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"Original Design" “Made to Order”, “Personal Tailor” are all in CWMALLS Sheepskin Coats series, Fur Coats series!

This is an unprecedented "war", nervous, irrigative and vehement;
This is a limitation to challenge yourself, dedicated, hard-working and emotional;

Cwmalls people, Cwmalls team and CWMALLS COMMODITY 2015 one-hundred day war ultimate version– “stepping over” formally coming to a perfect ending, and starting again with drawing sword; this is a landmark moment in the Cwmalls’ developing history, also there is no fresh flowers or applause, only same loneliness and enthusiasm, but we are standing up, we can run, celebrate and choose; we have our own technology, product, brand, service, promotion, management, rules……, we have our data, history, genes, dreams, missions, goals……, we gradually get our location and ranking in this pioneering marathon that does not end; this is the achievement of our one-hundred day war, also the reveal that we go beyond ourselves; it is power of dream that makes us strive as we always do, it is meaning of mission that makes us pursue relentlessly; never abandon, never give up, and never compromise, with our own special attitude and quality, Cwmalls practice everything belongs to the future! Light the wonder here, begins the e stepping over here, action makes everything! 

“Stepping over” is a perfect connection, silence is better than cry; “stepping over” is a start to ascend step by step, it rises abruptly based on its accumulated strength; “one-hundred day war” is the catalyst for our development of stepping over, bold, unrestrained but persistent; “one-hundred day war” is the stepping stone for us to skip and stand, serious and pragmatic; no tempers slogan, only the determination to resist; willpower and endurance is just like am amazing lamp during our one-hundred day war, it makes us become braver and across all difficulties and obstacles; this is not a person's fight, also is not a person's victory, it is the glory belongs to all Cwmalls people, Cwmalls team, people from all walks of life who care, help and like CWMALLS COMMODITY, and our super FANS; everything of our development, moistening things silently, violent storm during the one-hundred day war, the baptism of the moment, rational, objective and practical attitude makes everything become well organized; we don’t fall behind, or be given out, we are winning people’s recognition, respects and supports with our own way; with a safe, standard, quality, brand and perfect posture, “CWMALLS” have a perfect full stop of our 2015 one-hundred day war; there is no ending, but sneaking and stepping over, we look forward to your examination, appreciation and sharing! Make the dream become a kind of possibility, you have to learn to give up and sacrifice!

“Stepping over” witnesses our continuous learning, innovation, execution, trial and error; and “stepping over also reviews our chasing dreams and transcending reality; the ultimate version of CWMALLS COMMODITY 2015 one-hundred day warm takes the attitude of “stepping over” to share everything with you and to record everything. With the winter gone and the spring coming, 2015 one-hundred day war marks our 2016 drawing sword action; we want to burst our strength, and abilities, and we want to blast out our inner thoughts and long-cherished wish; we must run and be persistent, therefore we will not retreat but burst out more charming light;this is the initial stage of our growth, so we must withstand temptation and loneliness, cling to our heart and keep consistent; this is the beginning of our leap, so we must be pragmatic and progressive, and we must hold our dreams and missions; sharing, experiencing, mutual aid and forging are the new elements of our fast growth cycle; Cwmalls people, Cwmalls team and CWMALLS COMMODITY seize all these opportunities and stand in the outlet of Internet+, cloud computing and big data, which is bound to leave deep trace on  the history of Internet and mankind; the ultimate version of 2015 one-hundred day war —stepping over is a connecting symbol which starts our next wonderful journey; our heart is still here to look forward to sharing; let the fragrance of spring remain forever, the passion of summer continue, the abundance of fall fill, and the sun of winter warm us; this is not a dream but action. CWMALLS COMMODITY will help you open a new chapter of dream; let’s share and work together!

We are grateful every colleague, friend and partner in our 2015 one-hundred day war action, especially those at the frontline, Joyce who is cautious and conscientious, working each day with no regrets, Daisy who is down-to-earth, and willingly bears the burden of hard works, Momo who is serious, pragmatic and strict with himself, Yao who never abandons, gives up and stays true, dedicated Frank who cares and helps us, and many other “allies”; with the most sincere wish, CWMALLS COMMODITY CEO Chang wish everyone healthy, safe, happy and beatific, let’s hand in hand, heart to heart, keep writing our greatest chapter! Cwmalls will be more wonderful with your common attention, participation and support!

“Cutting-edge School”“Innovative School” “Powerful School”— CWMALLS COMMODITY”
“Cwmalls 2015 One-hundred Day War Ultimate Version – Stepping Over” opens up the fast forward key mode!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE