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"Original Design" “Made to Order”, “Personal Tailor” are all in CWMALLS Sheepskin Coats series, Fur Coats series!

In 2016, Cwmalls people must continue to maintain absolute loyalty to dream and mission! Do not forget the initial determination, stay true!
In 2016, Cwmalls people will sprint to win the final victory of One Hundred-day War! It is unprecedented, touching and deserving a song!

The third season of Cwmalls 3000 one hundred-day war - sprint officially opens “last mile” decisive battle; Cwmalls people, Cwmalls team, O2O cooperative partners, distributors, and suppliers have made full preparations of the final sprint; vanguard formed up by concentration, profession, and service is forward bravely in bugle call, new Cwmalls spirit formed up by innovation, standard, perfection is shining brilliantly on the way of sprint! This is the sprint that challenge the limits of self, and more that witness the achievement of one hundred-day war; in our own special way(persistent, stubborn, radical ) , Cwmalls people is having the last mile sprint; accompanied by wonders and adventures, the target is just at hand, the success is just around you; the boundless vista is at the perilous peak, it will be more wonderful with action!

“Sprint” the symphony of dream and action, piano music of responsibility and faith; consistent attitude, consistent way to practice everything belongs to us! Be the best of yourself, be the most professional of yourself, be the most devoted of yourself, get everything attentively! This is the attitude, principle and quality of every one of Cwmalls people on the way of sprint; we are moved by ourselves, and we are conquered by ourselves, this is a kind of realm, is also a kind of literacy, and more of an undertake; we walk our own path without complaint or regret, suffering while enjoying; the third season of Cwmalls 3000 one hundred-day war – sprint, it is more of a motivation and spur, to make us in high spirits, enthusiastic and proud and greet this most exciting moment; collisions of passion and reality, twine of dream and goal will shine a unique luster at this moment; Cwmalls people are sincerely invite new and old customers all around the world, people from all walks of life that care, support and help us, and our true fans to witness the wonderful process in the sprint of our third season of one hundred-day war, until finish it perfectly! The symphony and piano music "entertain ourselves" are there, we have been on the way of final sprint, wonder is going on, elegant demeanor is as ever!

"Sprint" is a reproduction to go beyond the self, brave to sacrifice and create miracles; there is no turning back, a strong will and faith plays a soul role on the way of sprint; no compromise, no will, be consistent, stick it out; there's no making without breaking, just fighting for sublimation; this is the challenge to psychological and physiological limits, and more of the practice for self-affirmation and self-denial; the real test is monotonous, boring repetition, the real challenge is the fear of the unknown; take things as they come, it is our constant feeling and strength; it makes the probability for us to create miracles, and gains the confidence to get the sprint; the craftsman spirit wins the dignity for us, and concentration and profession creates the history for us; innovation and standard makes our present, perfection and sharing makes us enjoy the future; sprint is test to our fixed goal, and sprint is an implement to established plan; everyone of CWMALLS COMMODITY is struggling in his own position to win the victory of this last mile; the applause has sounded, the sun has been rising, do the best of yourself; Cwmalls people prove that all impossibility will become possibility, feasibility and success finally with our actual action! Walk by, pass by, don’t miss Cwmalls’ today, tomorrow and future, we are willing to walk with you all way, and share everything! Let's be a brave dream chaser together!

“Sprint” is the beginning to break through the heavy encirclement, be agitated in mind, skip to stand; only one goal, only one result, and uniqueness becomes the only choice; only need success, only want result is the military order of our third season of Cwmalls 3000 one hundred-day war – sprint, it is the new order to test the loyalty and obedience of Cwmalls people; analysis, learning, innovation and execution day and night, advance wave upon wave with sprint, adjustment, improvement and implementation; this is heroic march agitated in mind, and a piece of profound rock music; thumbs up for the wonders, cheer for persistence, we are proud for Cwmalls people’s spirit which is surrendering and grasping the nettle; attitude, behavior, action and result form up the process of sprint, and will show a struggling picture agitated in mind; Cwmalls people leave the epic glory our own time axis; this is the power of dream, and the decision of mission; there is no first, only one and only; we skip to stand, ascend step by step; to make it a start of Cwmalls 3000 one hundred-day war – sprint at seventeen o'clock thirty-seven minutes on January 13, 2016! Welcome you to cheer for yourself, for others, for dream and future! To make the world more wonderful with our existence!

Sprint is a battle song, singing for dream and mission;
Sprint is a film, playing for dream and mission.

Authentic Cwmalls people, dreamy Cwmalls people, happy Cwmalls people have been on the way of sprint! Please wait and see more wonderful things!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE