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"Original Design" “Made to Order”, “Personal Tailor” are all in CWMALLS Sheepskin Coats series, Fur Coats series!

Outdoor, sports, casual, field expedition, military training, etc. functional cargo pants are all in "Cwmalls Cargo Pants" series; camouflage, khaki, black, green, beige, brown, navy, blue, and other colorful match are all in "Cwmalls Cargo Pants" series; 4 pockets, 6 pockets, 8 pockets, 10 pockets, 12 pockets, 16 pockets, steric style, covered style and many other styles will let you dazzle! Printed series, color-matching series, embroidery series, solid color series, enzyme wash, sand wash, water wash, stone rub, and so many colors, crafts, this is your unique choice; 100% cotton series, 55% + 45% cotton and flax series, 100% ramie series and natural, green materials (cotton, linen, wool, silk, leather, etc.) is your best choice for home, and travelling; breathable, comfortable, supple, plain, twill, jacquard weave and so on fabric function processes with pure copper YKK zippers, horn buttons, numerous sizes (28 to 48) for your choice and let you instantly have the desire to shopping online; This is a creation of the new products, worth to own!

"Cwmalls Cargo Pants" is the top product of we adhere to the original design, innovative design, joint production; its introduction is welcomed by the consumers from Europe, North America, sports enthusiasts, extreme challenger; our dedication, professional and basic accomplishments are perfect presented from Cargo Pants series products; 3D cut, 3D design, coupled with the special sewing machine with the pima cotton from Egypt, Turkey, India, ramie from Bulgaria, Brazil, South Africa, silk from China, wool from Australia, New Zealand, plus the design from United States, Germany; what Cwmalls Commodity presented to everyone is the work, products and merchandise from the world; this is not a story, nor a legend, this is the innovative ideas, products attitudes of Cwmalls team has always been fond of; All these specialized procedures, standard operating procedures are the models of our global management; we Cwmalls people believe we can bring more surprises and value for you , him and her with our joint efforts!

"Cwmalls Cargo Shorts" is the best partner for field fishing, ocean fishing, rock climbing and other sports; beach, waves, rocks, Backpack, Flat Boots, Denim Shirts and other basic elements constructed Cargo Shorts life, so you can really experience the charm of nature! The same cut, the stitch and the same care, will let you feel the freedom, comfort and joy Cwmalls Cargo Shorts bring you no matter you are in the ends of the earth, or in close proximity; texture + sexy = charming, sports +casual = unlimited wonderful, this is the new definition of Cargo Shorts; Cwmalls people do various outdoor sports activities, continually learning, communication, innovation with numerous rows of professionals; ensure  to launch every style, every color, every function is able to bring you a better sharing experience, this is our original, but also our pursuit; welcome your attention to Cwmalls Commodity!

"Cwmalls Fleece Lined Cargo Pants" is the latest successful innovation and a leapfrog of our R & D team, a patented product; its innovative launching online, is a revolutionary sensation; 2 in 1 lining design, applications of innovative materials, 260 g / m²  + 44 * 85 100% cotton for you to make the 2015 winter easy, free for your life; camouflage series, khaki series, classic black series, let you be more powerful with winter skiing, hunting, adventure and other outdoor activities; it is our a masterpiece of joint design, joint innovation , joint production; it is our model of industrialization, standardization and unification; Cwmalls Fleece Lined Cargo Pants is our pinnacle work of 2015; it will truly subvert the lazy winter life; welcome our friends to experience the new features actively; there is an action, there is a change, there will be more wonderful! Winter sports and casual life begins from Cwmalls Fleece Lined Cargo Pants!

Note: For some customers who has special size, we also offer "Made to Order" "Personal Tailor" services; please pay attention to the facet products of Cwmalls Cargo Pants: CW100017, CW100014, CW100057, CW100012; the main products of Cwmalls Cargo Shorts: CW140196, CW140465, CW140065, CW140169 ; the main products of Cwmalls Fleece Lined Cargo Pants: CW100051, CW100052, CW100053, CW100055, for you to share and buy! Please pay attention to the good news; if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us, we Cwmalls people will give you a satisfactory reply in the shortest time!

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"Cwmalls Cargo Pants" build the new model of sports and casual life!


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