Breakout is the witness of aestheticism, also the sublimation of art!

Breakout is the pursuit of dream, also the witness of mission!


This is a battle without turning back, no matter how difficult it is, we will succeed in breakout!

This is a journey without an end, we consolidate at every step and break through all obstacles!


From macroscopic coordinate to microscopic execution, breakout of CWMALLS people becomes much fierce!

From self-subversion to innovation of cooperation, breakout of CWMALLS team becomes colorful!

From diversification of promotion to sublimation of management, breakout of CWMALLS complex becomes capable of evoking praises and tears!


There is no return arrow, the horn of “33 Months’ Battle Call” has sounded, only sprint, breakout and tenacity, persistence can show CWMALLS people’s spirit and attitudes! Being responsible for ourselves, for others, for dream, mission and society; up-to-date learning and innovation, and unconventional integration and excavation make breakout of CWMALLS people become more meaningful, valuable, vigorous and energetic! Although we went through numerous setbacks and failure, every breakout and counterattack will become more powerful and confident! Little-by-little accumulation and the loyalty to dream, mission collide and ferment again, which also lays the break-through foundation for ascending step by step and skipping to stand! Power comes from the loyalty to dream, and breakout comes from inner powerfulness! In the era of globalized online shopping when dancing with wolves and snatching food from the jaws of a tiger, how to solve the problems of internationalized promotion, publicity, exposure rate, conversion rate, etc. of “CWMALLS®” brand? And how to achieve annual plans and targets? CWMALLS people are breaking out, struggling and changing wildly every day! We believe sunshine comes after the storm and natural selection works best! Breakout makes everything restrike!


Breakout—promotion part: numerous demonstration, analysis, simulation and deduction, numerous testing, innovation, optimization and combination make every dot, every line and every face form an organic whole, make psychological needs and physiological needs form effective linkage; similarly, we activate all promotion elements and tools to form three-dimensional propaganda and exposure of patented brand, networked brand to form effective conversion; if we really want to have a place and great development on the international stage, we must have an “exclusive secret” in the promotion aspect! For instance, taking “personal consumption” and “group consumption” as the promotion core of the first echelon, taking “wholesale” and “distribution” as the complementary cooperation of the second echelon, these two form synergistic effect; online social media interaction, keyword, Shopping, video, live streaming, blog, forum, news, email and other precise forms, together with offline subway advertising, airport advertising, outdoor advertising, celebrity endorsement, show, salon, experience store and other localized forms are combined into a new experience mode of the networked, globalized sharing, shopping, living! Similarly, all the ideas, schemes and third party partners must follow local laws and regulations, and carry out more precise promotion and publicity according to different cultural attributes! The promotion mode taking “global linkage” and “cooperation and sharing” as the breakout is spreading in North American region, European region, Asia Pacific region like a prairie fire; let’s make our different promotion truly become a bright pearl of the global economic integration and global market integration! From “capillary vascularization” to “main artery” of promotion, from single play to combination blow, from “quantum entanglement” to “gene mutation”-like challenge, CWMALLS people’s breakout makes promotion become more effective!


Breakout—management part: the road to branding consisting of good product, good marketing and good management also takes standardization as the core; the management elements taking transparency, justice, efficiency and value as concepts become more “humanized” with the optimization and mixture of Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and blockchain; its breakthrough point, gold line is the up-to-date learning, training and assessment, the thorough-paced execution, unification and management; the efficiency mechanism taking minute and second as the unit makes attention, executive force be released perfectly so as to break through inherent thought patterns, form direct and fast conversion, and improve standards, requests in all aspects effectively! Whether for reward mechanism, punishment mechanism or incentive mechanism, we can form a set of management standards! Though management sometimes is just like “lubricating oil”, “vernier caliper”, “adhesive”, but its demands on the environment are very high, like how to change fragment into entirety, change laziness into efficiency, it must have a standard first to form unified cognition, concentrate, pull together, being coherent, etc.! All these need breakout inside and out as well as management from top to bottom! Therefore, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex carry out regular training and learning, do a lot of case analysis, carry out self-optimization and time management to make every CWMALLS elite be able to deal with everything designedly and targetedly, make “self-management” keep pace with “dream and mission” and form an organic whole! That's what we are doing now! Unique products and amazing promotion will result in what kind of chemical reaction under the meticulous management? This is the target which we will continue to break through!


Rising abruptly based on its accumulated strength opens a window for breakout! We have a long way to go, but the scenery is infinite!

Great ambitions indicate the direction for breakout! Cutting the gordian knot, we wish it built to last!


The growth circle and bottleneck problem of a brand, an enterprise will make you go to ruin with habitual thoughts; only staying true to the mission, being loyal to the dream, changing, innovating and breaking through strenuously with the times can make the sky bluer!