In 2016, we used wisdom and ability to weave an “innovative micro-business, micro-life model”; at that time, it was a deep thinking and prospect of the relationship between the Internet and humans, but some of the projects and plans have not been fully implemented In the ever-changing Internet, liberalization, fragmentation, and globalization of the Internet era, opportunities are fleeting, and it is difficult to be alone! Today, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex, through the news media, to share , Interactive way to recall and commemorate the past; it is more than great; it is unique; it is worth commemorating!


CWMALLS COMMODITY 2016 Star Project – “CWMALLS Spark Action”

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS COMMODITY 2016 Star Project – “CWMALLS Spark Action” officially being launched in 10 universities throughout the world; this is a brand new mobile micro business project, and also a sharing of improving self and win-win cooperation; with a more professional, concentrated, standard, and perfect cooperation concept and service concept, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS COMMODITY will carry out the sharing and cooperation with all kinds of elites; let the boat of dream and entrepreneurship, and the ship of cooperation set sail inspirationally in CWMALLS COMMODITY’s 2016 Star Project; to be the most outstanding, to be the best to share everything with the world, and make the whole world become better and more wonderful for our existence!


“CWMALLS Spark Action” is another upgrade work of our “Dandelion Plan”, and it is the latest darling of mobile entrepreneurship, sharing and social life; therefore, we have carried out trials with 10 business universities(three in the Asia-Pacific, five in the North America, and two in Europe), and we have wide and deep cooperation in discovery, reserve, training, research and cooperation with talents, especially aimed at technical talents, develop talents, design talents, edit talents, promotion talents who are our main targeted persons to support and cooperate; at the same time, we also provide direct employment chances, international practice, communication, training for some outstanding talents; this is the best choice for fragmentation, personalization, liberalization, iteration, mobile, social, sharing and network era, and win-win for dream and reality, theory and practice, cooperation and sharing, mutual assistance and sublimation; welcome college students from all around the world to take active part in our “CWMALLS Spark Action”; no limit to gender, race, religion, nationality or age, as long as you have dream and great love, CWMALLS’ gate and CWMALLS COMMODITY’s stage will open for you; working together is better than being unparalleled in the world, let us heart to heart, hand in hand, spread our wings to fly for the same big dream; CWMALLS will be more wonderful with your participation!


“CWMALLS Spark Action” is our daring vanguard to fully enter mobile cooperation, sharing and communication age. Also it is the new model of our global elite project; a single spark can start a prairie fire, let every excellent student bloom to be the most beautiful and wonderful self; therefore, we work out detailed cooperation standard, training plan and assessment mechanism; meanwhile, we will build global unified standard of value system to protect every innovator, actor,  endeavor and dreamer; original works, patented new products, innovative products also need every “star” to pass on, share, experience and upgrade, and make contributions to setting up a more civilized, green, secure, faithful, sustainable new network environment and system; CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS COMMODITY set ourselves an example to others, with a pragmatic and open attitude,  we are willing to carry out a seamless docking with worldwide college students who have dreams and pursuits; being brilliant, know-how, extraordinary, we hope you can become our dominant force to promote social progress together! Live for dream and mission! The world is in front us, and CWMALLS is just around you! Let’s go forward together! CWMALLS — the stage  of dream, CWMALLS — the platform of entrepreneurship, CWMALLS —……


“Cutting-edge School” “Innovative School” “Powerful School”— CWMALLS COMMODITY”

“CWMALLS Spark Action” activates the DNA of entrepreneurial dreams!




CWMALLS COMMODITY 2016 Cooperation Sharing Series – “CWMALLS Mobile Micro Entrepreneurship”

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS COMMODITY 2016 Cooperation Sharing Series – CWMALLS Mobile Micro Entrepreneurship mode formally spreading all around the world; breaking a new path, finding everything fresh and new, free and flexible, easy to do, such a brand new mobile entrepreneurship, sharing, experiencing mode is your new stage to challenge yourself and make dreams come true; meanwhile, it is also the incubator to realize freedom values and innovation values; with global first “CWMALLS Mobile 4.0” entrepreneurship, cooperation, sharing mode, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS COMMODITY will help every partner who has dream and passion find and implement your own presence, sense of value, share with people and benefit everyone! We welcome you to share, communicate and cooperate together! It will be more wonderful with action!


“CWMALLS Mobile Micro Entrepreneurship” is the latest masterpiece of us as we enter Mobile age from PC age; its launch formally stands for our new standard and mode in the new personalization, specialty, fragmentation, social, and liberalization network era; this is am absolute innovation upgrade, in zero distance, face to face, anytime, anywhere, it  can let everyone inspire their own potential; mobile sharing, making friends, spreading via WeChat, freedom, flexibility, enjoyment of Facebook, “various styles” of Wish, and other advantages with characteristics of the times will perfectly upgrade and change in CWMALLS Mobile Life 4.0”; this is a brand new life and work style, and also a unique entrepreneurship and sharing mode; everyone could be the main role, everyone can show his talents, everyone can make contributions to society and human beings via CWMALLS Mobile Micro Entrepreneurship; this is a more scientific, green, environmental and sustainable new concept, there is no sole, but to be better! Classic mobile internet Utopia mode; CWMALLS sincerely invite more dreamers and movers to pay attention to this great entrepreneurship upgrade work!


“CWMALLS Mobile Micro Entrepreneurship” is another intelligent life, work mode that we build by relying on the powerful mobile intelligent device; therefore, our research and development team, technical team, operation team, design team, legal department, risk control department, product department carry out a large scale of theoretical arguments, frame construction, model deduction, internal testing, and gradually improvement, and other intensive work; also combined with the present trend, we have wide and deep cooperation with Google, Amazon, Apple, Oracle、Qualcomm, Samsung, Facebook, WeChat and other outstanding companies from all kinds of industries; in order to strive to create a really safe, stable and peaceful, innovation, green, free, democratic new social ecological system through our common efforts; CWMALLS COMMODITY whole industrial chain standardized operation mode is also adhering to our innovation, standard, perfection, sharing and cooperation attitude in CWMALLS Mobile Micro Entrepreneurship project; this is an entrepreneurship marathon without the ending, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS COMMODITY will definitely make our mobile micro entrepreneurship bring you more values with our efforts, collaboration with many partners, great support and help by people all from all walks of life! Mobile makes life more beautiful, mobile micro entrepreneurship makes the world more wonderful! We look forward to sharing more uniqueness with you! CWMALLS mobile will be more wonderful with your participation!


