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                                       Jokes have many different forms, a single word, and a gesture a question-answer, or a

                                 whole short story, all these can be a joke and make you laugh. Jokes are typically for the

                                 entertainment of friends and onlookers.

                                       The rules of humor are analogous to those of poetry. These common rules are mainly timing,

                                 precision, synthesis, and rhythm. People will be amused, to laugh or smile at something funny, and

                                thus they are considered to have a sense of humor. It is true that jokes always express a kind of humor,

                                as well as something makes you think or makes you reflect. Different people may think something

                                humorous differently according to their culture, background, education and other factors. However,

                                we are aimed at making you laugh, making you happy! 

1. Laugh everyday, be happy everyday!

   2. Sometimes, parents had better play with their children, not just stay with

 children’ photos

3.You will never know that your boss thinks as same as you.

4.  Another way of greeting makes one fresh.

5. Loneliness is more terrible than death.

                                                                            6. Same background, different lives.                                       


                                                                           7. humor is a wise way to tell a truth.


                                                               8.Everything is possible, as there is something wrong

                                                                                               and something right.


                                                                 9. Sometimes, you want something, you should give up

                                                                               something else at   the same time.      


                                                                10. You may not only pay for what you did, but also

                                                                                                        what you said



                                                                   11. A word can point to two entirely different things



                                                                  12. Your advantage may not apply to another case.



                                                                      13. Driver should remember not to drink.


                                                                        14. There must be a person who paid it.


                                                            15.Little turtle beats the rabbit, but he loses to a snail.



                                                                             16. When your wish comes ture...


                                                                                     17. He is a web-designer, too.                           


                                                                       18. It is a funny story, also a story about love.


                                                                                              19. The cat is staring at these two little fishes.



                                                                                               20. Facebook sometimes makes you sleepy.


                                                    21.If one day, this happens, then we should have a deep thinking.


                                                              22. Think before do,  or you will harm selves and others


                                                                                        23. You' d better wear sunscreen in summer....


                                                            24.Have you seen such an interesting bowling before.


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