In the market competition, you should dare to toss about; a person capable of tossing and turning will never fear or be timid, he dares to walk the way others don’t walk, and finally get the market’s recognition. They can endure torment; they can bear all kinds of pressures at psychological and physical aspects in the workplace and the market, they preserve and finally make achievements!

Tossing and turning is a realm and is also a quality; as the head of an enterprise, you should learn to torture people, and torture yourself; if you don’t torture then how do you know the capability of yourself and your employees? If you don’t torture, how do you know who is more earnest, persistent or loyal? If don’t torture, how do you know the distance between you and the surround environment? If don’t torture, how do you know if you have the same target and unite as one to fight? If don’t torture……you should always torture to mobilize the enthusiasm and potentials of everyone, so that an enterprise will have energetic and impetus, and make it reborn!

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