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"Original Design", “Made to Order”, “Personal Tailor”, are all in CWMALLS Sheepskin Coats series, Fur Coats series!

Innovation is our responsibility to “Cwmalls Apparel & Accessories”, sharing is our attitude to “Cwmalls Apparel & Accessories”; therefore, we practice our mission every day, we make efforts to perfection and excellence, to make it really show our core value; Cwmalls people strive for it every day, Cwmalls team insist on it every day; we only want to make our dream come true, make our mission fall to the ground through our efforts, ability and strength; and we also want to share our products with you by innovation and the combination with more elites; this is not a dream, we have been in action, ”Cwmalls Apparel & Accessories” is one achievement of us, with its special charm, it is favored by the consumers all over the world; hope you can pay attention and share it!

“A-Hundred-Day war” opens up the prelude of our 2015 Autumn Winter season, “Cwmalls Apparel & Accessories” has carries the flag to charge forward; all kinds of original, innovative, handmade new products take turns, to make you really feel the special charm of our high quality featured products Leather Jackets, Fur Coats series, Sheepskin Coats series, Down Jackets series, Cargo Pants series, Sweater & Shirt series and so on; this is the model of classic design and also the peakedness of innovative design; with a unique Angle of view and philosophy, it shows every product incisively and vividly; this is our attitude to innovation, and our request to work; keep improving, keep carving, working on it with great care, be earnest and pragmatic, such qualities and attitudes are well revealed in all of our products; doing better and doing more for you, is our eternal pursuit; to make more good originality and work turn into products and commodities is our firm responsibility; we expect you to actively purchase more of our innovative products online; prefer it for its uniqueness!

“Joint Design” “Joint Innovation” “Common Sharing” is the core of all the series of our “Cwmalls Apparel & Accessories” products; therefore, we combines more works and products from worldwide excellent original designers, through our united strength, to let you experience and share in first time, Sheepskin Coat, Down Jacket are the magnum opus among it; also they are the main products of 2015 Autumn Winter Season, therefore, we will offer “custom made” “personal made” service to some customers in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, to show the real service concept of us; joint innovation is another great work of CWMALLS COMMODITY, we make seamless joint with worldwide featured products, and we make full improvements in innovative material, workmanship, service and so on, to offer 24-hour service for numerous customers no matter you are male, female, old, young, tall, short, fat or slim, to make you really experience the caring and love from all the series of “Cwmalls Apparel & Accessories” products, commitment with every cut, care with every stitch, meticulous care and attention in this super sharing experience, and it will turn the page of CWMALLS COMMODITY online shopping and life! Welcome your attention and participation! It will be more wonderful with action!

All products of “Cwmalls Apparel & Accessories” will greet every consumer's inspection with a more positive attitude; meanwhile we expect you to put forward more advice and suggestions on the product you love, so that to make us better! Due to the current limitation all around,, and products in some categories are not complete, hope you can understand; as the time goes, we believe we can create more values and surprises for your stereo and colorful life! Thanks for your support and great kindness!

Confidence and splendidness begins with “Cwmalls Apparel & Accessories”!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE