Record (Work  Life)

Constantly adjust and make plan, constantly transcend yourself, this is the developing path of work and life;

Without regrets, coming down to earth, being consolidate step by step, it is healthy and it is solid, we change little by little to achieve our dream.

If one is always waling in dark, his thoughts will solidify, his aesthetics will rigidify, we should break it, we need to be unite, we need communication, and we need collectivity, we should participate in the activities that we can do, we are still one of the society to make it advance and develop!

In a quantized society, in a society without clear and firm faith, we should keep our minds awake, taking the history as a mirror to innovate step by step, promote and change;

Life the show form of the contents of work while work is the standard part of life. You and I work and lead our lives, they should be filled of sunshine, greeting and challenging them happily.

Unknown should be begun bravely and happily.