Let’s say goodbye to every memorable day in 2016, and greet the new year of 2017; CWMALLS 2016 Innovation, Growing Series – CWMALLS COMMODITY 2016 Year-end Summary will give ourselves a comprehensive summary, interpretation and outlook as the “protagonist”; we would like to give a comprehensive explanation to all worldwide business partners, all industry organizations, old and new customers, clients, fans, people and friends from all walks of life who care, help and support the growing and development of CWMALLS and CWMALLS COMMODITY, we share everything and expect you to put forward more precious advice and suggestions! So that we can do it better and serve you better!

There are four parts of CWMALLS COMMODITY 2016 Year-end Summary(Product, Technology, Marketing and Management), and each of them states the general information of 2016, finding out the problem, solving the problem, and affirming the achievement, and we will continue to upgrade, implement and create better performance according to the established plans! Thank you!

CWMALLS COMMODITY 2016 Year-end Summary – “Product”: taking original design, innovative design and patented design as the core, and after the brand upgrade, global networked, mobile sharing and experience in the whole year of 2016, our genuine leather series products(Leather Jacket, Leather Shoes, Leather Bag) have established a brand new standard of online sharing, shopping and living as the famous internet brand CWMALLS®, CWMALLS COMMODITY™(registered in EU, Asia Pacific, and North America); ecological, pure natural, green, environmental materials(cotton, linen, wool, silk, leather, etc.); personalized, diverse and professional product structures(1480 SKU in all), custom made, personal tailor, distribution, wholesale and ODM & OEM service have been fully improved and upgraded, some core products(Sheepskin Coat, 2in1 Fur Coat, Dress Shoes, Backpack, etc.)have been applied design patents, we take technology sense, artistry and intelligence as the goal and fully start the new journey to 2017; this is the best witness as we devoted ourselves to creating the whole industry chain standardized value ecosystem, CWMALLS COMMODITY expect to share all products with you and interact with you! Thank you!

CWMALLS COMMODITY 2016 Year-end Summary – “Technology ”: with the themes of security, stability and speediness, our PC and mobile terminal gradually enter the normal pathway by the great efforts of our technology team in the whole year of 2016; no matter you are using Google Chrome, Firefox Browser, IE Browser, IOS System, Android System or other terminal devices, you can browse, register, purchase, share and review quickly; all data backup, code patents(some functions are applied patents), server rooms(North America, Asia Pacific, Europe all have separate servers), cooperation with companies in the same industry, these technology upgrade and innovation make our websites WWW.CWMALLS.COMJACKETS.CWMALLS.COMSHOES.CWMALLS.COMBAGS.CWMALLS.COMM.CWMALLS.COM

JOKES.CWMALLS.COMBEAUTY.CWMALLS.COMMOVIES.CWMALLS.COMGAMES.CWMALLS.COM,MUSIC.CWMALLS.COM  have a full improvement, so that we can bring more diverse technology experience to worldwide old and new customers, clients, and to make online living, mobile sharing continue to be the themes that we strive for in 2017; transformation will bring your more unique and new experience! Welcome to pay attention and support us as you always do!

CWMALLS 2016 Innovation, Growing Series – “Marketing”: by online marketing that represented as social contact, video, alliance, and by activities such as global publicity, permeation, cooperation , referrals, exhibitions and so on, these make our brand CWMALLS®, CWMALLS COMMODITY™ become a “unique star” of the online shopping; Shopping(Google Shopping, Yahoo Shopping, Bing Shopping), TV Shopping, CPC(mobile distribution alliance), picture sharing, NEWS, Blog, Online, Offline, O2O, Groupbuy, web celebrities, talents endorsement cooperation, sponsor various events, etc., we share more networked products, original works with worldwide partners in first time; meanwhile, we interact, communicate and share with you about our design concepts, ideas, and featured services via our business partners, distributors, and direct sales representatives all around the world, so that to increase exposure rate and conversion rate, as well as the recognition and good reputation; this is our basic marketing mode in 2016, along with continuous improvement and upgrade of product, technology and marketing, we hope CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex can show more fabulous visual and feeling experience, and make the marketing activities more fashionable and future-oriented!

