Breakout of ascending step by step makes tranquility become ferocious, this is the change of mindset;

Choice of cutting off all means of retreat rekindles dream and belief, this is the witness of original aspiration;

Beginning of skipping to stand lets the past become history, this is the sublimation of attitude;


“Turning Point” of CWMALLS people is the farewell to the past;

“Turning Point” of CWMALLS team is the horn of continuing with the past and opening up the future;

“Turning Point” of CWMALLS complex is the beginning of remodeling everything;


This is a choice without route of retreat, this is a delusion without fluke, this is a vow without compromise, I, we, everyone keeps the absolute loyalty to dream and mission all the time! No matter in the past, at present or in the future, having an attitude makes us run true to form, no matter being successful, failing or confused, having an attitude makes us resplendent again; today as the journal of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Growing, Sharing Series — “Turning Point”, we carried out objective, just, systematic interpretation, demonstration and sharing! This is transformation as well as rebirth, only through burning can we make everything become so perfect and amazing! This is the story of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex!


“Turning Point” of CWMALLS people is an inexorable outcome combined with inertial thinking and inertial behavior, it is coordinate as well as direction; it loads the internal factors of breakout, rebirth and sublimation, and makes “self-control” become the stabilizer of dream and mission according to the change of external environment; this is the self-struggle from the heart, also a kind of treason of past behavior; it erodes our loyalty silently, and paralyzes our nerves gradually; when target and direction deviate, when result and achievement are routed, when the final ending leaves an “unfinished building” on the central axis of time, CWMALLS people start self-healing counterattack and dead-end adjustment; whether for the criticism and self-criticism like “Zunyi Meeting”, or the responsibility and volunteering like “Round-table Conference”, all these show unique working attitude and style of CWMALLS people; up-to-date law of survival and natural law of survival of the fittest make “Turning Point” of CWMALLS people become the ideological foundation for ascending step by step and the theoretical basis for everything of the past; this is just like the free switch among protracted war, tough fight and lightning war, only success is the perfect witness of all the behavior and actions! “Turning Point” of CWMALLS people is the farewell to the past!


“Turning Point” of CWMALLS team is making unified understandings, unified thoughts and unified actions become the guidelines of continuing with the past and opening up the future, and making unity, persistence and loyalty to our hearts as loud bugle of moving forward; systematic revolution and ecologicalized mixture bring lots of challenges to “Turning Point” of CWMALLS team; this is a world-class marathon, whether for the reservation and excavation of talents or the execution and assessment of programs; this is the ultimate test of team’s abilities and also the only witness of teamwork; let the genes of flexibility, mobility and solidarity be a limited edition view of the landscape in the networked, globalized and fragmented time torrent with initial heart! This is the quality of CWMALLS team, it cherishes the same ideals and follows the same path, it is loyal to its dream, it is thirsty for talents; in the process of bravely moving forward, although the script has changed, its role of mainstay never change, its role of being responsible never change, its role of fame follows merit never change! In the face of the time, the group spirits and attitudes of being conformity and good from beginning to end never deteriorate and fade! In the face of challenges, CWMALLS team never shrink and fear! This is the call of mission, also the rekindling of the dream, the bugle of the CWMALLS team has been blowing, let’s make the large ship which is easy to turn around go upstream in every turn and create brilliance!


“Turning Point” of CWMALLS complex is the reappearance of big structure, big strategy, big unification and big standard; numerous innovative breakout and numerous advancing wave upon wave kicked off finally in “remodeling everything”, this is an epoch-making beginning, also a witness of universalization, socialization and sharing; its core thought of digestion becomes precious in the change of time and tide, which is not only the natural result of development, but also the inexorable law of history of recurrent; based on these conditions, CWMALLS complex carried out huge and grand horizontal integration and vertical excavation to activate all the information and resources, and remodel all the standards and values to make Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, blockchain and other modern technologies and social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. create more opportunities for the overall blooming of integration of world economy, integration of world market and integration of world sharing, finally to let every upgrade and transformation of CWMALLS complex create more values for the world and bring more surprises to the world! This is a part of the “big CWMALLS” strategy, also the turning point of “integration” development; keeping clear mind, objective and rational judgment, serious and pragmatic implementation is also presented in every system chain; this is the combat, coordination, and defense theory like “aircraft carrier”, whether infiltration tactics, outflanking tactics or feint tactics, they all take capacity and strength as the backup force, which is the true universal value! As the model of networked era, every word and action of CWMALLS complex can prove its value and meaning!


