Action is the root of all result, what attitude and action accomplish what result;

Take action without any regret and be persistent, this is an attitude,

Be mastery and be a good learner when take action, this is a status,

I, we, and everyone in our team, with a clear direction and concrete target we take action earnestly; maybe we are still young and we don’t have experience, but we have enough courage to take innovative action for our career; it doesn’t matter much if we are wrong or we fail. We will analyze data speedily, find out the reason and continue further action.

“Sprint one hundred days” schedule reminds everyone of our team constantly, we never make rush decision, we always take action according to existing plan, leaning is soul of our existing plan, it is also our good teacher and helpful friend; our action is not mechanical movement, or blind implement, our action is established on the unified thoughts, solidarity, based on the facts; insisting on formalizing the management, standardizing the products, and precise marketing, we take action under such an status, speed and quality are essential assessment standard during the action process, we will show different demeanor in the last one hundred days of 2013, and let action proves everything!

It is the beginning of your success when take action with courage and wisdom!

Life is changing with the action.

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!