“Cutting-edge School” “Innovative School” “Powerful School”— CWMALLS COMMODITY”
“CWMALLS Mobile Micro Entrepreneurship” let everyone play his dream as possible as can, create the value, share it, and benefit everyone!



CWMALLS COMMODITY 2016 Mobile Entrepreneurship, Sharing Series – “CWMALLS Micro Life”

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS COMMODITY 2016 Mobile Entrepreneurship, Sharing Series –“CWMALLS Micro Life” mode formally being launched in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific via intelligentized mobile; unusual innovation experience, personalized sharing service will make you blossom the most beautiful value in mobile internet world! This is the platform to communicate with the world, and the stage to share with friends, no ads, no false, only true feeling, only true love; the value of originality, design and creation can also achieve a feeling from the “star” in the super club of CWMALLS mobile micro business and sharing; therefore, our rebuild the global service framework, work out a more scientific and sustainable development plan; everything is for healthier and more wonderful life, for more geen and environmental future! Welcome more famous people, celebrities, technology talents, network big names and loyal FANS of CWMALLS COMMODITY to open up this “fantastic travel of micro life” together! It will be more wonderful with action!


“CWMALLS Micro Life” is a revolutionary innovation and implementation as we advocate “green wearing”, “low carbon travel”; for this sake, through Complete industrial chain of the standardized operation, management, service pattern, we will take more green, environmental original works and products to communicate, interact, cooperate with relatives and friends, all partners and people from all walks of life share the common interest and habits with us, and then create values by the way of mobile micro entrepreneurship, sharing and experience this is a kind of limited sharing, experience, we only need the original and classic; strict quantity requirement as 19 images, texts and videos(just as the 140 character limitation in Twitter), to highlight small but beautiful, fewer but better life concept; security system formed up by sincerity and dependability, simple and intuitive visual display, share function with comments and recommendations, upgrade service with forwarding and rebuilding, and other featured function experience and service will lay a perfect foundation for your fragmented life, personalized work and free entrepreneurship; this is a great migration of human online life, and more of a great leap forward of the mobile Internet era; technology is making life better, CWMALLS micro life is making you more wonderful; there is no end, no full stop; CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS COMMODITY will bring about a truly mobile micro entrepreneurship, micro share, micro life revolution; look forward to your attention and participation!


“CWMALLS Micro Life” is a “utopian micro circle”, freedom, equality, fraternity, cooperation and development as contents of mobile micro life pattern, and it will open a new fictitious land of peace; with the organizational structure model of finding yourself, digging yourself, creating yourself, respecting each other, sharing each other, loving each other, it will activate the talent of every “spirit”, and create the value; this is to restore the value, the outlook on life, world outlook during the Internet age; no longer strange, no longer apathy, no longer defense, keep an open heart, drop this masquerade, share with each other; this is the brand new micro life mode CWMALLS team creates for your today, tomorrow and future, make everyone become the main role and director of himself to realized his dream and value! This is an attitude and a living of LOHAS, and also an experience and mining of  metaphysics, CWMALLS micro life will build more fabulous new life for you by our comprehensive upgrade for mobile! Therefore, we appreciate CWMALLS team’s innovative attitude and scientific spirit, we don’t drift, we don’t treat different things as the same; we are grateful to all volunteers, enthusiasts for taking part in and supporting our “CWMALLS micro life” project; thanks for every cooperative partner, predecessor and competitor’s paying for innovation; thank……; it is your common efforts that makes what CWMALLS is today; likewise we will go through greater efforts to give back to you; “utopian micro circle and life” gradually become the reality during the 2016 mobile, sharing action of CWMALLS COMMODITY; the wonderful, felicity, happiness and dream are here – “CWMALLS micro life”! CWMALLS will be more wonderful with your supports and participation!


“Cutting-edge School” “Innovative School” “Powerful School”— CWMALLS COMMODITY”

“CWMALLS Micro Life” opens up the wonderful life with attitudes!




The above is our 2016. Today, CWMALLS, SVE NEWS, and MWE FUND practice the past, present, and future selves, the great self, and you and me with the spirit and attitude of absolute mastership! This is the common voice of CWMALLS people all over the world! Mutual encouragement! Thank you!


Note: CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Clouding Online Shopping, Clouding Sharing 2020 Global Anniversary (5.8) is about to start, please pay attention to it! At the same time, the 8th session 5th Global Shareholder Video Conference of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY will be held soon! Warmly celebrate the arrival of International Labor Day, welcome everyone to pay attention to and experience CWMALLS® Shearling Leather Coat, CWMALLS® Leather Jackets and other series products, besides, if you require custom made service, please place the order in advance and tell the customer service your custom demands! If there are any questions, opinions or advice, please feel free to contact us via LiveChat or email, we will give you a satisfying reply at our earliest time! In 2020 we insist on innovation, in 2020 we fully implement, in 2020 we rise abruptly based on our strength! (In 2020, we will see you in Nasdaq.)




May 1, 2020

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Inner cultivation is destined to be the salvation of solitude, loneliness and self-abuse!

The change of roles is also the cycle of loss, gain and nature!

The blooming of dreams is always the witness of birth, piety, and beauty!


