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                 Great News: For our feature products “Sheepskin Coat” "Fur Coat" series, we can offer “Small Order” or “Made

                 to Order”service!  Minimum order quantity from 1 piece to 5 pieces, it takes 3-4 working days, very flexible; we

                 expect person or organization such as physical stores, departments, online stores and group buy service to pay

                 great attention to it! Place an order and get a surprise!


                                                                               Innovator and Sharer of Experience Design!

                    Tradition, fashion, trend, whatever styles, as long as you love designing, have enthusiasm, have creativity,

Cwmalls will be the platform for you to show your talents, show yourself, we welcome you! We will cooperate

                          with you who dare to innovation, who are brave to practice. We will transform your creative works into real 

                          products; share it with fans of yours and ours.

                                                                        You Design + I Produce =Win-Win Cooperation


                                                                                          Recruit Product Designer

Job Overview: To better expand online retail market and improve the conversion of original designed new products (from work to product, and to commodity, and the share), so that the improve the overall awareness of CWMALLS COMMODITY; we are now recruiting 3 Network Product (Clothing, Shoes, Bag) Designers in United States, France, Italy etc., male or female, ages (from 23 to 45), bachelor degree, dress design major or other art design majors and you should have certain economic foundation and work experience or you run a workshop of your own.

Job Contents: According to the custom preferences and national featured of different countries, district markets, you are mainly responsible for making, analyzing and carrying out the design plan of CWMALLS COMMODITY, and timely providing network product market information and customer on-line shopping habits to make design adjustment. You should use Facebook, Twitter, such social networks to show design to your fans and interact with them, so that to improve overall awareness, the detail contents that to carry out, the company will collectively make these according to the particular circumstance.

Skill Requirements: You should certain network product design capability basis (you’d better have design experience on bags, clothes and shoes, and have done designing work in large-scale companies before or you have you own design studio) You should love internet sales business, be earnest, be good at innovation, be patient, be adept in sharing, and can quickly identify with our company’s values and ideas, and must have teamwork spirit.

Job Type: Full-Time or Part-Time

Salary: $100000-$120000 Annually (Plus Additional Bonuses)

Let design change you and my status, let design share better future!

Converting design to commodity to share with everyone! We are expecting your participation! CWMALLS will be more wonderful with you.

Note: To learn more about CWMALLS COMMODITY, please look over all the text contents of, as well as our mobile site, if you are interested in this job, please provide some suggestions or advice about product design, so that we cancan have a better communication, learn about each other and have a good cooperation.

Our Mission: Integrating world’s innovative featured commodities for you to share and benefit everyone! So that we need you, who are from all around the world, to actively participate in this great career!

2014 is the year of openness, cooperation and share! 2014 is the year of innovation, implement, and learning!


                                                                                                      Design changes life, design changes you and me!

    Loving Series: A same day – February 14th, different stories of this theme, are you ready for the 2014 Valentine’s Day? What gift will you prepare for her or him around you, her or him in your heart on this 2014 Valentine’s Day? Here, Cwmalls Commodity launches a series of new arrivals as 2014 Valentines Gift for you to choose and share. Making your Valentines Gift be the carrier and transmitter of romance, sweetness, sex appeal and fantasy so that to accompany us to spend every day happily, to spend every day cheerfully. As the transmitter of love, Cwmalls Commodity will, with all of you, spend a different and special Valentine’s Day that belongs to your own. 2014 Valentine’s Day, we are coming; Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!

     Warming Series:Extremely cold weather; in our northern hemisphere, the way people fend off the cold is undergoing a big change, people are looking for a kind of warm product that is more natural, greener, even returning to the nature; here Cwmalls Commodity launches a series of natural, warm products-fur lined leather jackets, trench coats for you to choose and to share; all our products adopts high quality, top material, excellent sewing workmanship, stylish stereo cutting, make you different in this cold winter, and make the whole body warm! We struggle to change so that to combine nature with human needs. The gelid is not cold, the warm is in Cwmalls!

      Limited Series: A particular definite number that famous designer innovatively designs the product, because of its features: limited number, special style, and mysterious content, it makes people have a strong imagination and the desire to purchase, at the same time, limited edition product is always the leader and pioneer of trends´╝Ťhere Cwmalls Commodity, together with famous designers in Italy, France and other countries, launches a series of limited produced products, all our products are basically “tailor made”, they are precious and deserving owning for the limited number; we pursue design and quality and will share such an “extraordinary” feeling with you as ever, Cwmalls is more wonderful with you!

     Fashion Series:Distinctive display, it has a large-scale innovation and adoption of color, style, material, workmanship and so on, it makes your eyes brightened, and feel its special charm and feature, it is the combination of real fashion elements, usually: amazing, refreshing and   unforgettable are the best interpretations of its glamour; here Cwmalls Commodity innovatively launches a series of distinctive products to share with you; to transform the impossibility to the commodity and share this with an extraordinary you, so that our life will be full of a different future, let innovation and share accompany with us and grow with us! Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!        
      Colorful Series:It is the Nth power of beautiful, colorful life,  it is  a wonderful scenery, it is everywhere, it adds charm and color to  our ordinary life, at the same time, as the guide of fashion color elements in our real life, it will lead us to a future full of colors; here Cwmalls Commodity launches a series of colorful products, they not only have excellent design and workmanship, but also combine with different fashion color elements, which make them be the distinct “heartthrob” and the transmitter of fashion color elements, we will carry multi-color through to the end! Cwmalls will be more wonderful, and colorful life is in Cwmalls!    

                                                          Design changes the lives of yours and mine, welcome to design!


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CWMALLS will be more wonderful with you!