When adversity comes, most enterprises take it as a threat, and survival as the target. If an enterprise is over dependent on one subdue strategy, and then this enterprise will not evolve in short time. Every company requires fast change at the initial stage of pioneering days, but the success during the later stage spoils most enterprises; since they trust their “secret trick” too much and become too bloated and stiff, they also lose the speed to response to the adversity.

There is no toughness in the world of Kungfu that can not be conquered; only speed can not be defeated. The value of speed during the adversity is beyond comparison, it can bring enterprise time which is more precious than gold and silver, and also brings strong power that is beyond imagination.

In adversity, the longer time it delays, the situation will become much tougher to oneself; because the longer time you remain in adversity, enterprise and market’s confidence on it will gradually decrease; while the unfavorable variance and influence from environment in adversity will definitely greatly increase. When faced with adversity, the enterprise always calls for all the staff to endure the hardship. However the reality is: the enterprise that is waiting for getting through will pay more than the enterprise that is actively and speedily to walk out from the difficulty.

To some extent, adversity is an objective existence, we cannot master and reverse. But in fact, the duration of crisis and adversity depends more on your own attitude and action. Owning a fast speed in adversity, you can get more advantages than your competitors, and naturally reduce the risk of your own.

To be continued……

There is a kind of spirit called “action”, and there is a kind of power named “fearlessness”.

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