Transformation of New Species: fission, sublimation, and growth from the inside out;

Transformation of New Species: the will, dream, and mission of survival of the fittest;

Transformation of New Species: extraordinary keen, aggressive, value;


It is natural for flowers to bloom and fade; transformation and upgrade are dreams; crisscross is the coordinate; bit by bit, this is the witness; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2020 Transformation, Sharing Series —“New Species” officially kicks off, whether for the new species transformation of product, technology, promotion, management, brand or the new species transformation of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex, it participates, witnesses, deduces every silent gorgeous transformation as the role of protagonist; the struggle from “0” to “1”, breakthrough from “1” to “2”, persistence from “2” to “3”, innovation from “3” to “4”, upgrade from “4” to “5”, transformation from “5” to “6”, sublimation from “6” to “7”, subversion from “7” to “8”, from “8” to “9”… Just in this way, we are living, growing and developing with the times; in this way, we are uniting, cooperating and sharing on the world stage, finally to achieve our dreams and missions! Excellence and surprises continue! Upgrade and transformation continue! Keen and aggression continue!


New species transformation of product: this is a transformation without suspense, its unique gene structure (networked gene, patented gene), and extraordinary innovative ideas get every product burned in CWMALLS®, CWMALLS COMMODITY™; the world-class product supply chain makes united innovation, design and manufacture become more “international”; especially the product standard of “Country of Origin” and the cooperation with world's top four fur companies add endless vitality to products’ material, craftsmanship, function and characteristic; sense of science and technology, artistry, intelligence, ecologicalization and patent are also the direct reflection of transformation of new species; the structure of new species made up of three main types (leather jackets, leather shoes, leather bags) and six series, from extensive single new species to varied VIP service, then to 24 to 72-hour global continuous collaboration, and using big data, blockchain, standardization to set up a brand-new industry standard for every product’s transparent operation, and finally to make “Consumption Core” become the uniqueness of cross-border B2C sharing, cooperation and ecology as well as the endorsement of service and value! This is the new species transformation of product!


New Species transformation of technology: this is a people-oriented transformation of safety, convenience and speediness; its every line of code stands for open-sourcing and uniqueness; its continuous SEO witnesses iteration and trend; its AI test, robot service, voice search and shopping also become the endorsement of transformation of technology; PC, mobile, Pad, APP, social media, video, live streaming and other terminal display, services also make browse, registration, shopping, review, transmission, sharing and other functions more seamless, safer, more smooth! Three world operating centers make the load balance of the server, database and backup more coordinated and stable! The cooperation with world's top network technology companies (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Oracle, Facebook, etc.) also helps “CWMALLS Technology” WWW.CWMALLS.COM! As the core of the Internet, the transformation of technology represents the survival of the fittest, the victory of the brave, and the experience standards of upgrading, doing what you like! Thus CWMALLS technology team carries out cross-border cooperation and coordinated development, takes technology innovation as the core all the time to put the networked new retail, new service, new experience of one world, one home, global 24-hour “sharing”, “shopping” and “living” into practice truly! The witness of every moment and the endorsement of rapid changes become the uniqueness of new species transformation of CWMALLS technology! Excellence lies in sharing, and achievement lies in cooperation, let technology, the "root platform", bring more surprises and values to everyone!


New Species transformation of promotion: this is the perfect combination of online and offline precise publicity and promotion, also the witness of input, output break-even development; “CAS”, “Skyline”, “Raindrops”, “The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing”, “Advertising Alliance” and other super promotion projects also shoulder the mission of from nothing to have, from have to win; whether for the professional terms, or the personified propaganda, every word and every action of News, Blog, Forum, Video, VR, short film, poster, picture, manuscript represents the power of dreams and the greatness of missions; especially the cross-border creative fusion makes essence, true colors become the cores of big publicity and big promotion; its networking characteristic and internationalization basis make instant passing, spreading, conveying become a scenery line of new species transformation of CWMALLS promotion! Email, interviews, special topics, LiveChat, crowdfunding, group buying and outdoor advertising keep abreast of each other, laying a solid foundation for professional promotion, accurate exposure, popular publicity and alliance expansion! Meanwhile, effective conversion rate and efficient repurchase rate are the best return and witness of promotion value! Promotion is just like flowing water and floating cloud, with its fast-changing characteristic, it has become the difficulty and doubt of product marketization and networking, only with the determination to never give up, unswerving confidence and concerted efforts can it create its due value! New species transformation of promotion is just like this, suffering with enjoying!


New Species transformation of management: this is the metaphysical, hands-off training, coordination, and assessment; it takes supply chain, ecological chain and balance chain as the cores, connects the past and the future, cares for people, and takes corporate culture, spirit, vision as its own responsibilities to carry out transparent, efficient collaboration, mutual assistance; meanwhile, it takes the common goals and plans as the uniqueness, takes the enterprise efficiency and value as the maximization, takes the executive standards, quality as the cores to jointly create new species transformation of management through the Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other modern scientific and technological means! It is not only the coordination and unity from inside to outside, but also the upgrade and sublimation of keeping pace with the times; it takes “standardization” as basis, takes “individualization” as challenge, and takes “liberalization” as feelings to implement the effective combination of cross-region, culture and belief, and realize the management concept and management realm of unity of people and things of 1+1≥1 or 1+1≥2 or 1+1≥0! CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex are carrying out networked, standardized barrier-free training and learning with partners all over the world, setting examples and recommending examples, and finally making every link and chain run efficiently and quickly to create surprises and bring values based on such management attitudes and methods! This is the new species transformation of management, invisible, silent or visible, vocal, consistent attitudes and spirit are the fundamentals of transformation!


New species transformation of brand: this is the perfect transformation from “trademark” to “brand”, the perfect sublimation from “quantity” to “quality”, and the perfect iteration from “standard” to “value”; “CWMALLS®”, “CWMALLS COMMODITY™” bring worldwide friends, partners different sensory experience and artistic enjoyment with extraordinary product positioning, market positioning and service positioning! It takes global unified quality, price, and service as the criterion, it takes the online networking, offline localization as the guidance to provide you, him, her with world-class, the all-weather, 24-hour VIP services! The services of appreciating brand story, appreciating brand design, sharing brand concept and experiencing brand value have also become the powerful guarantee of "the world's first online casual luxury brand"! Whether for its multi-functional features, or "Custom Made" service, or innovation and patent, it will try to reflect its uniqueness! Especially the personalized brand new species concepts like “Limited Edition”, “Collective Edition”, “Commemorative Edition”, “Online Edition”, etc. also become the sources of brand sustainable growth, development and value, and stand on the top of market and consumption finally! This is the story of new species transformation of brand, pragmatic and radical, science and technology and art, open and inclusive, fashion and value, responsibility and obligation!