CWMALLS 2016 Innovation, Growing Series – “Management”: efficiency, KPI, result is another great work of our flatting and orthogonal management in 2016; from training, study, communication to innovation, argumentation and implementation, we introduce network standardized management mode to every link; we take data as the center of everything, and we take natural law as the basis of everything, professionally classify and place on files of all our working contents, let everyone be professional in his field, and make him show his value; therefore, we combine all the resources of our business to re-optimize, and carry out internal “bidding”, leave the most perfect “diary” the central axis of time by management, to make it develop more balanced and harmonious, improve efficiency and create more values, and make overall planning and systematization really become the core management elements of CWMALLS and CWMALLS COMMODITY! At the same time, by using big data, cloud computing, internet of things and other tools and implementing systematic management, to make the people-centered internet living, working and sharing bring more surprises and services to people all around the world with the combined action of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex! This is the management status of 2016, we expect the management to be more wonderful in 2017! Thank you!

Let’s say goodbye to every memorable day in 2016, and greet the new year of 2017; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY and MWE FUND submit out year-end summary of 2016 in a responsible and earnest attitude, we accept your reviews, and we would like to give our best wishes to your, his, her, its and my health, safeness, happiness and felicity with gratitude, hope we are forever and always, may all our wishes come true; all our colleagues and partners in CWMALLS Asia Pacific Center, CWMALLS North America Center and CWMALLS Europe Center, let’s say goodbye to 2016 and greet 2017 with the blessings wishes from our co-founders Joyce, Momo, Daisy, Frank, Yao, Water and outstanding representative Lydia; the wonderful things, the blessings, the happiness will continue……thank you!

We are along with you in 2016, we will spread the love in 2017, the wonderful things will continue in 2018, and in 2019…CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND will always keep our absolute loyalty to dream and mission, and make our contributions to the stable and sustainable development of the world and human race! Let's make the world become more wonderful for our existence!

2017, we are coming, we look forward to sharing more with you!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE

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CWMALLS 2016 Growing Series – “Efficiency”

Saturday, December 10, 2016 5:08:58 AM Etc/GMT+5

Efficiency is an optimization and sublimation of yourself,

Efficiency is a witness of standardized implementation,


Efficiency is a vernier caliper for growing and development, it makes everything filled with passion and vitality;

Efficiency is a rapid interpretation of summary and improvement, it makes everything become meaningful and valuable;


It is another bold stride leap and analysis from CWMALLS Team, which makes KPI, efficiency, innovation, security, growing full of power; taking every day, every month, every season, every year as the time unit, the axle wire has rules to follow, becomes fruitful and makes brilliant achievements after the “sprint” and “breakthrough” of CWMALLS people; this is a perfect metamorphosis guided by “network efficiency” concept, and the best witness as all CWMALLS people continue to study, innovate, and implement; from feeling overwhelmed, savage growth, and then to running all the way, judged by time, the super denominator, it is efficiency enable us to get today’s standard, value, ecology, networking, mobilization and globalization, it is efficiency makes us more confident, braver, more persistent and crazier, but always stay the same; every pace, every step, every brand witness everything of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY and MWE FUND, CWMALLS Networking Efficiency is making undeniable contributions!


“Efficiency” is a respect for time and life; it explains everything with its unique equation, it witnesses our past, present and future centered with number and data; it measures everything in the form of value, success and result maximization, it makes us loyal to targets anytime; therefore, we carry out regular study, training, communication and evaluation on product, technology, marketing, management, etc., to find out the objective factors such as dissimilarity and generality, to optimize and combine, and improve our basic efficiency and comprehensive competitive power, thus to make team cohesiveness, executive force and sense of achievement have a full bloom; meanwhile, the full launch of networking efficiency concept is just like the magnifying glass, accelerator and catalyst to make everything become more transparent, simple and standard, and it has laid a good foundation for our inner management, decision and implementation; efficiency will take this heavy duty to take part in all our procedures, so that to convoy for our dream and mission, blossom a unique-self, and make everything! This is just the “sequela” of efficiency!


