Respect is a flower that blooms in the heart; respect is a road that leads to the good; respect is fire that warms you and me;

When you are trudging in rough mountain roads, encouraging eyes of friends pushes you, that is respect; When you meet some difficulty in life, your teacher’s warm hands hold you, that is respect; when you pick up the rubbish on the road, approving smiles influence you, that is respect; when you are repenting past mistakes, your parents tolerate and understand you, that is respect!

Respect is a ray of spring breeze, a congested spring, a pill to give you warm and ease you, a cardiotonic to motivate you;

Respect is a culture, a character, a equal trading to others that be neither humble nor pushy, neither look up nor look down, it is a confirm to other’s personality value;

The road of life starts from respect! Have you done?