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"Original Design", “Made to Order”, “Personal Tailor”, are all in CWMALLS Sheepskin Coats series, Fur Coats series!

 "Cwmalls Shoes" don't follow a trodden path; the original design, handmade, innovative material, special technology and others elements are the basic elements for you to really experience the unique charm of Cwmalls shoes; with unique attitude to create the unique new products; with the unique ideas to design the vulgarity works; artisan spirit, every temper and every nail, carve every small peck, every stitch and every sewn, with our Cwmalls people’s focus and love everywhere flowing; welcomes more fashion men, women, and original design enthusiasts, writers, artists and friends could pay active interest in this distinctive "explorer"; with it, you can go every single step brilliant! With it, you will meet happiness again and again! Take an action! Surprise waiting for you!

"Cwmalls Shoes" is one of the new three leather series categories; the core products we Cwmalls team dedicated to; it’s the masterpiece with our joint design, joint innovation and joint produced; especially the series Men's Dress Shoes and Women's Flats Boots series we promote, also another unique products for you to share and experience; this is the victory of original creator, this is the victory of innovator, this is the good news for consumers; to this end, we launched innovative and in-depth cooperation with the century old shops, handmade shops and original studios from the European Area;  and at the same time, we started a systematic, standardized to promote with the major news media, the network platform, and professional organizations in North America region to the implementation of super professional cooperation, so that we can offer the quality, features, original new products steadily for you to share it at the first time; please follow us on our Google Plus, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social sharing platform! Surprise is waiting for you!

"Cwmalls Shoes" is our featured products of our “a hundred days war”; natural, original calf, accompanied by a variety of special materials, vintage style, pop style, pastoral style, personality style and other elements worked together to build a rare original new products; for this, we started to learn and communicate with the major brands; at the same time, we expanded the user satisfaction survey with more professional authorities, so that we can real reflects our value of all new products with "people oriented" design, market-driven innovation,; Platform Shoes, Oxford, Loafers, Pumps, Sandals, Outdoors Shoes and other original designs, waiting for your examination with the new, extraordinary and special elements; it is the outcome of our continuous innovation, but also our perseverance masterpiece; cathartic Dress Shoes, Flats Boots became our representative products; welcome to login and try! Awards with register!

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Note: The following styles of Dress Shoes we offer "Made to Order" "Personal Tailor” service. 
CW751527 CW751531 CW760001 CW762112 CW750122 CW751111 CW764107 other styles; meanwhile, the following styles of Flat Boots also offers "ODM & OEM" "Group Buy" service CW305125 CW305559 CW305330 CW305007 CW305020 CW305157 CW305326 other styles; welcome individuals or organizations with special needs pay attention to this good news; If you have any questions feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer at very first time!

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