Breakout of ascending step by step makes tranquility become ferocious, this is the change of mindset;

Choice of cutting off all means of retreat rekindles dream and belief, this is the witness of original aspiration;

Beginning of skipping to stand lets the past become history, this is the sublimation of attitude;


“Turning Point” of CWMALLS people is the farewell to the past;

“Turning Point” of CWMALLS team is the horn of continuing with the past and opening up the future;

“Turning Point” of CWMALLS complex is the beginning of remodeling everything;


This is a choice without route of retreat, this is a delusion without fluke, this is a vow without compromise, I, we, everyone keeps the absolute loyalty to dream and mission all the time! No matter in the past, at present or in the future, having an attitude makes us run true to form, no matter being successful, failing or confused, having an attitude makes us resplendent again; today as the journal of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2018 Growing, Sharing Series — “Turning Point”, we carried out objective, just, systematic interpretation, demonstration and sharing! This is transformation as well as rebirth, only through burning can we make everything become so perfect and amazing! This is the story of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex!


“Turning Point” of CWMALLS people is an inexorable outcome combined with inertial thinking and inertial behavior, it is coordinate as well as direction; it loads the internal factors of breakout, rebirth and sublimation, and makes “self-control” become the stabilizer of dream and mission according to the change of external environment; this is the self-struggle from the heart, also a kind of treason of past behavior; it erodes our loyalty silently, and paralyzes our nerves gradually; when target and direction deviate, when result and achievement are routed, when the final ending leaves an “unfinished building” on the central axis of time, CWMALLS people start self-healing counterattack and dead-end adjustment; whether for the criticism and self-criticism like “Zunyi Meeting”, or the responsibility and volunteering like “Round-table Conference”, all these show unique working attitude and style of CWMALLS people; up-to-date law of survival and natural law of survival of the fittest make “Turning Point” of CWMALLS people become the ideological foundation for ascending step by step and the theoretical basis for everything of the past; this is just like the free switch among protracted war, tough fight and lightning war, only success is the perfect witness of all the behavior and actions! “Turning Point” of CWMALLS people is the farewell to the past!


“Turning Point” of CWMALLS team is making unified understandings, unified thoughts and unified actions become the guidelines of continuing with the past and opening up the future, and making unity, persistence and loyalty to our hearts as loud bugle of moving forward; systematic revolution and ecologicalized mixture bring lots of challenges to “Turning Point” of CWMALLS team; this is a world-class marathon, whether for the reservation and excavation of talents or the execution and assessment of programs; this is the ultimate test of team’s abilities and also the only witness of teamwork; let the genes of flexibility, mobility and solidarity be a limited edition view of the landscape in the networked, globalized and fragmented time torrent with initial heart! This is the quality of CWMALLS team, it cherishes the same ideals and follows the same path, it is loyal to its dream, it is thirsty for talents; in the process of bravely moving forward, although the script has changed, its role of mainstay never change, its role of being responsible never change, its role of fame follows merit never change! In the face of the time, the group spirits and attitudes of being conformity and good from beginning to end never deteriorate and fade! In the face of challenges, CWMALLS team never shrink and fear! This is the call of mission, also the rekindling of the dream, the bugle of the CWMALLS team has been blowing, let’s make the large ship which is easy to turn around go upstream in every turn and create brilliance!


“Turning Point” of CWMALLS complex is the reappearance of big structure, big strategy, big unification and big standard; numerous innovative breakout and numerous advancing wave upon wave kicked off finally in “remodeling everything”, this is an epoch-making beginning, also a witness of universalization and sharing; its core thought of digestion becomes precious in the change of time and tide, which is not only the natural result of development, but also the inexorable law of history of recurrent; based on these conditions, CWMALLS complex carried out huge and grand horizontal integration and vertical excavation to activate all the information and resources, and remodel all the standards and values to make Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, blockchain and other modern technologies create more opportunities for the overall blooming of integration of world economy, integration of world market and integration of world sharing, finally to let every upgrade and transformation of CWMALLS complex create more values for the world and bring more surprises to the world! This is a part of the “big CWMALLS” strategy, also the turning point of “integration” development; keeping clear mind, objective and rational judgment, serious and pragmatic implementation is also presented in every system chain; this is the combat, coordination, and defense theory like “aircraft carrier”, whether infiltration tactics, outflanking tactics or feint tactics, they all take capacity and strength as the backup force, which is the true universal value! As the model of networked era, every word and action of CWMALLS complex can prove its value and meaning!