When transformation becomes natural, it will be the result of essence; when transformation becomes redemption, it will be the price of game; when transformation becomes value, it will be a relative transformation! As CWMALLS transformation of new species, let nature take its course, follow the original heart, let every transformation become the beginning of stepping to stand; burning our bridges to the wall, rising to the challenge, we make every transformation become the endorsement of accumulating richly and breaking forth vastly! CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2020 Transformation, Sharing Series —“New Species” is a self-analysis, demonstration, and sublimation standing in the perspective of history and industry; let the spring belongs to me and we, let the bloom belongs to me and we, let’s make our transformation become more beautiful and wonderful in 2020, 2021, 2022......That is us — admirable and respectable CWMALLS people!


CWMALLS new species, go up against the current, take advantage of the trend!

CWMALLS new species, open up new horizons, and let love boundless!


CWMALLS JADE SEAL: CWMALLS people always maintain the absolute loyalty to dreams and missions, and always keep the absolute execution of targets and plans! Ruled by the grace of God, there must be great achievements — CWMALLS People




March 3, 2020

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Friday, December 27, 2019 3:12:06 AM Etc/GMT+5

As the themes of 2019, vertical and horizontal excavation, full execution, and strong alliance usher their own stories silently; whether in technology, product, promotion, management aspects, or standard, value, ecology, sharing aspects, its every point and face show dream, power, passion and mission to everyone! Also every challenge and crossing are the super cores of CWMALLS people, we brave the wind and the waves, and break to open a way through brambles and thorns on 2019’s international stage and world market, showing the iron will and diamond quality of team spirit and team attitude, and annotating CWMALLS’s big plans and small goals perfectly! 2019 year-end summary is just like “Tale of Springtime” to share everything of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY with all of you!


Operation with the standard of “process” has become the absolute model and challenge of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex on the axis of time in 2019; “CWMALLS®” made up of refinement, precision and high efficiency brings numerous super surprises and values to worldwide friends and partners in every minute and every second! “CWMALLS COMMODITY™” consisting of networking, internationalization and standardization collides with spark, and breeds truth in every cooperation and sharing; horizontal integration and vertical excavation also provide 360° supervision and service to the security, stability and convenience of coordinate of WWW.CWMALLS.COM in “process”! For example, the formulating of annual goals and plans in January in 2019, “Talent Plan” and “Cooperation Between School and Enterprise” in February, “Spokesman Project” and “CWMALLS JADE SEAL” in March, “Big Social Promotion” from April to September, carrying out in-depth, extensive vertical and horizontal excavation on Instagram, including technology upgrading of PC, Pad, and mobile terminals in June, “Multi-functional and Patented Product”, “CAS”, “The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing”, “33 Months’ Battle Call”, etc. in October, festival activities for “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, “Thanksgiving” in November, promotion activities about “Christmas” and “New Year” in December all revolve around the integrated development of CWMALLS technology, CWMALLS product, CWMALLS promotion, CWMALLS management, CWMALLS brand in the form of “process” and “socialization”; similarly, it is also one of the protagonists of our 2019 year-end summary! Welcome to appreciate and share their stories!


CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Year-end Summary — Promotion Part: this is the core of CWMALLS Whole Industry Chain Standardized Value Ecosystem, also the “Locomotive” of marketing; functions and services of online and offline advertisement set up a brand-new standard for the positioning, execution and assessment of “CWMALLS Promotion”; especially in precise, socialized pushing and sharing, it can show stereo and diverse characteristics, whether for Instagram, Facebook, Blog, News and other promotional texts, photo, video, and live streaming sharing, or “CAS” channels of keyword, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, ect., “CWMALLS Promotion” always passes surprises and values to worldwide friends and partners with objective and fair, pragmatic, up-to-date “combination blow”! Whether it is online perception, or offline experience, we promote our design concepts, brand stories, functions and characteristics, service standards to you in different angles; furthermore, we do precise promotion and publicity via “Crowdfunding”, “Sponsorship”, “Charitable Donation” and other event marketing activities to maximize brand and market values! Though due to the influence of “Sino-US Trade War” and “World Multipolar Changes” in 2019, the promotion and publicity effectiveness of some multi-functional products, patented products and innovative products greatly reduced, our promotion is still effective in actual feedback and experience; especially the energetic promotion, interaction and publicity on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube increased the exposure rate and awareness of CWMALLS greatly, and attracted cooperation and endorsement of many celebrities. The perfect combination of “Wave Mode” targeted advertising and real-time weather forecast becomes the trump card of 2019 “people oriented” promotion part, it is particularly worth the thumb up! Therefore, under the condition of stable technology, mature product and lukewarm market, “CWMALLS Promotion” is creating miracles with bigger mission! In 2019 let’s thumb up for “CWMALLS Promotion”! Thumb up for global promotion team! Thumb up for the implementation of “33 Months’ Battle Call”!


CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Year-end Summary — Product Part: united innovation, design and manufacture of 27 countries and regions in the world, and has realized magnificent transformation and upgrade of “Country of Origin”, “Patent” and “Multi-functionalization”; meanwhile, the standard, efficient supply chain operation makes “CWMALLS Product, Commodity” stand out among global peers and competitors; its patent and networking have realized the “Double Gene” characteristic of “CWMALLS Product”, also have become the first choice in every R&D, innovation and cooperation in 2019! Core patented products like “Universal Space Product”, “Technological Product”, “Multi-functional Products” which are anti-explosion, constant temperature, and constant humidity, radiation-proof, pure natural “Health Care Product” that can promote circulation (especially it has certain protective effect for diseases like cardiovascular disease, arthritis and so on), etc. also have applied for European Union patents, and realized “Custom Made”, “Personal Tailor” and other personalized services! The materials require natural, green, environmental protection and biodegradability, “CWMALLS Product” has had a qualitative leap and quantitative sublimation with the joint cooperation of CWMALLS Global Super Networked Lab, CWMALLS Global Super Patent Review Committee, CWMALLS Global Super Networked Factory and world-class testing organizations, certification bodies and insurance companies; joint series and limited edition series also have got leap development in the standard operation of “process”; the extensive use of big data, blockchain, ERP, robot, AI, VR and other technologies also makes “CWMALLS Product” become the super example and endorsement of the networked, globalized, patented product in 2019! To truly realize its difference is your difference, its excellence is just your brilliance, and its story is just your story! In 2019 let’s thumb up for “CWMALLS Product”! Thumb up for global product team! Thumb up for the execution of “33 Months’ Battle Call”!


CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Year-end Summary — Technology Part: technical requirements made up of safety, stability and speediness have also been promoted comprehensively in 2019; especially the comprehensive revision and upgrade of “Six Golden Flowers” (, movies.,,,, have become the new journey of 2019 Technology Part and provided you with stereo and polybasic sensory experience and artistic enjoyment; meanwhile, the extensive and in-depth cooperation with Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Cisco and Apple has made world-class intelligent cross-border online shopping become reality; the application of voice search in shopping on the mobile and Pad terminals represents the successful achievement of “CWMALLS Technology” from following to driving, then to leading “hop skip and jump”; technological layout from Silicon Valley in “San Jose” also became the protagonist of 2019 technical events, and laid a solid foundation for iterative development of technology; meanwhile, the full starting, application and upgrade of European server, Asia Pacific server and North American server also represent the coming of globalization era of “CWMALLS Technology”; whether for the excavation, training, introduction of technical personnel, or the cross-border mix and cooperation of technological innovation, CWMALLS technology team will take “people oriented” and “experience comes first” as the cores to make “WWW.CWMALLS.COM” truly realize the great vision of “sharing”, “shopping”, “living”, and provide precise, automatic, seamless perfect services and experience! Thus CWMALLS technology team maintains a clear mind, a high degree of vigilance, and innovative attitudes in every day, every minute in 2019 to truly realize being responsible for 60 seconds when at work for one minute! In 2019 let’s thumb up for “CWMALLS Technology”! Thumb up for world technology team! Thumb up for “33 Months’ Battle Call”!


CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Year-end Summary — Brand Part: this is the best witness from product to trademark to brand, on the world-class market and international stage, it not only needs to “dance with wolves”, but also must “snatch food from the jaws of a tiger”; although “CWMALLS” has been registered in 35 countries in the world for class 25, 18, 9 trademarks (registered successfully in Russia, Australia, Japan and India in 2019), the meaning of truly becoming a brand is that it brings value and has certain awareness! For example, in 2019’s subdivision categories, “CWMALLS® Sheepskin Coat” series, “CWMALLS® Fur Coat” series, “CWMALLS® Multi-functional 2 in 1 Coat&Jacket” series have surely become the protagonists of world innovative online brand; the best witness is that in 2019 more and more customers searched “CWMALLS” directly on Google and Bing, and more and more people followed CWMALLS on Instagram, which also prove that “CWMALLS Brand” has had certain customer base and awareness in European region and North American region; of course, as the world's first online patented brand, “CWMALLS®” shoulders more dreams and missions; for instance, its unique brand connotation (patent, science and technology, art, intelligence), extraordinary service experience (free “Custom Made”, “Personal Tailor” services), and digenic structure (patent and networking), etc. all show the due features and properties of a brand! Recruitment of “CWMALLS Chief Brand Ambassador” and spokesman activity have also played the role of four liangs stirs thousand catties in 2019’s brand publicity and team construction; especially the great help of brand management organization made the word of mouth promotion and publicity of “CWMALLS Brand” with might doubled! For branding development, CWMALLS people are in action, CWMALLS team is in action, CWMALLS complex is in action! In 2019 let’s thumb up for “CWMALLS Brand”! Thumb up for world design team! Thumb up for “33 Months’ Battle Call”!


CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Year-end Summary — Management Part: this is a marathon that keeps pace with the times, it carried out every transformation and upgrade in the time of the axis; both the recruitment of internationalized talents, and the joining, management of local partners should be supervised and executed with standard, also should be stimulated and rewarded transparently; selecting and using talented personal are the basis of “CWMALLS Management”, bold but cautious, full execution are the cores of “CWMALLS Management”; the implementation of those concepts and elements needs enough values, outlook on life, and world view! Under what kind of management can worldwide partners, suppliers and teams have higher performance? In 2019 we made lots of attempts in every training and assessment, such as the establishment of worldwide “SUC (Student Union Commune)” solves the problem of talent reserve, cross-border learning, communication and cooperation strive constantly to adapt to the "fragmentation", "liberalization", "personalization" of the Internet ecosystem and "SBUS" online shopping experience! For another example, letting the back-end R&D, design, manufacture, and front-end promotion, sales, and service form a closed-loop, an ecological chain (CWSVE), and finally convoy for the perfect KPI. All these situations happened in every day and every operating post in 2019, convoying the full achievement of all plans and goals of years of 2019 and 2020! In 2019 let’s thumb up for “CWMALLS Management”! Thumb up for global management team! Thumb up for “33 Months’ Battle Call”!