This is the seamless connection of individual and group, its every transformation is the sublimation of a slight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole!

This is the exchange, mixture of spirit and soul, its every collision is the perfect transformation of silence is better than cry!

This is the joint voice of dream and mission, its every declaration is hard-hitting, sonorous and powerful!


Every turning point is a choice, every turning point means rebirth! Let’s burn for dream and mission! CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex are witnessing, participating in, remodeling today and the future in their own way!




December 3, 2019 

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The passing of time makes dream have sedimentary deposits; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Seventh Anniversary prepares everything for you!

The samsara of history makes mission have direction; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Seventh Anniversary annotates objectivity for you!


True story is always full of twists and turns, even a little bit surprise flashes by!

True protagonist is always ordinary and great, even the split-second choice is abnormal decisive!


The Seventh Anniversary of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY concentrates a time’s epitome and witnesses the occurrence of a miracle!

The Seventh Anniversary of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY goes along with you in a special way and confesses to you in a commemorative way!


This is our attitude, this is our choice; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Seventh Anniversary (Special Commemorative Edition) conducts the interweaving discussion on the central axis of time, making “story” of every day, every moment become meaningful and “achievement” of every year, every week become valuable! From learning, execution, summary to sharing, innovation, breakthrough, each task, subject and program is full of extraordinary DNA, every investigation and survey, demonstration, decision coheres with different wisdom; from one person, one dream to two people, one dream, and then to one team, one dream, we keep the absolute loyalty to our dream and mission as usual; CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex are sharing our stories of every year in the past in a special commemorative way, whether for the comprehensive conception in 2010, theoretical demonstration in 2011, sailing online in 2012 (Year One), barbaric expansion in 2013, profound adjustment in 2014, rational return in 2015, smooth transition in 2016, rise of counter attack in 2017 or perfect transformation in 2018, everything is visible before the eyes, everything exclaims in great surprise! The course of history of CWMALLS shares and encourages each other with you in terms of years!


Sailing online in 2012 (Year One): This was the best time, also the worst time, everything started to become clear after numerous confusing networked fighting; at least the networked shopping model formed preliminarily during this time, both platform vendors and brand owners stood at a historical inflection point; online shopping oriented by quality, brand and service became a new standard spontaneously; this is an ideal condition that CWMALLS people pursued, after all, we have a lot of experience and resources in traditional foreign trade’s product chain and supply chain; thus we said goodbye to the hesitation in 2010 and 2011, and WWW.CWMALLS.COM set sail online officially in 2012; dream is always beautiful, but reality is always cruel; the instable technology, unscientific promotion, nonstandard management and other unknown difficulties made our internet boat which just sailed out of the sea become much difficult, but finally we appeared on the world’s networked sharing, shopping and living stage! In 2012 we understood the importance of team working, the particularity of internet, the significance of capacity, profession and accomplishment, the uncertainty of international market, and other problems; however, CWMALLS people still chose to move ahead!


Barbaric expansion in 2013: This was the most wonderful section in CWMALLS’s growing history, also a year full of loopholes; it had an almost perfect beginning, we ran all the way, took cities and seized territory, we were the unique one; whether for the global distribution business, direct selling business or agency business, we got active attention from partners in European region, North American region and Asia Pacific region, they all asked to join our distribution plan; due to the unclear business cooperation model, hysteretic technology upgrading and innovation, unclear product category and other problems, it had great thunder but little rain! But the promotion, publicity way and keyword SEO optimization, etc. skills got a full lift this year, the best witness was that the world comprehensive ranking  of WWW.CWMALLS.COM on Alexa became four-digit number, which was a miracle at that time! Worldwide third-party certification authorities, facilitating agencies and extension agencies carried out romantic pursuit of cooperation, causing concern of peers and investment banks; however, we immersed ourselves in the pleasure of technical indicators and didn’t timely grasp the actual demand of the market, the demand of our distribution partners, or the training, assessment, management of unified thought and understanding; but 2013 can be said that “CWMALLS Networked Distribution Model” was memoriable absolutely!


