Persistence is the presentation of quality — CWMALLS People!
Ego is the realm of pursuit — CWMALLS People!
Silence is the fuse of explosion — CWMALLS People!
Dream is the meaning of existence — CWMALLS People!
Mission is the value of future — CWMALLS People!
······                                      CWMALLS People!

Spring’s coming after winter witnesses the beginning of thriving, flowers’ blooming and fading continue the law of spring and solid, these are four seasons of the year of CWMALLS People, natural and ordinary, while rippling at heart; this is the road in the past, the bridge today and the dream in the future, they grow and mature in the loop, transform and upgrade in the persistence year after year, day by day; the different self is like the protagonist in the starry sky, lonely, indifferent but crazy at heart, the different team is like the spokesman of sea wave, clinging, brave but consistent; in this way, CWMALLS People have their own direction, own stage, own opportunities, and…

“CWMALLS People” are the represents of braveness, tenacity and arrogance, and the witnesses of honesty, responsibility, loving heart and practicability; they dare to challenge themselves, they give it all away for the dream, they are bold but cautious and consistent, they overcome all obstacles and face problems calmly, they have great ambitions and heroic spirits, they are introverted, low-key and rock-solid, they have their own personalities and pursue perfection, they have great wisdom but appear slow-witted, and quick off the mark, they are crazy at heart but disciplining, they…these are CWMALLS People; after the fierce baptism of market as well as the continuous upgrade and transform of themselves, CWMALLS People are achieving their dreams and missions and continuing to write their stories in their own special way; CWMALLS People’s values, outlook on life and world outlook are also sending out a different light on the time axis, making CWMALLS People of the same dream, same innovation and same feelings run all the way in the rhythm of the times!

“CWMALLS People” are the pride of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND, the originator of proprietary, ecologicalization and public sharing, the represent of globalization, networking and standardization; this is the new definition of CWMALLS People: profession achieves excellent sharing! Spirit of the craftsman, keeping pace with the times, learning well and willing to do, never giving up; this is the new realm of CWMALLS People: the beauty of nature and harmony! Staying true to the mission, being consistent, having integrity, uniting as one; whether in the early stages of the business, for today’s actions or for the attitudes towards future, modesty and reverence extract rationality from sensibility, we speak depending on our own strength and do things depending on our own capacity rather than flattering, bowing and scraping, we are dignified and imposing, we love our work and are devoted to it; similarly, as the example of cross-century talents, CWMALLS People coagulate the true essence of all ages and four seasons, make an example, play every role well and create the extraordinary; these are our stories, which are capable of evoking praises and tears, respectable, commendable and worthy to be shared!

Growth: the growth of CWMALLS People, sharing: the sharing of the world, it is sample, fossil and story, meanwhile seed, sunshine and moisture; from a negative number to a positive number, from blank to erudition, from unfamiliarity to proficiency, every day, every month, every year, innovation repeats thousands of times; this is the respect for life and the affirmation for history, believe in yourself and the future, sunshine always comes after the storm; world, we are coming, we plant seeds with industriousness and wisdom, making them blossom and yield fruits and getting everything shared together; world, we are leaving, we share and interact with experience and cases, helping others will benefit yourself as well; world, we are coming again…Just in this way, CWMALLS People achieve their dreams, missions and everything in the cycle of reincarnation!

The great CWMALLS People, are willing to share everything with you!
The distinguished CWMALLS People, are willing to create everything with you!