class networking, data and intelligentization; it shares all research results with everyone from an objective, just and pragmatic point of view and logic; of course, it is only a theoretical personal opinion and it doesn’t represent "universality", so please share it with everyone! An idea, an inspiration comes from thousands of times’ theoretical argumentation, data deduction, model design and other processes, “MARS Consumption Genetic Map” was born in such kind of environment similarly, especially the CWMALLS people “Analysis of Humanity's 24-hour Behavioral Rules” provides a large amount of theoretical guidance and data support for “MARS Consumption Genetic Map”, so today we can discuss, communicate and share together with friends, partners, experts and scholars from all over the world!


Proposal of the scientific theory “Mars Consumption Genetic Map” fills the path of human’s consumption changes on the Mars and forms the mental, physiological, environmental and behavioral consistency with product, brand, occupation, gender, age, religion, culture, belief, ethnicity, custom, character and other elements! In the form of a sample, it demonstrates and explains in an easy-to-understand manner!

Sample (25 to 55-year-old male, female), occupation (journalist or other occupations), time (within 24 hours), theory (the relationship with “the third parties” via Internet in the period of from opening the eyes in the morning to going to bed in the evening), props (goods of the third party or services) and other basic materials, and with these we make visual and micro analysis, form the alternate logic of definite number theory and variable number theory; usually in the peak time for the global population to get up in the morning (6:30~8:30 AM, local time), you have started unlimited touch with a wide variety of products, brands and services, product of which brand is the first choice and where is the country of origin? There are a series of choices! And of course, it depends on your feeling after getting up and today’s activities; in the morning rushing hour (8:00~10:00 AM) and afternoon rushing hour (6:00~8:00 PM), what kind of vehicle do you choose (subway, train, plane, taxi, car, bus, bike, walk, etc.)? What is the state of the environment you have seen and heard on the way? Does it bring you any impression? In the peak time of work (9:00~12:00 AM, 1:00~6:00 PM), you will have the activities related with your work including using computer, Pad, mobile phone, email, having meeting, calling and so on, what brand of products do you use? What brand of services do you enjoy? How do you deal with and arrange the problems, such as the dimensions of interpersonal relationships between colleagues, superiors, subordinates? In the peak period of work, your comprehensive quality and potential will be showed the most, similarly it is also the mainstay of “MARS Consumption Genetic Map”! In the lunch rush (12:00 AM~2:00 PM), dinner rush (6:00~8:00 PM), what do you eat? What brand of food to eat and what brand of coffee to drink? What brand of restaurant to choose? One person or several people together? What’s the content and topic of your discussion? Free or AA? With a series of questions, it particularly tests a person's emotional intelligence and intelligence quotient! Leisure time (8:00~10:00 PM), it is a free time, what kind of game to play? What kind of movie to watch? What kind of program to do? Will you accompany the families or children? Is it socializing time, Party time or other activities? This is a programmatic and flexible test of a free lifestyle! During the peak of sleep (10:00 PM~6:00 AM), what brand of bed, pajamas, bedding do you use? What brand of hotel, apartment, etc. to choose? These are done in a natural state! It is the 24 hours taking time as the central axis, there are interactions in every second, every minute, what to do first and then what to do are both accidental and inevitable, but the only thing that remains unchanged is what products and brands are always with you in the process of “spending time”? It is worth everyone’s consideration to find out the rules, optimize the structure, and create value! Like a big tree, from root to leaf, from fruit to table!


“Mars Consumption Genetic Map” is the best witness of economic network integration, also the quintessence of market network integration; using the Internet, Internet of Things, AI, cloud computing, big data, block chain as tools, based on Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Demographics, Theory of Relativity, Game Theory and Evolution Theory, at the same time based on definite number theory, variable theory and methodology, in virtue of Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, WeChat, YouTube, Twitter and other social platforms, and according to the information resources from NASA and ESA, it carries out “coordinate” type of horizontal integration and vertical excavation in order to interpret this "natural law" phenomenon through “time axis” and make everyone have a more pragmatic, more democratic, freer, more respectful and fairer living environment, it arouses everyone's attention and resonance! Time management means managing life, optimizing efficiency, and improving quality. The "MARS Consumption Gene Map" is based on the logical relationship of points, lines, and planes, based on mathematical, physical, and chemical analysis, and is based on "node thinking" and "chain thinking ", "Ecological thinking" upgrade, sublimation! This is a masterpiece from the CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, and CWMALLS complex. It condenses the essence of sharing, standard, value, ecological CWMALLS and patented, technological, artistic, and intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY; macro-freedom, and micro-enjoyment, in the globalized and networked world, there will be more extraordinary excitement! Observe carefully, analyze oneself, and be good at summarizing... this is the meaning and value of “MARS Consumption Genetic Map”!




September 20, 2021

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