In 2019 CWMALLS persisted in innovation and moved towards the set goal all the way. The calling of “33 Months’ Battle Call” makes CWMALLS people braver when facing more challenges; the opening of SVE NEWS lets CWMALLS make its own voice. CWMALLS is growing, transforming, practicing… Long winds and waves will sometimes hang straight from the sea! In 2019 we were on the way, and continued the battle for 33 months, though present results are not so ideal, CWMALLS is a miracle in the recessionary, troubled cross-border trade area, in 2020 we will make this miracle be larger and stronger, complete the process from quantitative change to qualitative change, and shine the splendor of CWMALLS! Though the plans and goals of 2019 weren’t finished completely, results of our efforts are still remarkable, in the coming 2019 we will continue the unfinished dream and mission, and advance to the big target of being listed on Nasdaq in 2020!


A sharp sword needs to be polished, the fragrance of plum blossom comes from cold winter; CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex go from 2010 to 2019! This is the power of dream, also the witness of original aspiration; day in and day out, year after year, from negative to positive, from black and white to colorful, I am what I am, my courage mounts as the battle progresses, I am solid as a rock; in the past 12 months, there were 180° transition, cliff trauma, courage to rebuild everything, and consistent spirit, what's more respectable is “the development like annual ring”! International events, company events and personal events of 2019 have become a symbol at this moment! Of course, during the process we thank every social organization and personage that support the development of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND all the time, it is your help and care that let us gain more warmth! We thank every supplier and partner, it is your tolerance and insistence that make us more and more powerful! We thank every CWMALLS people, it is our unity, struggle and never forsaking that make us who we are today! You are the most respected and lovely people! Thank you!


CWMALLS JADE SEAL: CWMALLS people always maintain the absolute loyalty to dreams and missions, and always keep the absolute execution of targets and plans! Ruled by the grace of God, there must be great achievements — CWMALLS People!


CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Year-end Summary: thumb up for dream!

CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Year-end Summary: cheer for mission!

CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Year-end Summary: struggle for goal!


Bid farewell to uneasy 2019, and welcome the unpredictable 2020!


I am what I am — CWMALLS People!




December 27, 2019

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Breakout of ascending step by step makes tranquility become ferocious, this is the change of mindset;

Choice of cutting off all means of retreat rekindles dream and belief, this is the witness of original aspiration;

Beginning of skipping to stand lets the past become history, this is the sublimation of attitude;


“Turning Point” of CWMALLS people is the farewell to the past;

“Turning Point” of CWMALLS team is the horn of continuing with the past and opening up the future;

“Turning Point” of CWMALLS complex is the beginning of remodeling everything;


This is a choice without route of retreat, this is a delusion without fluke, this is a vow without compromise, I, we, everyone keeps the absolute loyalty to dream and mission all the time! No matter in the past, at present or in the future, having an attitude makes us run true to form, no matter being successful, failing or confused, having an attitude makes us resplendent again; today as the journal of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Growing, Sharing Series — “Turning Point”, we carried out objective, just, systematic interpretation, demonstration and sharing! This is transformation as well as rebirth, only through burning can we make everything become so perfect and amazing! This is the story of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex!


“Turning Point” of CWMALLS people is an inexorable outcome combined with inertial thinking and inertial behavior, it is coordinate as well as direction; it loads the internal factors of breakout, rebirth and sublimation, and makes “self-control” become the stabilizer of dream and mission according to the change of external environment; this is the self-struggle from the heart, also a kind of treason of past behavior; it erodes our loyalty silently, and paralyzes our nerves gradually; when target and direction deviate, when result and achievement are routed, when the final ending leaves an “unfinished building” on the central axis of time, CWMALLS people start self-healing counterattack and dead-end adjustment; whether for the criticism and self-criticism like “Zunyi Meeting”, or the responsibility and volunteering like “Round-table Conference”, all these show unique working attitude and style of CWMALLS people; up-to-date law of survival and natural law of survival of the fittest make “Turning Point” of CWMALLS people become the ideological foundation for ascending step by step and the theoretical basis for everything of the past; this is just like the free switch among protracted war, tough fight and lightning war, only success is the perfect witness of all the behavior and actions! “Turning Point” of CWMALLS people is the farewell to the past!


“Turning Point” of CWMALLS team is making unified understandings, unified thoughts and unified actions become the guidelines of continuing with the past and opening up the future, and making unity, persistence and loyalty to our hearts as loud bugle of moving forward; systematic revolution and ecologicalized mixture bring lots of challenges to “Turning Point” of CWMALLS team; this is a world-class marathon, whether for the reservation and excavation of talents or the execution and assessment of programs; this is the ultimate test of team’s abilities and also the only witness of teamwork; let the genes of flexibility, mobility and solidarity be a limited edition view of the landscape in the networked, globalized and fragmented time torrent with initial heart! This is the quality of CWMALLS team, it cherishes the same ideals and follows the same path, it is loyal to its dream, it is thirsty for talents; in the process of bravely moving forward, although the script has changed, its role of mainstay never change, its role of being responsible never change, its role of fame follows merit never change! In the face of the time, the group spirits and attitudes of being conformity and good from beginning to end never deteriorate and fade! In the face of challenges, CWMALLS team never shrink and fear! This is the call of mission, also the rekindling of the dream, the bugle of the CWMALLS team has been blowing, let’s make the large ship which is easy to turn around go upstream in every turn and create brilliance!


“Turning Point” of CWMALLS complex is the reappearance of big structure, big strategy, big unification and big standard; numerous innovative breakout and numerous advancing wave upon wave kicked off finally in “remodeling everything”, this is an epoch-making beginning, also a witness of universalization, socialization and sharing; its core thought of digestion becomes precious in the change of time and tide, which is not only the natural result of development, but also the inexorable law of history of recurrent; based on these conditions, CWMALLS complex carried out huge and grand horizontal integration and vertical excavation to activate all the information and resources, and remodel all the standards and values to make Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, blockchain and other modern technologies and social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. create more opportunities for the overall blooming of integration of world economy, integration of world market and integration of world sharing, finally to let every upgrade and transformation of CWMALLS complex create more values for the world and bring more surprises to the world! This is a part of the “big CWMALLS” strategy, also the turning point of “integration” development; keeping clear mind, objective and rational judgment, serious and pragmatic implementation is also presented in every system chain; this is the combat, coordination, and defense theory like “aircraft carrier”, whether infiltration tactics, outflanking tactics or feint tactics, they all take capacity and strength as the backup force, which is the true universal value! As the model of networked era, every word and action of CWMALLS complex can prove its value and meaning!


