20 days of the “sprint one hundred days”!

Find out the opposite side of yourself and learn to think;

Inner lava is like brewing storms on rivers and seas which is going to burst out, this is us;

“Must, immediately” is our motto for growing up.

“Earnest, pragmatic” is our standard to treat things;

We take action every day, and turn the desire to a innovative power;

Our “history” is produced by the combination of theory and practice;

Our “work” is created by the integration of cooperation and sharing;

Our “action” is generated by the alternation of innovation and braveness;

Sometimes, we are distinct; but most time we are in company with “lunatic”!

Sometimes, life is just like a marathon, the last one in the first hundred meters, then be the last but one during the one thousand meters; in the middle after three thousand meters; and finally be the first three during the sprint phrase; it is a progress; it is the result of combining endurance, strength, and persistence, and also the result of our current development!

Man can conquer nature, it is the ultimate goal and it is possible only on the premise of conquer yourself! One is really strong with a strong self!

We are brave on the way forward, Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!

Sharing life and work every day!