Profound adjustment in 2014: This was a rebirth of the phoenix, also the witness of testing dream and mission! In the first half of the year, from the beginning of the cliff to the free-fall development, everything was caught off guard; the demission of technical director and director of operations, the continuous attack of DDOS and relentless strikes of hacker made CWMALLS lose balance instantly and on the verge of collapse; what led to this “sudden death”? Why didn’t we supervise and prevent effectively? The pitch-dark at that time let everybody be at a loss, especially at the technical safety level, the invisible fear was paralyzing; “September 5, 2014” was also an iconic event, CWMALLS people reaffirm here that for this naked threat and murder we will never give up claiming responsibility. At the same time, CWMALLS saved itself with a strong will and courage, reconstructed four bases in the center of technology, product, promotion and management, making safety, stability, speediness and efficiency become the targets of profound adjustment again; the marvelous 2014 is a real step and turning point in CWMALLS’s growing history; all of its ruthless became so fiendish and hysterical in front of dream and mission, but finally the tough and good-to-learn CWMALLS people overcame everything, made everything become normal and braver! Let’s give 2014’s CWMALLS people thumbs up!


Rational return in 2015: Making everything normative and standard was the management requirement of 2015; meanwhile, we defined the product positioning of majoring in leather series (leather jackets, leather shoes, leather bags) and tried to provide “Custom Made”, “Personal Tailor”, wholesale and other diversified business; “branding” was also a highlight in 2015, which started to lay out in Asia Pacific region, North American region and European region; online to offline (O2O) business officially started and gained active attention from some brick-and-mortar stores in the great lakes region of North America! The social, video promotion modes and seamless joint of supply chain formed a brand new service experience mode; technology upgrading on the mobile terminal also made “corner overtaking” become one of the “CWMALLS breaking news” in 2015; regular training, moderate KPI assessment, construction of corporate culture and other aspects were fully implemented and were transported to the back-end production chain and front-end sales chain, forming integration; therefore, 2015 can be called the thoroughly remoulding year of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY; from ideality to science, from consolidation to innovation, from standard to value, every link advocates and executes the principle of online and offline synchronous, making our own “coordinate” no longer the duckweed in the nets and the moon in the water; in 2015 it grew slowly in silence like a “sweet potato”!


Smooth transition in 2016: Accumulating strength and improving ourselves made us get a long-term development in the networked, globalized, standardized, ecologicalized annual target of 2016; the reformation of “shareholding system” (CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY’s First Shareholders Meeting of Its Fourth Session) made everything become more transparent and normalized; requirements taking “Spokesperson”, “Live Broadcast”, “Global Free Shipping”, “Full Mobility”, “Networked Factory”, “Big Data”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Charity, Public Benefit”, “Green and Environmental Protection”, etc. as core concepts were also implemented and executed fully in 2016; the operation of three operating centers (CWMALLS Asia Pacific Operating Center, CWMALLS North American Operating Center, CWMALLS European Operating Center), globalized promotion of CWMALLS®、CWMALLS COMMODITYTM, cooperation with some universities in the world, integration of supply chain, precise marketing, cooperation with celebrities, etc. were sublimated and completed in silence! Of course, the big event of 2016 is that we made a systematic summary, optimization and upgrade in the past technology, service, management, experience and other aspects, making “footstone” more stable, “direction” more specific, “target” more concrete and “team” more powerful! This is the 2016 of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex, which is low-key, pragmatic, advancing and responsible!


