The most important thing in the world is not that where you go, but that where you are. Owning a clear direction and target is always a big thing. No matter what position you are in today, we can’t do anything with the past, but we can change the future.

Direction belongs to ourselves, we can control; for people strive to make progress, their direction is toward the sun, while for the people without any target, their direction is toward the front, they think they have found the direction, in fact there is nothing at all;

There are many people in your life, they never set a clear target in the life, they always muddle along the environment, and finally be ordinary to end the life and die with regrets; on the contrary, all successful people, they must have a clear direction, concrete target; and at different periods and stages of the life, they will adjust their own direction and target anytime, this is worthy deeply learning by everyone of us; direction is produced from the continuous choices of life process, it is the compass of life, during the occasional lost, weary, it seems like a bright light, and for the joy and selfness of success, it is like a warning sign! Everyone needs direction, target, it is the guide of our future success.

Having direction starts from you and me, are you ready?

To be continued……

Cwmalls will be more wonderful you!