This is the seamless connection of individual and group, its every transformation is the sublimation of a slight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole!

This is the exchange, mixture of spirit and soul, its every collision is the perfect transformation of silence is better than cry!


Every turning point is a choice, every turning point means rebirth! Let’s burn for dream and mission! CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex are witnessing, participating in, remodeling today and the future in their own way!





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This is the super evolution of networking and liberalization, all in CWMALLS: the ecological chain of integration of man and thing!
This is the super standard of intelligentization and value, all in CWMALLS: the ecological chain of integration of man and thing!

“CWMALLS: The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing” consisting of the standard, valuable, ecological CWMALLS and technological, artistic, intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY is the industrial standard, universal value, and global ecology; it takes internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, intelligentization and blockchain as cores and changes originality, patent into product, commodity to create value finally and form a virtuous circle to realize the relationship of ecological chain of man and thing; its principle is just like a huge automatic generator, when we put raw materials into it, it will finish the product automatically; but “CWMALLS: The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing” is better, which forms the standardized value chain in originality, design, R&D, manufacture, sale, promotion, management, service and other links; it features efficiency, safety, speediness, and stability, it can be converted into more technological, artistic, intelligent and green products continuously! Similarly, as the supervisor and administrator of “CWMALLS: The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing”, CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee, CWMALLS Global Networked Lab and CWMALLS Global Networked Factory make every time’s excavation, conversion and mixture achieve perfection, and create more surprises and value! The following are the detailed descriptions in two aspects!

“The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing” takes “man” as the foundation, and opens the core: as the main body of innovation, man has new discoveries and inventions every day, every minute, even every second; especially in the networked, globalized today, information acquisition, spread, application and other aspects are broken out unprecedentedly, due to the lack of unified standards and protection, artificial inundation was formed and infringement, pirate and other situations occurred at last; however, “CWMALLS: The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing” taking “man” as the foundation has solved this world-class problem fundamentally, and made more innovators, inventors, dreamers own their own fruits of labor; for example, through authorization, assignment, cooperation and other forms, we make technology, patent, copyright, intellectual property and other results be converted openly, transparently and freely to form chain-like standardized operation and bring a true “value ecosystem” to you finally; its rationality and fairness can activate each man’s potential, and form a sound, sustainable cyclic development; therefore, CWMALLS R&D team, product team and management team carry out big alliance, big cooperation with worldwide scientific research institutions, certification bodies, patent agencies, industry associations and other related organizations and personages to excavate, integrate, convert more results; meanwhile, we will activate more potential, create more people-oriented value via subsidization, sponsorship and other ways! These are the cores of “CWMALLS: The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing”! Everyone is the beneficiary of innovation!

“The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing” takes “thing” as the root, and blooms brilliance! The best invention or originality, if isn’t changed into product, will lose its value and glory! The most perfect work or product, if isn’t changed into commodity, will be meaningless and worthless! This is the “CWSVE” standard of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex! It is an ecological value system taking networking, standardization and marketization as cores to make every product have unique functions and characteristics, as well as the extraordinary experience and services! As the spokesperson of innovation element, patent element and invention element, it bears the eternity which starts well and ends well toward target markets and target customers, only in this way can we make “value for money” become the core ecological standard of “CWMALLS: The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing”! Similarly, as the “complex” connecting the preceding and the following, its digenic feature(networked, patented) makes every product of “CWMALLS®” can be traced the source and forms visible ERP management! Thus, CWMALLS COMMODITY depends on three world operating centers to do effective information integration, and carry out preheating of market promotion in ways of experiential pre-sale, crownfunding, group buying, etc. to realize quantitative sales finally; for instance, we pass the reality, goodness, beauty of “thing” to all of you via social media, web celebrity, live video and other interactive ways! This is the product ecological concept of which CWMALLS people are proud, it has not only blood, flesh, and soul, but also the networked, transparent traceability service! Welcome worldwide friends, partners, innovators, inventors, peers to pay active attention to this unprecedented achievement! Its excellence lies you and me, its value lies in the world! “CWMALLS: The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing” is worth everyone’s attention!