Rise of counter attack in 2017: as the main ideas of 2017, “love getting us together” and “keeping consistent” made everything full of positive energy! From patent to New York Times Square, from New York airport to international public benefit, everywhere showed the glamour of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND! “Profound accumulation” was bursting forth fancy elegant demeanor in every business area, especially the “SBUS” super networked shopping experience, “CWSVE” the whole industry chain standardized value ecosystem, “MADE IN CWMALLS” standardized operation, endorsement of grammy stars, 48-hour delivery service, off-site delivery service, full mobile and Pad technology upgrading, CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee, CWMALLS Global Networked Lab and CWMALLS Global Networked Factory and other standardized programs blossomed and yielded fruit roundly; whether for pan-European, pan North American, pan Asia Pacific markets or remote mountainous regions, remote areas, as long as it has network and logistics, CWMALLS people can provide super online shopping experience of global unified standard, unified quality, unified price and unified service! Thus, WWW.CWMALLS.COM set up a super standard in safety, satisfaction and other aspects of global brand networked shopping — “CWMALLS Standard”! It continued to bring more surprises and value to worldwide friends and partners with distinctive products and extraordinary experience! The standard, valuable, ecological CWMALLS and technological, artistic, intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY were cautious and conscientious, made an example and made dream, mission spread in the past 2017!


Perfect transformation in 2018: “Innovation coming first”, “Cooperation and Sharing” make 2018 of CWMALLS people have the super strong sense of rhythm; specific plans and clear targets have led CWMALLS to the "overtaking lane"; whether for the marketization of three products (patented product, network product, technological innovative product), standardization of “CWMALLS E-WTO” or the internationalization of team building, every link’s personal independence of conduct brings CWMALLS people super pressure and super power; especially in the aspect of “localized, precise” promotion, they are also courageous and wise, respectable; similarly, as a preparative year of coming into the market, in 2018 product, talent, GMV and other aspects must be more specific and more sustainable; everyone is the spokesperson, everyone is the salesman, everyone makes an example and spreads the culture, ideas and value of CWMALLS to the world, promotes the patent, innovation and products of CWMALLS to the world to make the world love CWMALLS®, CWMALLS COMMODITYTM, its excellence is just your brilliance! In 2018 let’s make the world be more wonderful because of your, my, his, her existence and efforts as well!


Sharing weal or woe in 2019: “Vertical and Horizontal Excavation” and “Full Execution” have become the extreme challenges of all CWMALLS people again; everything is for socialized promotion and sharing, everything is for brand publicity and exposure, everything is for the implementation of “33 Months’ Battle Call”, everything is for the natural witness of “the rotation of spring, summer, autumn and winter”, being suffering while enjoying, we are pushing forward; the world-class cooperative partners and competitors get a fulcrum, equilibrium point and gold point in CWMALLS “SUC”, “ECIMT”, “Skyline”, “Raindrops” and “26N”, and finally convoy for the standard, valuable, ecological, sharing CWMALLS and patented, technological, artistic, intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY to truly realize sharing weal or woe and strong alliance! The coordinate that dream and mission interweave will make every CWMALLS people become the protagonist and model of the times in 2019!


In 2020 we look forward to the exciting moment…


CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Seventh Anniversary, gratitude comes first, building the future!

CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Seventh Anniversary, ups and downs, capable of evoking praises and tears!


Still no applause or flowers, but it has had a tiny space on the international stage of technology, product, promotion, management and brand! This is the result of hard working of each past and present CWMALLS people; these are our stories in the past six years, which are admirable!


Attached is a poem “Leaf”


The vitality of early spring gives the power of newly born; it is the mission, also the wheel of life!


Numerous and leafy branches of midsummer settle the beginning of annual ring; it is the protagonist, also the supporting role!


Apparently severed but actually connected late autumn witnesses the vainness of early spring; it is lingering, also the recall!


Saving strength and breeding of severe winter place the coming year’s mission; it is hope, also the dream!


Quietly you came, happy, fancy, dancing…


Quietly you go, there is no sound, no praise, no concern…


Knowing how to appreciate, knowing how to be grateful make the home of every leaf return to nature!




November 1, 2019

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This is a war without smoke of gunpowder, it is the salvation of mentality, physiology and spirit;

This is a journey without ending, it is a heroic undertaking of testing, gambling and breaking through;


The protracted war of CWMALLS people is the brave man wins when coming into unavoidable confrontation;

The tough war of CWMALLS team is cutting off all means of retreat, and making outstanding achievements;

The lightning war of CWMALLS complex is a hundred days’ war to reach goals;


“Protracted War” is the absolute loyalty to dream and mission, and the absolute execution of goal and plan; it carries out every sublimation and advance of team in the center of unifying thought and condensing morale; it launches every selfless assault and transcendence under the guidance of strict discipline and devotion to duty! Whether for the initial lightning war, the medium-term tough war, or the long-term protracted war, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex achieve every impossible goal and mission with attitude, earnest, persistence and fanaticism! Like “the mission must reach”, it annotates everything about “Protracted War, Tough War, Lightning War” perfectly! Without any reason, we only want to see the achievements and results! This is our attitude! It deserves respect!