“Efficiency” is the proficiency index, as well as the assessment index; it is like sunshine, which makes us become filled of the sense of achievement, crate more values, and make everything become more meaningful with our earnest and pragmatic attitude; it is also the basic interpretation of 1+1≥2, integrating all resources, applying all tools, so that to cause more “chemical reactions” in front of the time, and it will make us reach the other side of the ideal; this is a guarantee of quality, a self-respect, and the criterion for standardization, ecology and value, it makes uniqueness really become of the motto of efficiency assessment; in this special historical moment,  CWMALLS people is practicing everything belongs to ourselves by our actual actions through the networking efficiency; CWMALLS starts the career by taking efficiency as the first, as the brave and innovator, it will join our great dream and mission, and make everything, it depends on you and me! It will be more wonderful with action!


CWMALLS Networking Efficiency: A different start with same splendidness, worth the attention

and participation!

CWMALLS Networking Efficiency: Different passion sets the fire for moving ahead, light up , warm you and me!


CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND will carry efficiency to the ends with the master’s attitude!



To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE

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CWMALLS 2016 Growing Series – “Sprint”

Saturday, November 12, 2016 5:05:11 AM Etc/GMT+5

This is a brand new start, we are consistent;
This is a life and death choice, we go forward bravely;

When a circle comes, we are ready to sail again;
When we need to complete the target, we are on the way to final sprint;

In this way, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex depend on the dream and mission, break through ourselves and face the difficulty to win the final victory; this is a representation of new long march spirit, and it is also a sublimation of self-affirmation and self-negation; powerful inner strength and persistent, crazy pursuit echo each other, they play a paean of sprint; stay with the program, implement according to the plan, do not hesitate and struggle, keep on moving, and make yourself blossom the splendor; we spare no effort on the way of sprint! Stay true, witness our strength!

“Sprint” is a super blossoming with the attitude, responsibility and spirit, it is the journey that we rise abruptly based on our accumulated strength, do our best to skip for standing; one person, one heart; two people, one heart; three people, one heart; four people, one heart; we are united as one, we devoted ourselves wholly to complete the target and to realize the value, we take extreme challenges with no regrets for ourselves and for the future; therefore, we carry out modular management, operation and evaluation on all our working procedures, and we take it as the only implementation standard to start well and end well, inside equals outside and take charge of it to the end, it convey for the final sprint of CWMALLS people; there is no turning back, we struggle for the tomorrow, this is choice and decision of CWMALLS team, this is the oath for global integration and CWMALLS networking; let everything go with wind, let all follow you, let sprint become our best endorsement and witness; we are willing to go with you all the way, share with each other, and make you and me!

“Sprint” will witness everything as the terminator; it takes action regardless of danger to leave one and another brands in the time scale as the ladder to future; this is the power of the wind, and the speed of the light, and the only way to break through ourselves and realize our values; breaking open a way through brambles and thorns, we will spare no efforts to let the passion burn until the end, and we will make CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY who has its own attitude leave a brilliant chapter on the time axis; this is not daydreaming, this is the extraordinary of time and life, splendid, furious and mournful; don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t come to terms, three no standards will make the collective sprint behavior of CWMALLS complex become more touching and wonderful, it is worth respect and affirmation, and as well as remembering and encouragement; sprint is the start of our fourth season of the race; sprint practices for our great ambitions; sprint speeds up for making our dream come true; sprint rises sharply for accomplishing our mission; sprint is an acute behavior that we will never turn back, run all the way until realize the target! Everything brought by it worth your attention and sharing!

Time makes us afraid and timid, we can only choose sprint to verify everything!
Dream makes us happy and felicific, we can only choose sprint to realize everything!

CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, Maintain World Maintain Earth Fund sincerely invite you to cheer for our sprint!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE

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CWMALLS 2016 Growing Series – “Value”

Friday, October 14, 2016 10:37:04 PM Etc/GMT+5

Value is the monument, is the recognition from the society;
Value is the meaning, is an ultimate attitude to the dream;

The value of CWMALLS: security, fairness, freedom and sustainability;
The value of CWMALLS COMMODITY: standard, unification, ecology, future;

This is a beginning for self-evaluation, and more of a regression of rationality; perfect origin also interprets the meaning of everything we do in a persistent attitude, make it curdle and form values; horizontal basic environment and longitudinal personal potential are under the catalytic of dreams and missions, and the coordinates of the value will define everything for you; this is the choice of CWMALLS people, and the path of CWMALLS team, and the equation of CWMALLS complex, using the value and making it our vernier caliper and standard, company us all the way of growing, and finally bring more true values to society, human beings and the world, this is our attitude, and this is just our meaning!

“The value of CWMALLS” is a great proposition with solid meanings, just the stars in the night which are always shining to present an exuberant picture full of hopes and dreams; secure, fair, free and sustainable value of CWMALLS will light up the mission road to the future as our core value, and it will accompany us every spring, summer, fall and winter; we adhere to and stick to the constant perfection of self sublimation, we always keep our loyalty to dreams and missions, “unique” brand is the best witness to the value of CWMALLS, it thrives, it starts a prairie fire with little spark, it is choked up with emotions, it is set on fire, it is growing vigorously, to cultivate, extract and purify the value belongs to you, him, her, it, me, human beings, the society and future, and scientific development and big love value make secure, fair and free human environment, social environment, natural environment have an effective sustainable development; creative spirit and risk attitude also make the value of CWMALLS become a flesh and blood with a soul, and from its unique value chain and become a ladder; this is not a metaphysical paean, but a diligent pursuit of truth; this is a perfect start, and more of a cultivation of the soul, playing the strings of sharing to make happiness, felicity and achievements around you, and accompany you all the way!

“The value of CWMALLS COMMODITY” is a feeling of idealism, the strength of realism, a dreamy pursuit, a hardheaded implementation, and a story with ups and downs, which play the value song of CWMALLS COMMODITY; this is a brand new start, this is a great time, this is the golden section ratio of practice, implementation, standardization, unification and ecologization, and more of the great wind gap to create, build and manufacture the future; speaking with strength, proving with action to test every value concept belongs to CWMALLS COMMODITY; this is a new start to challenge ourselves, innovate and upgrade, and serve the public, and more of the N power of insisting on originality, respecting innovation, cooperation and sharing; formed up by technology sense, artistry and intelligence, CWMALLS COMMODITY will plan and enjoy everything with the digitized core value! At the same time, value maximization concept also has a full decomposition of sublimation, discarding the dross while assimilating the essence will make every originality, work, product and commodity of CWMALLS COMMODITY really become the value model; green concept, environmental protection concept, ecology concept, pure nature concept, future concept are all the basic elements of the value of CWMALLS COMMODITY, as well as the basic standards to establish the value of CWMALLS COMMIDITY; this is a beautiful scenery in the internet age, and an example in the mobile sharing trend; the value of CWMALLS COMMODITY will be inherited and immortalized in the historical trend. Uncommon attitudes determine the extraordinary results, on the way for the dream and mission!

“Value” is the origin, can be big or small, condensing essence;
“Value” is the core, connecting past and present, coming down in one continuous line;


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE

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Maker: To make life more wonderful, more meaningful and valuable;
Sharing: To make innovation get achievements, with more future and happiness;

The structure and principles of CWMALLS E-Commerce Ecosystem, their operability and feasibility and summarized and verified by our own actual actions; here by, CWMALLS people will gradually share these with you in batches and in the form of blog! We hope everything we do become more meaningful and valuable by our mutual study and communication! Look forward to your common attention!

Part Six: Marketing Theory Structure, Model
95. Cascading Style Sheet (CSS): abbreviated as CSS. It is a markup language for controlling page styles and allowing to separate style information from page contents. Its function is to define the appearance (e.g. font, color, etc.) of the page and it can cooperate with browser script languages such as JavaScript and so on to achieve many dynamic effects.

96. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML): abbreviated as HTML. It is a markup language for describing web page documents, it is a specification and a standard for marking various portions to be displayed in a page with markup symbols. The web page document itself is a text document, and it can tell the browser how to display its contents (e.g. how to process the text, the image accords with the layout, the picture accords with the displaying, etc.) by adding tags in the text document.

97. Extensible Markup Language (XML): abbreviated as XML. Similar to HTML, XML is a markup language for displaying data which can transfer data free of obstacles over a network and display them on a user’s browser. XML is a set of semantic mark definition rules which divide a document into many components and identify these components. XML is also a meta-markup language, that is, a syntax language for defining other semantic and structural markup languages relevant to specific fields. 

98. Unified Modeling Language (UML): abbreviated as UML. It is a graphical language supporting modeling and developing software systems, which provides modeling and visualization support to all stages of software development, including demand analysis, specification, construction and configuration.

99. Post Office Protocol (POP): abbreviated as POP. It is a protocol specifying how a personal computer is connected to a mail server over the Internet and downloads an email. An email system uses the POP to take out mails from its own mailbox on the mail server. POP protocol is an offline work protocol. POP3 is the most commonly used email service protocol at present.

100. Rich Internet Applications (RIA): abbreviated as RIA. It is a client with high interactivity, rich user experience and powerful functions. For an enterprise, RIA can continue to use the existing application models (including J2EE and .NET) without massively replacing the existing web applications; it can help the enterprise provide diversified important service benefits, including improving sales volume, improving brand loyalty, prolonging website staying time, bringing about frequent repeat visits, reducing bandwidth costs, reducing support help, enhancing client relation and so on.

101. Software as a Service (SaaS): abbreviated as SaaS abroad, and usually called software operation service mode at home. A manufacturer uniformly deploys application software on its own server, a client can order the needed application software service through the Internet according to his own actual requirements, and pay the manufacturer according to the order amount and time of the service, and obtain the manufacturer’s service through the Internet.

102. Platform as a Service (PaaS): abbreviated as PaaS. A software development platform serves as a service and submits to a user in a SaaS mode. Thus, PaaS is also an application of SaaS. However, the appearance of PaaS will accelerate the development of SaaS, especially the development speed of SaaS applications.

103. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP): abbreviated as SNMP. It is a standard protocol specially designed for managing network nodes(servers, work stations, routers, switches, hubs and so on) over an IP network. It is an application layer protocol. SNMP allows a network administrator to manage the network efficiency, find and solve network problems and plan network growth. A network management system will learn network problems by receiving random messages (and event reports) through SNMP.

104. Cloud Computing: It is proposed by Google, a beautiful network application mode. The narrow definition of cloud computing refers to the delivery and usage mode of IT infrastructure, it obtains the needed resources over a network in an on-demand and scalable manner. The broad definition of cloud computing refers to the delivery and usage mode of services, it obtains the needed services over a network in an on-demand and scalable manner. Such services can be relevant to IT, software and Internet, and can also be any other random services, and it has unique effects such as super large scale, virtualization, reliability, security and so on.

105. CMMI: Capability Maturity Model Integration. Developed by the Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University in America, it is a method for evaluating the capability of a software contractor and helping improving software quality, and it has already become the most popular and most practical international software production process standard at present by achieving approval of international software industry, and it has become an indispensable item in the scale software production at present. This standard divides the maturity of the software process into 5 levels. The higher the certification level, the higher the software development capability of the enterprise.

With our brand new inner contents as value, standard, technology, art, intelligence and ecology, CWMALLS and CWMALLS COMMODITY will create and establish a “geek” “maker” in the internet age; by continuous innovation, study and practice, we will timely share more achievements with you; this is the dream, mission and responsibility!

CWMALLS E-Commerce Ecosystem looks forward to bringing more surprises to you, hope you can continually pay attention to our series blogs!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE

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