Having been covered with tears in inner heart, are excited or touched, it is hard to identify; we are bravely on the way, on the way of ‘Long March’, all of us, everyone is no regrets; but all these is like a sharp scalpel, and every time , it will mark a symbol on our way forward, a symbol that shows we are closer to the dream; we can’t forget the past, as our inner blood is boiling for the dream;

Choice has become meaningless for us now, when we are at the guidance of dream’s power and we are bravely facing any challenges;

Starvation and coldness are very distant to us in this modern society, among us, but the reality is just in front of the eyes, I am grateful to you, grateful to all of you who are at all cost to realize the common dream; success is not our pursuit, we need change, I think it will come true in the near future, since we have faiths, have confidence, have dreams, convert it to power, and to change, to take action, to change, to change, this is our pursuit, this is what we have to do;

Sunshine is after storms; we think, we take action, we change, and we are very wonderful.

Thanks for being accompanied all the way,

CWMALLS is more wonderful with you!