The protracted war of CWMALLS people is the brave man wins when coming into unavoidable confrontation; the battle-scarred, one-after-another CWMALLS people take it as our duty to "make a big difference in the world", whether for the persevering yesterday, the gallant today, or the tomorrow as always, distinctive genes build an extraordinary future! Its rock-solid faith injects endless power into dream and mission, its perseverance convoys the achievement of goal and plan! This is the inherent protracted war theory of CWMALLS people, which has spilled over into every aspect of the work and been armed to every little bit of action! We will not rest until reaching the goal, even it is impregnable fortress, CWMALLS people must achieve absolute breakthrough, even coming into unavoidable confrontation, CWMALLS people must win boldly! This is our own stage, this is the choice of time, this is the sample of history, this is the endorsement of future! The protracted war of CWMALLS people is a war without smoke of gunpowder, it crashes, agitates everything silently! Up-to-date good learning and consistent loyalty will brand “new verification” to the protracted war of CWMALLS people!


The tough war of CWMALLS team is cutting off all means of retreat, and making outstanding achievements; executing, implementing every project quickly, efficiently and flexibly is the core basis of the tough war of CWMALLS team, also the ultimate test of team will, team spirit and teamwork; whether for the back-end R&D, design, and manufacture, or the front-end promotion, service, and management, we take "standardization" as the implementation criterion, carry out 360° no-dead-angle thorough resolution to difficult miscellaneous diseases in every breakthrough, especially for important events, CWMALLS team will overcome difficulties until succeeding with the spirit and courage of breaking the boat! This is the example of elite model, also the witness of team power; its difference lies in clear division of work, thorough execution and free switch type of combined solution according to specific problems! Therefore, CWMALLS people from all over the world get integrated, gather strength, take cities and seize territory to fight every tough battle of invincible attack under the call of dream, mission and under the catalysis of faith, responsibility! The “scenery line” made up of flag, horn, yell, and charge is another brilliance!


The lightning war of CWMALLS complex is a hundred days’ war to reach goals; this is the implement of strategies, tactics of the world three markets(Pan North America, Pan Europe, Pan Asia Pacific), also the sublimation of realizing crushing one by one, stepping to stand, and transforming perfectly; the lightning war of CWMALLS complex shoulders the responsibility and mission of connecting the past with the next, its horizontal integration and vertical union will make 1+1≥2, make the lightning war of a hundred days’ war become the edge tool of manoeuvring in the cooperative sharing of unified standard and unified value; especially in the globalized, networked, precise expansion, marketing, serving and other aspects, the lightning war of CWMALLS complex carries out stereo, diverse surprise attacks and bombards a lot with lightning speed to bring surprises to worldwide friends, partners in first time by social marketing! Similarly, it is based on the evolution of “CAS”, “CWSVE”, “SBUS”, “SUC”, “CWPP”, “Skyline”, “Raindrops” and other innovative modes that makes CWMALLS complex produce a rich harvest in regional lightning war, keep personal independence of conduct in a hundred days’ war, and convoy achieving all the plans, goals of 2019 roundly! This is the best witness of speed, action and efficiency! The lightning war of CWMALLS complex is worth reference, learning and sharing!


The brave man wins when coming into unavoidable confrontation; cutting off all means of retreat, and making outstanding achievements; reaching goals of a hundred days’ war; CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex take protracted war, tough war, lightning war as strategies and tactics to fight a certainly win battle; this is the respect and loyalty to dream and mission, also the guard and protection of goal and plan; be the brave of the time, be the spokesman of strength, be… CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Growing, Sharing Series — Protracted War, Tough War, Lightning War are willing to share everything with you! Thank you! CWMALLS, SVE NEWS, MWE FUND will be more wonderful with your joint attention and participation!




