The bugle of sprinting one hundred day has been sounded; we should take action quickly. With firm confidence, high morale, earnest attitude and innovative spirit, take action and carry it out.

Every day’s countdown is the impetus that pushes us forward; we pull together and unify our thinking to carry out our plan and project that was made every day, every week and every month; there is no difficulty, as long as we recognize the situation and have good attitude, I think that all difficulties and obstacles will be gone with the winds.

One hundred days are not long, and time won’t go back;

Action is easy, as long as we implement it attentively and earnestly.

The high tide after gentle makes me stand on the forefront again, there is nothing can fear!

We will mould a kind of spirit; a spirit belongs to our own development. Spirit of one hundred day’s change! Cwmalls spirit!

Under our joint efforts, We CWers will pull together and bravely go forward against the wind.

It doesn’t matter that there is no applauds or flowers; the flower of our dream will bloom, our innovation action will come true!

We should cheer up in these one hundred days; we will be very bitter and tired, come on, everyone!

Sprint one hundred days and strive one hundred days, and let our action become the best blooming of the one hundred days!

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!

Here, special thanks go to every colleague and partner in our team at home and abroad! These one hundred days are up to you and us!

There is a kind of spirit called “fearlessness”; there is a kind of power named “action”.

Cwmalls is brave on the way forward!