This is a "one-stop" innovative way of work and life, its difference is that it is done in the same framework and under the same standard system; it has a special value measurement system, which will make the ancient but timeless concept that you will gain more if you work harder come into reality, it will make the modern mainstream thinking that “innovation comes first” bloom! “CWMALLS: The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing” is the choice of the time, also the inevitable result of the development of the times! It not only integrates the world-class flows of information, talent, capital, and product by using Internet, but also achieves the perfect mix of value chain and ecological chain through standardization, patent, marketization and industrialization. This is the difference, this is wonderful!

“CWMALLS: The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing”—Endless innovation makes life more wonderful!
“CWMALLS: The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing”— Feeling of perfectionism ignites world-class dreams!


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Breakout is the witness of aestheticism, also the sublimation of art!

Breakout is the pursuit of dream, also the witness of mission!


This is a battle without turning back, no matter how difficult it is, we will succeed in breakout!

This is a journey without an end, we consolidate at every step and break through all obstacles!


From macroscopic coordinate to microscopic execution, breakout of CWMALLS people becomes much fierce!

From self-subversion to innovation of cooperation, breakout of CWMALLS team becomes colorful!

From diversification of promotion to sublimation of management, breakout of CWMALLS complex becomes capable of evoking praises and tears!


There is no return arrow, the horn of “33 Months’ Battle Call” has sounded, only sprint, breakout and tenacity, persistence can show CWMALLS people’s spirit and attitudes! Being responsible for ourselves, for others, for dream, mission and society; up-to-date learning and innovation, and unconventional integration and excavation make breakout of CWMALLS people become more meaningful, valuable, vigorous and energetic! Although we went through numerous setbacks and failure, every breakout and counterattack will become more powerful and confident! Little-by-little accumulation and the loyalty to dream, mission collide and ferment again, which also lays the break-through foundation for ascending step by step and skipping to stand! Power comes from the loyalty to dream, and breakout comes from inner powerfulness! In the era of globalized online shopping when dancing with wolves and snatching food from the jaws of a tiger, how to solve the problems of internationalized promotion, publicity, exposure rate, conversion rate, etc. of “CWMALLS®” brand? And how to achieve annual plans and targets? CWMALLS people are breaking out, struggling and changing wildly every day! We believe sunshine comes after the storm and natural selection works best! Breakout makes everything restrike!


Breakout—promotion part: numerous demonstration, analysis, simulation and deduction, numerous testing, innovation, optimization and combination make every dot, every line and every face form an organic whole, make psychological needs and physiological needs form effective linkage; similarly, we activate all promotion elements and tools to form three-dimensional propaganda and exposure of patented brand, networked brand to form effective conversion; if we really want to have a place and great development on the international stage, we must have an “exclusive secret” in the promotion aspect! For instance, taking “personal consumption” and “group consumption” as the promotion core of the first echelon, taking “wholesale” and “distribution” as the complementary cooperation of the second echelon, these two form synergistic effect; online social media interaction, keyword, Shopping, video, live streaming, blog, forum, news, email and other precise forms, together with offline subway advertising, airport advertising, outdoor advertising, celebrity endorsement, show, salon, experience store and other localized forms are combined into a new experience mode of the networked, globalized sharing, shopping, living! Similarly, all the ideas, schemes and third party partners must follow local laws and regulations, and carry out more precise promotion and publicity according to different cultural attributes! The promotion mode taking “global linkage” and “cooperation and sharing” as the breakout is spreading in North American region, European region, Asia Pacific region like a prairie fire; let’s make our different promotion truly become a bright pearl of the global economic integration and global market integration! From “capillary vascularization” to “main artery” of promotion, from single play to combination blow, from “quantum entanglement” to “gene mutation”-like challenge, CWMALLS people’s breakout makes promotion become more effective!


