Persistence is a kind of strength; the direction of adjustment, stride forward to establishment;

Our past is sharing weal and woe, our present is persistence of implement and innovation, our future is the continue of dream and share;

We are on the way, from the footpath of life, the road of life, to grand stage of life; from the supporting role to the leading role; from passivity to initiative……Every painful metamorphosis, then gorgeous transformation, all needs time, chance, patience……

Persistence is another new journey’s beginning of us, we have already well prepared for this; we won’t care even though there is no flower and applaud, we won’t care when there comes one and another trouble, setback……all these or those problems seem not that important before us, it is because that we have already grown up, we have known the meaning of persistence and the strength of faith; all these seem so nature yet extraordinary.

Keeping a low profile is the theme of our action, endeavor is the soul of our growing and development; we take action and change for our dream and mission with no regret; we believe everything will become wonderful because of our great efforts!

To be continued……

CWMALLS will be more wonderful with you!