This is the seamless connection of individual and group, its every transformation is the sublimation of a slight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole!

This is the exchange, mixture of spirit and soul, its every collision is the perfect transformation of silence is better than cry!

This is the joint voice of dream and mission, its every declaration is hard-hitting, sonorous and powerful!


Every turning point is a choice, every turning point means rebirth! Let’s burn for dream and mission! CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex are witnessing, participating in, remodeling today and the future in their own way!




December 3, 2019 

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The passing of time makes dream have sedimentary deposits; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Seventh Anniversary prepares everything for you!

The samsara of history makes mission have direction; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Seventh Anniversary annotates objectivity for you!


True story is always full of twists and turns, even a little bit surprise flashes by!

True protagonist is always ordinary and great, even the split-second choice is abnormal decisive!


The Seventh Anniversary of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY concentrates a time’s epitome and witnesses the occurrence of a miracle!

The Seventh Anniversary of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY goes along with you in a special way and confesses to you in a commemorative way!


This is our attitude, this is our choice; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Seventh Anniversary (Special Commemorative Edition) conducts the interweaving discussion on the central axis of time, making “story” of every day, every moment become meaningful and “achievement” of every year, every week become valuable! From learning, execution, summary to sharing, innovation, breakthrough, each task, subject and program is full of extraordinary DNA, every investigation and survey, demonstration, decision coheres with different wisdom; from one person, one dream to two people, one dream, and then to one team, one dream, we keep the absolute loyalty to our dream and mission as usual; CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex are sharing our stories of every year in the past in a special commemorative way, whether for the comprehensive conception in 2010, theoretical demonstration in 2011, sailing online in 2012 (Year One), barbaric expansion in 2013, profound adjustment in 2014, rational return in 2015, smooth transition in 2016, rise of counter attack in 2017 or perfect transformation in 2018, everything is visible before the eyes, everything exclaims in great surprise! The course of history of CWMALLS shares and encourages each other with you in terms of years!


Sailing online in 2012 (Year One): This was the best time, also the worst time, everything started to become clear after numerous confusing networked fighting; at least the networked shopping model formed preliminarily during this time, both platform vendors and brand owners stood at a historical inflection point; online shopping oriented by quality, brand and service became a new standard spontaneously; this is an ideal condition that CWMALLS people pursued, after all, we have a lot of experience and resources in traditional foreign trade’s product chain and supply chain; thus we said goodbye to the hesitation in 2010 and 2011, and WWW.CWMALLS.COM set sail online officially in 2012; dream is always beautiful, but reality is always cruel; the instable technology, unscientific promotion, nonstandard management and other unknown difficulties made our internet boat which just sailed out of the sea become much difficult, but finally we appeared on the world’s networked sharing, shopping and living stage! In 2012 we understood the importance of team working, the particularity of internet, the significance of capacity, profession and accomplishment, the uncertainty of international market, and other problems; however, CWMALLS people still chose to move ahead!


Barbaric expansion in 2013: This was the most wonderful section in CWMALLS’s growing history, also a year full of loopholes; it had an almost perfect beginning, we ran all the way, took cities and seized territory, we were the unique one; whether for the global distribution business, direct selling business or agency business, we got active attention from partners in European region, North American region and Asia Pacific region, they all asked to join our distribution plan; due to the unclear business cooperation model, hysteretic technology upgrading and innovation, unclear product category and other problems, it had great thunder but little rain! But the promotion, publicity way and keyword SEO optimization, etc. skills got a full lift this year, the best witness was that the world comprehensive ranking  of WWW.CWMALLS.COM on Alexa became four-digit number, which was a miracle at that time! Worldwide third-party certification authorities, facilitating agencies and extension agencies carried out romantic pursuit of cooperation, causing concern of peers and investment banks; however, we immersed ourselves in the pleasure of technical indicators and didn’t timely grasp the actual demand of the market, the demand of our distribution partners, or the training, assessment, management of unified thought and understanding; but 2013 can be said that “CWMALLS Networked Distribution Model” was memoriable absolutely!


Profound adjustment in 2014: This was a rebirth of the phoenix, also the witness of testing dream and mission! In the first half of the year, from the beginning of the cliff to the free-fall development, everything was caught off guard; the demission of technical director and director of operations, the continuous attack of DDOS and relentless strikes of hacker made CWMALLS lose balance instantly and on the verge of collapse; what led to this “sudden death”? Why didn’t we supervise and prevent effectively? The pitch-dark at that time let everybody be at a loss, especially at the technical safety level, the invisible fear was paralyzing; “September 5, 2014” was also an iconic event, CWMALLS people reaffirm here that for this naked threat and murder we will never give up claiming responsibility. At the same time, CWMALLS saved itself with a strong will and courage, reconstructed four bases in the center of technology, product, promotion and management, making safety, stability, speediness and efficiency become the targets of profound adjustment again; the marvelous 2014 is a real step and turning point in CWMALLS’s growing history; all of its ruthless became so fiendish and hysterical in front of dream and mission, but finally the tough and good-to-learn CWMALLS people overcame everything, made everything become normal and braver! Let’s give 2014’s CWMALLS people thumbs up!


