In a sense, entrepreneur’s loyalty to enterprise is equal to employee’s loyalty to an entrepreneur; the core to maintain these two loyalties is whether the enterprise has value or future; in front of powerful time, people will die, but enterprise or the value created by enterprise is continue forever, even be eternal (just like Apple).

In fact, entrepreneur’s loyalty to enterprise is also his loyalty to his dream, only be loyal to the dream can he makes the enterprise foundation evergreen, can realize the enterprise’s value, can bring everyone in the team spiritual power and rich life; when an entrepreneur’s dream keeps same with team members’, it will creates efficiency and bring unexpected effects; on the premise of our big dream, we should also respect time, respect our partners, respect everything we have owned at present!

Dream, it is a soft, fine line in enterprise; it strings entrepreneur and everyone in the team together, whatever generation, it is always a common conductor of emotion; with a common dream, everyone in the team will know their experiences and hopes are not lonely, and get resonance and resultant force. With the mutual "chemical reaction", every employee in the enterprise team can be a super talent. And only the enterprise that continuously produces talents can really be a kind of business power, can really be the owner of future! We are on the way, and make efforts to strive for dream every day!

A wise man, does something; a brave man, makes something!

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!