Cwmalls 3000 Innovative Sharing Black Friday Series - “Cwmalls Leather Jacket"

Sincerely recruit global network distributors, O2O cooperative partners!

"Original Design" “Made to Order”, “Personal Tailor” are all in CWMALLS Sheepskin Coats series, Fur Coats series!

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS COMMODITY Black Friday Series new products officially launching globally; original new products with the theme of surprise and great value will all bloom at this moment; hope general customers in North America can pay active attention to this great event, meanwhile, local customers in Montreal, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver can pay great attention to our experience centers, Cwmalls is just around you! It will be more wonderful with action!

2015 Black Friday Series new products——Leather Jackets, are the classic works of CWMALLS COMMODITY, the pure natural, ecological new products that we Cwmalls team devote ourselves to; great work of slim, fashion, business, leisure design styles, we will share with you, experience, and witness its unique features and flavors in the Black Friday activity of 2015; people all around the world, you are welcomed to add the products you love to the shopping cart, to prepare a different gift for him or her! Act upon, the first 20 will get cashmere scarf and genuine leather gloves! Hope you can pay continuous attention!

2015 Black Friday Series new products——Leather Coats, prepare everything for the handsome and cool he, and beautiful and tender she; this is the masterpiece from original designers in United Kingdom; forthright and delicate concepts of style, to make you show a kind of different demeanor in this winter with the theme of love, it is worth your investment for him or her, and also worth your owning; classic black, luxurious brown form up the eternal colors, they are the choices that you cannot refuse, color is love; therefore, Cwmalls team will have an overall upgrading on the upcoming of Black Friday; safe, convenient, fast, and great value will have and unprecedented glory in this Black Friday activity of 2015, CWMALLS COMMODITY is coming, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the online shopping on

CWMALLS COMMODITY, Cwmalls Team, Cwmalls People will ally our O2O cooperative partners, distributors, direct sales representatives all around the world to greet the coming of 2015 Black Friday; Let’s heart to heart, hand in hand, and share this most beautiful moment together!

Note: Since the coming of 2015 Black Friday, we hope general new and old customers look the provided product information carefully(Such as price, color, size, waist, return policy, logistic service, payment service details and so on), to avoid unnecessary trouble; Cwmalls people have made full preparations, greet your examination; Cwmalls will be more wonderful with your attention and support!

“Innovative School” “Powerful School”— CWMALLS COMMODITY
“Cwmalls 2015 Black Friday” the beginning of surprise and great value!

In 2015, CWMALLS COMMODITY will skip and ascend!
In 2015, CWMALLS COMMODITY will innovate and share!
Eco-friendly wearing, low-carbon life —— all in CWMALLS COMMODITY

Noted:Welcome everyone to focus on our “O2O”project and “CPC”project; meanwhile CWMALLS COMMODITY Four Modernizations Movement has officially launched (Innovation Liberalization, Work Individuation, Product Standardization, Commodity Unification), please pay great attention!


Originality is limitless, happiness of sharing is endless; original design and craftsman spirit make you and me!
"Innovation", “Standard”, “Unification”, “Maintain World”, “Maintain the Earth”, Cwmalls is sharing everything with you!


Great News:  If wholesale, please contact our customer service about the specific style, quantity and price, more favorable for large quantity! Meanwhile we also provide “Made to Order” or “Personal Tailor” service aimed at our innovative feature products “Sheepskin Coat” series and “Fur Coat” series; minimum order quantity from 1 piece to 5 pieces, it takes 3-4 working days, very flexible; we expect any person or organization such as physical stores, departments, online stores and group buy service to pay great attention to it! There is a surprise for you when place an order!

2015 CWMALLS COMMODITY best selling are under way…
(Our main products are original designed and handmade products, Leather Jackets Series, Leather Blazers Series, Bags series, Dress Shoes, Flats series, Cargo Pants series, Denim Shirts Series, insist on yourself, sharing Cwmalls!)
Cwmalls is around you!

Profession makes outstanding—sharing!
2015 is the year of openness, cooperation and share! 2015 is the year of innovation, implement, and learning!

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To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE

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