When Steve Jobs’ famous saying: To live is to change, is still around the ear; a new world idol Elon Musk—another person pays everything for change is turning out, he brings us another great improvement for our spirit, our heard; why we live? This pseudo-proposition runs into our heart once again, and makes the thought deep in our heart revival; we should live to do something, something we like to do, we want to do and we can do, once yourself is happy, others will happy as well, let love, let innovation and let change pass from one to another just like relay race; although Jobs past away, his spirit and his soul is still living, this gene with eternal innovative passion will influence everyone who has dream; Elon Musk seems like the god and be the creator of real innovation—everything can be changed and realized! Without any doubt, this spirit and action just like a laser beam lights up everything in this sundry society environment! We have respect in our heart, and salute to all you, us and them, who work hard, has the courage to innovate, and is smart to change no matter he is deceased or still living.

Action, change, innovation are underway!

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!