The early spring of 2013 is much colder than ever! This is doomed to a different year—2013! It is unknown that whether you have gotten ready to greet the beginning of this year?

 “Safe and Healthy” is the basis; “Full and Happy” is the theme! It should be the life state and attitude of everyone. “CW PEOPLE” will go with you and make efforts to go forward for wonderful life.

Point、line、and plane, these are every link during the growing of our CWMALLS COMMODITY. Here, we are striving for our mission (Integrating world’s commodities for you to share and benefit everyone); actively contact you all around the world for your wonderful life, CWMALLS COMMODITY will be more wonderful with you.

Change may be just in a moment, but action is a marathon which has no destination, our “CW PEOPLE” are on the way of active action. It is just like relay race, pass and run well for each and take action for the wonderful future of you, of everybody, with right direction, clear goal and come along with you all the way, CWMALLS will become more wonderful!

Wonderful life, CWMALLS accompanies!