Anti-season sales is a promotion mode that enterprise makes for the market according to its own product character; its main forms and purposes are as follows:

1.Brand property preserves or increases the value: hot season makes sales, slack season makes brand, this is a strategy; brand property is made up of brand awareness, brand perception, brand loyalty, brand association, and other exclusive property; during the slack season, the spreading efforts of most enterprises weaken, compared with hot season, the product sales decline, at this time, you should have deeper perceptual digging according to your own products’ character, so that to get your expected result!

2.Channel property optimizes and increases the value: Channel is enterprise’s resource, and also enterprise’s invisible property. In slack season, the key point of channel property management is adjusting negative effects, strengthening good property, and increasing more channel property construction. At first, stress two concepts: the first is image benefit, it means setting up brand and product image to make the image have more exhibition and get improvement, this is an invisible benefit; the second is sales benefit, product anti-season selling can also produce profits, this is an visible benefit that can be seen. For the value of channel, it generally reflects as image benefit and sales benefit!

3.To sum up the above two points, the meaning of anti-season sales lies at ceaselessly having stereo exposure and interaction with customers or potential customers by all kind of means, so that to increase the overall influence of brand and product, and then increase conversation rate! It is a self-regulation and test, and a reveal of meaning and value of the concept and behavior of anti-season sales; as times goes by, we will gradually find a way that fits our own sales mode!

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