Youth seems like the slowly rising sun, it has style, glorious, but not glaring;

Youth seems like a budding flower, charming, fragrant, but not glamorous;

Youth is sunshine, is vitality, is health, is……

Youth is future, is strength, is hope, is……

Youth is our past, present and future;

Youth is the evergreen tree in our heart;

I love you—Youth

We cherish youth, it is the source of strength, and it is hope of future;

We Praise youth, it is the example of happiness, it is the strength for action;

Youth endows us too many dreams; I will let it bloom against the winds,

Youth gives us too much strength; I will let it shine forever;

Youth is the beginning of good, sweet memories;

Youth is an attitude, more of a kind of sharing;

Youth—I love you

Let us hand in hand, heart to heart, sing this song of youth;

Let us pass happiness, felicity to all;

Be forever young, and let love spread……

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!