CWMALLS COMMODITY Growing Sharing Series - "Cwmalls Notice"

Today is a special day, today is the day we never forget; we Cwmalls people will bear in mind, The people from walks of life who cared and helped us will remember, our vast number of new and old loyal customers will remember; the same date of last year, we suffered a devastating and fatal attack, resulting in our news stations and main stations are subject to different degrees of damage, caused tremendous influence to our operations, online shopping; here, we Cwmalls people once again strongly appeal: any person or organization If you have any questions or prejudice or other reasons, please communicate with us; we believe that under the joint efforts of both sides, there isn’t a problem we can’t solve! Avoid causing harm to others with all extreme darkness means, because the braves will be succeeded eventually!

History has recorded our past, yesterday and today; difficulties, challenges, adhere to the road has become our good companion of our growth; we Cwmalls people and our O2O partners and distributors around the world maintain our loyalty to the mission of ours, love the business of ours; only in this high degree of solidarity, ensured the thriving growth of Cwmalls Commodity; thanks again to our technical team, is that you turn the tide, to ensure our security, and stability; thanks to our operations team, is that you explain, guide our new and old customers with positively attitude, so that we get understanding of others; thanks to our management team, you are calm in the hour of peril, co-ordinate resources actively, it makes our loss to a minimum´╝îthanks to the great help from the counterparts around the world,  you come up with new ideas, it makes us have a better solution; thanks to worldwide new and old customers, it is your understanding and tolerance that help us pass through the gate of hell; thanks for your common attention and help, we Cwmalls will remember this moment! "Forget history equals betrayal", we are a team with the sense of crisis, we are a team capable to defend our mission! We have grown stronger!

Good ecological environment will be better with everyone's self-discipline, maintain; for this reason, we Cwmalls people appeal to all the network enthusiasts, online shopping enthusiasts and elite from all walks of life to unite together in order to create a more civilized, healthy, freedom and democratic new online world and do our due contribution; Cwmalls will be more wonderful with everyone's attention and help! Thanks to all the way accompany with you! 

The wheel of civilization network history has started, follow the flow, it is a good choice to have a life with attitude!
"Justice win, solidarity win, Cwmalls people win" —— we are taking action!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS COMMODITY

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