Rational return in 2015: Making everything normative and standard was the management requirement of 2015; meanwhile, we defined the product positioning of majoring in leather series (leather jackets, leather shoes, leather bags) and tried to provide “Custom Made”, “Personal Tailor”, wholesale and other diversified business; “branding” was also a highlight in 2015, which started to lay out in Asia Pacific region, North American region and European region; online to offline (O2O) business officially started and gained active attention from some brick-and-mortar stores in the great lakes region of North America! The social, video promotion modes and seamless joint of supply chain formed a brand new service experience mode; technology upgrading on the mobile terminal also made “corner overtaking” become one of the “CWMALLS breaking news” in 2015; regular training, moderate KPI assessment, construction of corporate culture and other aspects were fully implemented and were transported to the back-end production chain and front-end sales chain, forming integration; therefore, 2015 can be called the thoroughly remoulding year of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY; from ideality to science, from consolidation to innovation, from standard to value, every link advocates and executes the principle of online and offline synchronous, making our own “coordinate” no longer the duckweed in the nets and the moon in the water; in 2015 it grew slowly in silence like a “sweet potato”!


Smooth transition in 2016: Accumulating strength and improving ourselves made us get a long-term development in the networked, globalized, standardized, ecologicalized annual target of 2016; the reformation of “shareholding system” (CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY’s First Shareholders Meeting of Its Fourth Session) made everything become more transparent and normalized; requirements taking “Spokesperson”, “Live Broadcast”, “Global Free Shipping”, “Full Mobility”, “Networked Factory”, “Big Data”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Charity, Public Benefit”, “Green and Environmental Protection”, etc. as core concepts were also implemented and executed fully in 2016; the operation of three operating centers (CWMALLS Asia Pacific Operating Center, CWMALLS North American Operating Center, CWMALLS European Operating Center), globalized promotion of CWMALLS®、CWMALLS COMMODITYTM, cooperation with some universities in the world, integration of supply chain, precise marketing, cooperation with celebrities, etc. were sublimated and completed in silence! Of course, the big event of 2016 is that we made a systematic summary, optimization and upgrade in the past technology, service, management, experience and other aspects, making “footstone” more stable, “direction” more specific, “target” more concrete and “team” more powerful! This is the 2016 of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex, which is low-key, pragmatic, advancing and responsible!


Rise of counter attack in 2017: as the main ideas of 2017, “love getting us together” and “keeping consistent” made everything full of positive energy! From patent to New York Times Square, from New York airport to international public benefit, everywhere showed the glamour of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND! “Profound accumulation” was bursting forth fancy elegant demeanor in every business area, especially the “SBUS” super networked shopping experience, “CWSVE” the whole industry chain standardized value ecosystem, “MADE IN CWMALLS” standardized operation, endorsement of grammy stars, 48-hour delivery service, off-site delivery service, full mobile and Pad technology upgrading, CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee, CWMALLS Global Networked Lab and CWMALLS Global Networked Factory and other standardized programs blossomed and yielded fruit roundly; whether for pan-European, pan North American, pan Asia Pacific markets or remote mountainous regions, remote areas, as long as it has network and logistics, CWMALLS people can provide super online shopping experience of global unified standard, unified quality, unified price and unified service! Thus, WWW.CWMALLS.COM set up a super standard in safety, satisfaction and other aspects of global brand networked shopping — “CWMALLS Standard”! It continued to bring more surprises and value to worldwide friends and partners with distinctive products and extraordinary experience! The standard, valuable, ecological CWMALLS and technological, artistic, intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY were cautious and conscientious, made an example and made dream, mission spread in the past 2017!


Perfect transformation in 2018: “Innovation coming first”, “Cooperation and Sharing” make 2018 of CWMALLS people have the super strong sense of rhythm; specific plans and clear targets have led CWMALLS to the "overtaking lane"; whether for the marketization of three products (patented product, network product, technological innovative product), standardization of “CWMALLS E-WTO” or the internationalization of team building, every link’s personal independence of conduct brings CWMALLS people super pressure and super power; especially in the aspect of “localized, precise” promotion, they are also courageous and wise, respectable; similarly, as a preparative year of coming into the market, in 2018 product, talent, GMV and other aspects must be more specific and more sustainable; everyone is the spokesperson, everyone is the salesman, everyone makes an example and spreads the culture, ideas and value of CWMALLS to the world, promotes the patent, innovation and products of CWMALLS to the world to make the world love CWMALLS®, CWMALLS COMMODITYTM, its excellence is just your brilliance! In 2018 let’s make the world be more wonderful because of your, my, his, her existence and efforts as well!


Sharing weal or woe in 2019: “Vertical and Horizontal Excavation” and “Full Execution” have become the extreme challenges of all CWMALLS people again; everything is for socialized promotion and sharing, everything is for brand publicity and exposure, everything is for the implementation of “33 Months’ Battle Call”, everything is for the natural witness of “the rotation of spring, summer, autumn and winter”, being suffering while enjoying, we are pushing forward; the world-class cooperative partners and competitors get a fulcrum, equilibrium point and gold point in CWMALLS “SUC”, “ECIMT”, “Skyline”, “Raindrops” and “26N”, and finally convoy for the standard, valuable, ecological, sharing CWMALLS and patented, technological, artistic, intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY to truly realize sharing weal or woe and strong alliance! The coordinate that dream and mission interweave will make every CWMALLS people become the protagonist and model of the times in 2019!


In 2020 we look forward to the exciting moment…


CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Seventh Anniversary, gratitude comes first, building the future!

CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Seventh Anniversary, ups and downs, capable of evoking praises and tears!


Still no applause or flowers, but it has had a tiny space on the international stage of technology, product, promotion, management and brand! This is the result of hard working of each past and present CWMALLS people; these are our stories in the past six years, which are admirable!


Attached is a poem “Leaf”


The vitality of early spring gives the power of newly born; it is the mission, also the wheel of life!


Numerous and leafy branches of midsummer settle the beginning of annual ring; it is the protagonist, also the supporting role!


Apparently severed but actually connected late autumn witnesses the vainness of early spring; it is lingering, also the recall!


Saving strength and breeding of severe winter place the coming year’s mission; it is hope, also the dream!


Quietly you came, happy, fancy, dancing…


Quietly you go, there is no sound, no praise, no concern…


Knowing how to appreciate, knowing how to be grateful make the home of every leaf return to nature!




November 1, 2019

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