October 3, 2019

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When faced with the hectic urban, silent dream and helpless reality, should I go with the tide or get my own way? 
When recalling the happiness of childhood, the entanglement of youth and the anatta of middle age, I wonder it is because time goes by too fast or I am completely indifferent to them. 

Today, with a heavy heart, I’m going to have a “self-redemption” from the views of nature, history, philosophy and human nature. This is a deep thinking and a rational analysis. The aim is to let more “why” become today’s protagonists and let “who I am” become a symbol. Every moment’s meaningless choice makes the balance of life ups and downs, the hesitant attitude of the mind makes the value of life be greatly diminished, and the confused alternation of day and night makes the reason for existence unable to be relieved. Is it our present situation? Is it our life? Is it our future? No. However, we are its spokesmen. Helplessness, anger, grief and pain interweave into a painting in a moment which we don’t dare to look directly. But it's just in front of us! 

If faith makes you stronger, then the light of life will be brighter! If dream gives you strength, then the road of life will be broader. It’s a natural proposition, which only has hypotheses instead of causation, because it's the endorsement of sentiment. It needs to be carried out and realized healthily, rationally, objectively, positively and timely in the perspective of life. But what is the truth? Any subjective and objective factors like external environment, mind and physiology can make you give up halfway, make you finish without any gain or even make you stop having any plan at early stage. There is no standard answer or successful case for the reason and the way we live. Everything becomes a recurring nature. Many secular reasons such as apathy, involuntary action, group psychology, etc. are enough to kill any of your transformation. In this case, we should take action to abandon inertia thinking and behavior so as to put human nature back on the track of reason and science as well as let body and mind return to the healthy and indifferent ideal. This is a choice with attitude. Let’s make flexibility become the sustainable vernier gauge. 

History is always surprisingly similar. Whether for reincarnation or being consistent, it repeats yesterday's story every moment on the axis of time. The script has changed as well as the character, but the ending never changes! Is that the mantra of human nature or the essence of evolution? Everything becomes complicated. Originally, history is the best mirror, we can find yesterday's self and future's self at any time in the long river of history. But why do we still make the mistakes that used to be made in the past hundreds or thousands of years ago? Maybe this is a zero-sum game of life, maybe that's what history is all about! It is like a chain that never ends, leaving traces of everything in the scale of time, it's like the horizontal line in coordinate, recording the meaning of life at different times. We can’t deny the importance of history since it gives us knowledge, energy, and even life. But how can we make better use of this "panacea"? Objective, fair, reducible, and rational reference, logic and analysis will open another window for our lives! Standing in the perspective of history, the call of human nature is the call of going back home! 

Philosophy, the intermediary of materialism and idealism, carries out the full-scale, multi-angle and logical analysis of problems such as the cooperation between human society and nature society, the relationship between people, the coexistence of soul and life, etc. with the center of “argument” and root of “reason”. It makes thinking become clearer and clearer and makes life exceed its value. It's like the vertical line in the center of the coordinate, in which it activates and excavates more potential through dialectics so as to absorb the essence and reject the dross. Although philosophy is not everything, it gives us causality. Therefore, whether it is the interpretation of human nature or the instinctive interpretation of life, it can all get you into it, understand the inner relationship and inevitable result between life and death, joy and sorrow, bitter and sweet! It can even explain a multitude of psychological, ideological, mental problems and phenomena such as where we are from, what we are going to do, why we are alive, what the meaning and value of our lives are, etc.! Sometimes it is just like a magnifying glass or microscope, formatting everything for interpretation and argumentation, so as to make nature become natural, make humanity become rational. This is the charm of philosophy. Transposition thinking, hypothetical argumentation and other methods also convoy our health, safety, and happiness. Only through philosophy can we make life more meaningful and valuable! 