Breakout—management part: the road to branding consisting of good product, good marketing and good management also takes standardization as the core; the management elements taking transparency, justice, efficiency and value as concepts become more “humanized” with the optimization and mixture of Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and blockchain; its breakthrough point, gold line is the up-to-date learning, training and assessment, the thorough-paced execution, unification and management; the efficiency mechanism taking minute and second as the unit makes attention, executive force be released perfectly so as to break through inherent thought patterns, form direct and fast conversion, and improve standards, requests in all aspects effectively! Whether for reward mechanism, punishment mechanism or incentive mechanism, we can form a set of management standards! Though management sometimes is just like “lubricating oil”, “vernier caliper”, “adhesive”, but its demands on the environment are very high, like how to change fragment into entirety, change laziness into efficiency, it must have a standard first to form unified cognition, concentrate, pull together, being coherent, etc.! All these need breakout inside and out as well as management from top to bottom! Therefore, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex carry out regular training and learning, do a lot of case analysis, carry out self-optimization and time management to make every CWMALLS elite be able to deal with everything designedly and targetedly, make “self-management” keep pace with “dream and mission” and form an organic whole! That's what we are doing now! Unique products and amazing promotion will result in what kind of chemical reaction under the meticulous management? This is the target which we will continue to break through!


Rising abruptly based on its accumulated strength opens a window for breakout! We have a long way to go, but the scenery is infinite!

Great ambitions indicate the direction for breakout! Cutting the gordian knot, we wish it built to last!


The growth circle and bottleneck problem of a brand, an enterprise will make you go to ruin with habitual thoughts; only staying true to the mission, being loyal to the dream, changing, innovating and breaking through strenuously with the times can make the sky bluer!





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This is a right-angled, goal-oriented battle, 33 months make you, me, him and her become the protagonist!
This is a sprinting, aspirational journey, 33 months make you, me, him and her become the model!

The choice of CWMALLS people is being consistent as always!
The selection of CWMALLS team is keeping dreams the same and getting mission reached!
The attitude of CWMALLS complex is innovation comes first, cooperating and sharing!

This is a sublimation of overturn and reformation, we must have a strong will as well as great and lofty ideals;
This is a running of time and efficiency, we must have the confidence to win everything and the courage to cut off all means of retreat.

“33 Months’ Battle Call” is just like a horn, a siren to announce to the world from negative number to positive number, from slow to fast, from chaos to order, from a dream to great achievements; it is the choice made by every CWMALLS people with attitude for NASDAQ listing in 2020; it is also the full implementation of patented, globalized, valued, ecologicalized concepts of the heroic and good-learning CWMALLS team; every day, every minute is spent on choosing and running, the time axis taking “process” as the core also makes each person’s 24 hours full of super challenges, both physically and mentally it will be an extreme ordeal! Will and dream will continue to ferment in 24 hours, realizing all the indicators and missions of 2020 provides driving force to you moment by moment! Whether in the construction of international team (200 CWMALLS people in the world) aspect, the internationalization of patented product (more than 20,000 patented products online sales) aspect, or the proportion of international market share (annual sales of $200 million) aspect and other aspects, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY have had specific targets and standards; this is a responsible choice for ourselves and the future, which is sometimes noiseless while sometimes noisy, we have no reasons and the mission must reach!

