“The change of one hundred days” (二)

Persistence is a static beauty; it is the power of faith!

Knowing how to give up is a kind of progress; and improving oneself for the dream!

To make it a reality to see the future and tough the present; it is always a long way!

Make one person’s fight becomes a team’s action to fulfill the mission!

This is us, another life experience of “thirty” days, another fight process of “thirty” days, we will remember our own history, a period of history without applause or paean for the moment;

During the period of these “sixty” days, and the six hundred days all the way, be appreciate to everyone in the team: Joyce, Field, Daisy……; it is you that turn complaint to action, and regard difficulty as target every day, regardless of winds and rains, stay together and work together, be united to take action and make change, it is just like the growth ring of a towering tree, it is you to create our own growth ring all the year around, therefore it makes who we are today!

What we lose is not youth, but meaningless sacrifice; what we lose is not time, but our own attitude to life! Should believe ourselves, believe our team, and believe that we can play every part well during our life and work, hope everyone can continue act as usual; this is transition during the past “sixty” days of our “Sprint One Hundred Days”, from learning to investing, to innovating, every step becomes so real, make all impossibility gradually becomes possibility, keep pace with the times, and make it a perfect reveal of deepen implement and accompany us forever!

CWMALLS COMMODITY believes that by our mutual efforts, we will create one and another history and miracles together! We are still on the way, a way to our future mission!

Make persistence more beautiful, and make action more powerful! We are glad to greet everyday’s challenge!

Look back the past “sixty” days, the boat has passed many mountains;

Prospect the future “thirty” days, there is limitless scenery before your eyes!

Faith+Implement+Promotion=Expected Result

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you, our wonderful life is on the way!

Profession makes outstanding—sharing!

Our Mission: Integrating world’s commodities for you to share and benefit everyone!