Regulations and Cooperation Agreement for Network Distribution



The Distributor/Party B


By mutual agreement, Party A agrees Party B to distribute its commodities online based on the principle of mutual reciprocity and benefit.


1. Network Distribution Concept

Network distribution cooperation means setting up online product distribution systems by taking full advantage of the channel characteristic of Internet, and selling commodities all over the world through the Internet.

Network Distribution:

Network Distributors add the photos and product information of CWMALLS's commodities to their own online stores or social media accounts. Distributors are responsible for introducing and contributing to make it out when customers inquire. Then they should notify CWMALLS to ship the product instead of themselves. The distributors gain income mainly by the commission, for individuals, it's a model of starting your business at zero risk, zero stock and zero investment.


2. Cooperation Terms for Network Distribution

 Network Distribution Requirements:

(1) With the passion of thirsting for success, strong dedication and entrepreneurial heart, good moral quality, openness basing on sincerity.

(2) Must own at least one social media account or online store (such as on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or at ETSY, etc.), or having excellent ability of social network promotion on local shopping websites or forums.

(3) Ability of independent operation and management, experience in social promotion and sales; good online communication skills.

(4) Basic skills to operate on computers, mobile phones and Pad, convenient to surf the internet, and be sure to arrange a certain period of time to process enquiries, interaction, and other business every day.

(5) All distributors have to provide the real name, contact address, phone numbers, email address, online store address, social media accounts and communication tools like Skype, etc. so that we can register, verify and put on records.


3. Price Control

(1) Network Distribution Price System:

Commission Sale: all distributors have to carry out strictly the online unified retail prices set by CWMALLS and gain distribution profit according to a certain commission rate. Specific distribution profit shall be calculated according to the sales performance.

(2) Distributors must strictly follow the price system which is calculated by the price system of the official website WWW.CWMALLS.COM. We'll cancel the cooperation immediately with any distributor who violates the online retail price system or uses screenshot secretly to gain profits.

(3) The distributor must pay close attention to the price notice on CWMALLS's official website. And any price adjustment leading to settlement change should be subject to the notice.


4. Order Process and Management

(1) Customers place orders with distributors via online customer service on social media; the distributors need to confirm product’s specific size, color, receiver, contact number and other detailed information.

(2) Distributors guide customers to purchase directly on CWMALLS’s official website, or customers purchase on distributors’ website and then distributors place orders with CWMALLS.

The distributor logs in CWMALLS's website and place the order. Then CWMALLS confirms it and notifies the distributor to pay. After filling the payment, it’s best for the distributor to inform CWMALLS to process timely.

(3) CWMALLS delivers commodities to distributors or customers directly:

CWMALLS will deliver the commodities to distributors or customers after receiving payment. The distributor can reply to the customers in time after checking the delivery time and tracking number through personal background system.

(4) The distributor confirms orders with CWMALLS: The distributor must reply to CWMALLS whether the order is successful, or need return, exchange after confirming with the customers so that we can provide better services!

(5) CWMALLS only accepts orders placed on the online system where the whole order processing will be automatically controlled by the website system; random orders by verbal, instant messaging tools etc. will not be accepted by CWMALLS, and CWMALLS won’t shoulder any responsibility of the delay or other consequences.

(6) Order processing time: 8:30am - 5:30pm, closed on Sundays and public holidays. During the non-working hours, CWMALLS's customer service may also be available. Phone call is preferable in particular cases. And the requirements such as custom made, personal tailor need better communication and confirmation of related measurements and requirements.


5. Payment

(1) Network Distribution implements the principle of payment before delivery. If there's any return or exchange, CWMALLS will handle it according to the return policy on the official website.

(2) Payment Options


• Other payment methods can be negotiated.


6. Shipment

(1) CWMALLS carries out drop shipping for more than one piece of commodity.

(2) CWMALLS will arrange shipment on the same day and offer the tracking number on the same day or in the next morning for any order confirmed and paid before 4:00 pm every day. Otherwise, it will be delayed for one day. We'll take commodities from another warehouse for no-stock items and under this situation, they will be sent out within 3 working days.

(3)    For special reasons (like irresistible natural factors, holidays, customization, etc.) to delay shipment, CWMALLS will inform the distributors so that they can give notice to customers promptly and avoid unnecessary trouble!

(4) The postal address, contact number and receiver information must be very clear, for the address, it must be written clearly if it’s in the city or villages and towns.

(5) Because of a large amount of shipment and many customers placing orders for the same item with different customer services at the same time, there may be still no stock even if the order has been confirmed. The payment for out-of-stock items will be deducted for next new order or returned directly. Please well understand any inconvenience brought to you!


7. Return or Exchange and Responsibility Partition

(1) CWMALLS ensures product quality and strives to supply high quality products to distributors for online sales. CWMALLS also shoulders the responsibility for any return caused by quality problems and bears the round trip express cost.

(2) Customers can only return commodities to CWMALLS when meeting the following requirements: first, the customer finds the quality problem or wrong order within 48 hours after receiving the package; second, the product is unused and won’t influence secondary sales; third, complying with the return policy. CWMALLS will ship again in the same way next day after receiving the returned product.

(3) Customers or the distributor will afford the express cost for any return or exchange caused by themselves. For example, the distributor wrote a wrong item number, size or other order requests or customers told a wrong item size or color requests, etc.

(4) CWMALLS will be responsible for the return or exchange and related express charges due to negligence from CWMALLS staff.

(5) Please apply for return or exchange within 48 hours if customers are in need after receiving the commodity. Otherwise, it'll be rejected. And exchange is only accepted for once.

(6)  Before customers confirm to return or exchange with the distributor, the distributor must communicate with CWMALLS and tell CWMALLS the reason, only after gaining CWMALLS’s approval can the distributor inform customers to send back the product with the address information provided by CWMALLS.

(7) If it is exchange, CWMALLS will ship the product to the customer again according to the same address after receiving the returned product. (The distributor must manage to complement the price difference)


8. Others and Default Dispose

(1) Any kind of website information released is subject to the website notice. The distributor agrees that the notice of CWMALLS shall be deemed to have been delivered to the distributor as long as it is posted on the relevant website of CWMALLS; of course, CWMALLS manages it in a community-based manner. In general, all information is synchronized.

(2) The distributors are obliged to provide the actual information, to guarantee the validity and safety of the contents such as name, email address, contact numbers, postal address, post code, etc. to ensure CWMALLS can get in touch with them through above contact information. Meanwhile, the distributors are also responsible for updating the related registration information timely while they change. The distributors also guarantee that they won’t register or verify on CWMALLS.COM with others' information.

(3) CWMALLS ensures to safeguard the confidentiality of the distributors’ personal information and will never reveal them to the third parties. CWMALLS complies with the privacy policy and never transacts with the online customers of the distributors directly.

(4) The distributors are not allowed to reveal the wholesale prices to the third parties when distributing CWMALLS’s commodities. CWMALLS will terminate all cooperation immediately once it happens.

(5) CWMALLS has the right to cancel the qualification of any distributor who is not good at sales or is mindless, or violates the distribution policy.

(6) If one party changes postal address or other contact information, he should inform another party accordingly within one week since the change is valid. Otherwise, the change party should be liable for all the consequences arising therefrom.


The agreement is in duplicate with both parties herein holding one copy each. There is no time limit for cooperation. Any party can put forward to terminate the cooperation but the party must inform the other party at least 15 days in advance.

(For the above terms of cooperation, the right of final interpretation belongs to CWMALLS COMMODITY; if there are any questions, suggestions, we can communicate, negotiate and revise to have a better cooperation. Thank you!)



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