Man’s nature at birth is good and same, but habits make them become different. This is one-sided and metaphysical logic. "Human nature" is instinct which can’t be interpreted for external or internal causes. This is the natural result of DNA or chromosomal or genetic mutations, which are congenital and secretive. Meanwhile, it also has universality and plasticity. Like recognition of good and evil, individual heroism and collective honor, selfishness and selflessness, and other problems and phenomena, we must handle them objectively and fairly to make the original face of “human nature” be presented positively and better prevent, modify, improve and upgrade! In this way, we can form the right values, outlook on life and world view! Let’s make the wonderful moment of blossom forever, make the blessing of health and happiness eternal! The affairs of the world are inconstant, I hope everything is okay! All good things must come to an end. You come to this world, but you will leave one day. This is called “life”! Let nature take its course, there is still a long way to go! 

This illogical essay and story full of question marks are a kind of metaphysical progress, also a sublimation of materialism; how to realize effective self-breakout? It is a challenge, an opportunity, the future… This is the call and thought of human nature! Remembering the past and cherishing the future make our existence more wonderful! 

The choice of wind changes because of you! 
The loneliness of rain is made because of you! 
The blossom of flowers is beautiful because of you! 
The beautiful memory is intoxicating because of you! 
CWMALLS COMMODITY is flourishing because of you! 



September 2, 2019

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Being consistent is the goal, the plan; 
Being consistent is the attitude, the choice; 
Being consistent is the dream, the mission; 

On the axle wire of time, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY and MWE FUND are always consistent, keep the faith for dream and mission, defend them and try to realize them; 
On the big stage of history, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex are always consistent, try not to forget the original heart and try to stick out; 
In the big transformation of evolution, CWMALLS Asia Pacific Center, CWMALLS European Center, CWMALLS North American Center are consistent, making people oriented and result sharing more international, global and integrated. 

This is the season of ourselves, and also the home field of ourselves; in the every day of 2019, we will show our own excellence; the consistent attitude stands for our direction of forward motion, the consistent responsibility lights up our determination and faith; the one-hundred-meter sprint will let us forget the pain and trouble, only the sound of wind and the power of dream encourage us to go forward bravely, break through ourselves and transform floridly, let being consistent become the main melody of our running way again; being the CWMALLS people who have attitudes, dreams, responsibilities and consistency is the best annotation of attitude, choice, dream and mission, and also the witness of pursuing excellence. 

“Being consistent” is the swear to ourselves and the future, is also the wisdom of learning and execution, meanwhile it is the end of plan and aim; no matter in the level of product, technology, promotion or management, we CWMALLS people all set ourselves an example to others, start and end everything well, and stick to everything consistently; the new business boards consisting of internationalization, globalization, evaluation, standardization, ecologicalization, mobilization and intelligentialization will be connected to a whole and formed to a system under the threading of the steel needle of consistency to run through everything, aiming at realizing the big dream and big mission of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY and MWE FUND. Our direction, goals and plans will remain unchanged in 2019, we must be faced with the unknown and overcome it with the 101% spirit and courage, this is our only choice, let the attitude of consistency accompany us to grow, maturate, transform, upgrade and… 

“Being consistent” is the leading main idea, serving for our “33 Months’ Battle Call”, our “Whole Industrial Chain Standardized Value Ecosystem”, our “Dual Brand Strategy”, our “Digenic Product”, our “Horizontal and Vertical Excavation”, our “Full Implementation”, our “Alliance Between Gaints”, our “Student Union Project”, our “CWMALLS College”, our “CWMALLS Global Super Patent Review Committee”, our “CWMALLS Global Super Networked Factory”, our “CWMALLS Global Super Networked Lab”, our “Skyline Program”, our “Raindrops Plan”, our “Standard, Valuable, Ecological, Sharing CWMALLS”, our “Patent, Technological, Artistic, Intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY”, our … 

CWMALLS JADE SEAL: CWMALLS people always maintain the absolute loyalty to dreams and missions, and always keep the absolute execution of targets and plans! “Ruled by the grace of God, there must be great achievements” — CWMALLS People! 

There is no back arrow, this is the direction of being consistent; 
Cutting off all means of retreat to welcome tomorrow, this the goal of being consistent. 

I am myself, I am touched by myself; 
I am myself, burning myself to light up the future. 

This is a brand new start, this is a beautiful era, we should grasp and treasure it, let’s achieve it with the attitude of being consistent! 



August 2, 2019 
To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE

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