One dream, two dreams, three dreams, the dream of CWMALLS team;

One people, two people, three people, the pursuit of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team;

This is a great time, this is a brand-new beginning, this is the home field of CWMALLS team;

This is a stage of unity, this is a platform of struggle, this is the uniqueness of CWMALLS team;

Unity is strength, unity is an example, standing in the middle of the world stage, blooming the unified dream;

Being of one mind casts the Great Wall, joining in a common effort achieves the sea, the heroic undertaking of crossing promises verifies our beliefs;


CWMALLS team made up of unified knowledge, unified thought and unified action is manoeuvring among various political groupings on the international stage, showing our capability and strength, and running all the way for realizing our big dream; protagonist and support, support and protagonist, everyone in CWMALLS team is becoming more powerful and clinging in the switch; initiative and passivity, passivity and initiative, every spokesperson of CWMALLS team will get to bloom, get sublimation, get achievements and value in the performance; this is just the beginning, the confession of attitude, the witness of quality and the endorsement of spirit!


“CWMALLS Team” is cutting-edge school, innovative school and also powerful school; it verifies dream and mission with its own value, outlook on life and world outlook through management and market; duty and obligation are the symbol of responsibility, capability and strength are the imprinting of success, team and one mind are the uniqueness of the team, these are the connotations of CWMALLS team; the right direction, specific aims, practical attitudes are also the standards of CWMALLS team; no discard, no giving up, being out from within and holding on straight to the end are also the program of action of CWMALLS team; fairness, justice, democracy, freedom, mutual help and loving heart are also the basic principles of CWMALLS team; being brave, teachable, low-key, self-love and persistent are also represents of the genetic structure of CWMALLS team; perfection, standard, value, ecology and science are also the nucleus of ideology of CWMALLS team; these are the core basis of CWMALLS team; keeping dream, keeping pace with the times and achieving mission make CWMALLS team truly become the spokesman of “future”!


“CWMALLS Team” is the pride of CWMALLS people, also the quintessence of CWMALLS complex; as the central link, backbone force between the preceding and the following, it runs through the entire CWMALLS ecosystem, condenses the core structure of each business plate, and witnesses the center of horizontal integration and vertical excavation; it is also the biggest core asset of CWMALLS and CWMALLS COMMODITY, “CWMALLS team” doesn’t live up to your expectations and is consistent with absolute loyalty for dream and mission when faced with troubles and lure; it is worth concern and respect whether in product, market, management, technology, brand construction and promotion, or in innovation, research and development, design, service, technological attitude, spirit! As CWMALLS team’s motto, professionalism and responsibility, starting well and ending well and the contemporary models must make more contributions to the way of global economic integration, the world sharing networking, the value of patented product! As the "image ambassador" of the standard, valuable and ecological CWMALLS and technological, artistic, green CWMALLS COMMODITY, CWMALLS team also gets the recognition of professionals; its versatility, its strategy, its courage and honesty are shown to everyone every moment, and interacted, shared with you! This is the whole of CWMALLS team, through the ordeal, the magnificent metamorphosis, the concentration is the essence, what it represents is the future!

“CWMALLS Team” is a dream team, the pioneer of era, precious endorsement and the model of value; it takes the ecological sharing, patented innovation, green environmental protection as responsibilities, as a role of “new species”, it starts global cooperation and global integration via the Internet, IOT, cloud computing and intelligentization; similarly, as the role of first protagonist, it constructs the whole industry chain standardized value ecosystem; CWMALLS team stands for a kind of spirit, capability, strength, attitude, also the example, power, dream and belief; here, as CWMALLS people, we must have the team spirit and be proud of team; hereon, as CWMALLS complex, we must have the awareness of team and associate with team! “CWMALLS team” is the represent of heroic warfare, “CWMALLS team” is the witness of gathering power, “CWMALLS team” is the pioneer of purchasing excellence, “CWMALLS team” is worth everyone’s expectations! Thousands of miles begin with a single step, seeking truth and being pragmatic, creating greater glory! CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex!


Where there is a will, there is a way, breaking the caldrons and sinking the boats after crossing, the one hundred and twenty customs barriers of Qin State will belong to Chu State finally;

Heaven helps those who help themselves, enduring present hardships to revive, the three thousand soldiers of Yue State are able to annex Wu State.