Practicing according to one’s ability and learning with the times are the basis for our ascending;

Gritty will and the courage of no construction without destruction is our attitude to create future;

CWMALLS COMMODITY: Since we choose the far, we will go forward with wind and raid, there is nothing to fear! Within the region of fixed target, “must” is our attitude to fast implement; there is no compromise and retreat; technology, product and marketing are our troika that run neck to neck, we should keep its stability, balance, and harmony all the time, only in this way can make it go forward fast and efficiently; “management” is our powerful supervision tool to carry out the specialization, standardization and systematization, so that to make it develop fast and balance; current, two key words of our CWMALLS COMMODITY are “must” + “management”!

The Google research report in midmonth of May, and the China e-business war in June,

Technology demonstration upgrade in early May, and the no construction without destruction in July ,

There are relevant things and stories happened in every period and stage; it needs to adjust with the time, to cope with all these “natural reactions”; we have been gotten ready for it, but in front of inertial thinking, reality result makes us collapse at the first blow; recalling the painful experience, we “must” reconstruct all our plans and targets, find out the reasons to make “management” carry out accordingly, so that to turn this around and form a virtuous cycle, to provide powerful guarantee for continuous development! Throughout development history, compromise is more than implementation, slogan is more than action; we “must” have a thorough change by the mean of “management”, there is no route of retreat, there is no compromise, carry out it resolutely!

The way is, very long, very long……; we have to make uninterrupted adjustment to fixed direction and target from A to B to C during the limited time, so that to achieve the most perfect release; we know very well that during our development, at once you be the leading role, confidence, lose, success, loneliness, etc, all these symptom will accompany you, even go with you forever, we don’t retreat, we bravely against the odds, we don’t have any complaint and regret, we bravely take action and change for our dreams; we believe everything will be better!

Faith+Promotion+Implementation=Perfect Result

“ See myself brave and firm in the dark, break the temporal constraints, do myself inside; maybe loneliness is my forever partner, but I resolutely choose to go forward, never turn back!”

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