There is a kind of virtue, if you hold it, your personality can be sublimated, while you lose it carelessly, then you may be not worth a cent.

Three is a kind of virtue, it is not only the basis of behaving ourselves, and in fact it is also the guarantee of fighting capacity of all organizations.

This kind of virtue, its name is ‘loyalty’.

History is the frozen reality. In the corridor of history, we have seen the holy of loyalty. Reality is also the flowing history, we have to know; from today, we are actually standing at the door of history, therefore, we should be prudent, and be loyal to the career that we choose.

To us, loyalty at first means to work together, twist into a rope, cleave through the waves, and then advance bravely.

To us, loyalty means responsibility, having a good beginning and a great ending, not giving up, not casting away and sticking it out.

Be loyal to the attitude of yours and mine......