“33 Months’ Battle Call” team talent part: team is the root of the enterprise, to fulfill the standards and requests of NASDAQ listing in 2020, we carry out the building, training and excavation of “CWMALLS Dream Team”, “CWMALLS Elite Team”, “CWMALLS Excellent Talent Program” and other talent teams in the world’s three operating centers! For example, CWMALLS North American Operating Center (Albany, New York and San Jose, California) has more than 50 technicians and engineers from all over the world and 30 to 40 promotion, management personnel in charge of technology research and development, market promotion, management, operation and so on; CWMALLS European Operating Center (Frankfurt, Germany and Milan, Italy) has 30 to 40 design and R&D personnel and patent assessors in charge of the design, R&D, assessment, test, authentication such comprehensive works of all the commodities of CWMALLS! CWMALLS Asia Pacific Operating Center (Hangzhou and Hong Kong, China) has 80 to 100 industry elites from all over the world in charge of the procurement, pre-sale service and after-sales service of all the patented products of CWMALLS and realizing all tasks of “MADE IN CWMALLS” and “CWPP”! Therefore, CWMALLS HR department is carrying out online and offline social recruitment and on-campus recruitment activities around the world to excavate more excellent talents to join in the CWMALLS big family and “suffocate” for dream and meanwhile to lay a solid foundation on the free flow of the talents in CWMALLS three operating centers! CWMALLS people with attitude and dream set up an military order for realizing the great aim of 2020, we fight for dream and honor! Please wait and see what happens!

“33 Months’ Battle Call” patented product part: WWW.CWMALLS.COM is a website only selling patented product, more than 20,000 patented products are sold online simultaneously (patents of European Union, patents of North American, patents of Asia Pacific, etc.), and forms unified standards, unified services, unified prices; this is a surprising masterpiece of globalized online shopping, also the ultimate perfect bloom of world-class patent results! It depends on CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee, CWMALLS Global Networked Lab and CWMALLS Global Networked Factory to carry out world-class horizontal integration and vertical excavation; through major patented products researched and developed, innovated, applied by ourselves, and some patents, patented products authorized, purchased and cooperated with the third parties we carry out unified re-R&D, upgrade and optimization to finally form the patented products with CWMALLS DNA standard for your timely sharing and experience! These are also the basic requirements of joint execution of “CWPP” by the standard, valuable, ecological CWMALLS and technological, artistic, intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY! Thus CWMALLS technology team, R&D team, product team, promotion team and management team must keep the transparent, safe, efficient operation standards to ensure every patented product to get comprehensive market sharing and form a virtuous circle, binging more surprises and value to inventors, founders and customers! Of course, this is a cross-border patented, standardized mix and sharing, CWMALLS people are prepared to make everything possible via “CWSVE”! Activating more patents and letting them get the value of being applied, we will realize win-win! The battle has begun, the careful, pragmatic, advancing and innovative CWMALLS people must be able to realize the great plan! “Multifunctional”, “green”, “environmentally friendly”, “personalized” CWMALLS patented products are worth everyone’s attention and appreciation!

“33 Months’ Battle Call” performance and share part: sales of $200 million globally, whether offline or online, self-support, wholesale, distribution or agency, the premise must be taking products of the patented brand “CWMALLS®” as the core; global unified retail and wholesale price, whether for personal consumption or group consumption, whether for friends and partners in the North American region, European region, Asia Pacific region or other regions, you will uniformly enjoy the surprises and value brought by WWW.CWMALLS.COM! By 2020, we must achieve sales of $200 million, it tests CWMALLS people’s minds every day in the countdown way, this is an arduous task, especially nowadays with trade disputes, it is also a super challenge, invisible risk and pressure surround you every day like ghosts; but we have to complete daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly assessment goals and tasks, only in this way can we form a step in aspects of market share and sales; therefore, we must increase global advertising, implement localized strategies, increase the repurchase rate, improve the structure of patented product and provide more specialized and personalized services; all in all, winning the market, respect and tomorrow with sustainable development by cost-effective patented products! Profit is our foothold, the cornerstone of survival and development, sales of $200 million is also our ultimate goal of 2020; therefore, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex try their best to achieve this plan to create all conditions for the NASDAQ listing in 2020! This is the power of dream and mission, also the bloom of quality and accomplishment! Come on!

There is no return arrow, every day of CWMALLS people fights for year of 2020! This is CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2018 Sprint, Sharing Series — “33 Months’ Battle Call”; clear direction, specific goals, great dream and persistent belief play the song for year of 2020 jointly! Give yourself an account and give an account for the future, hope in the axis of time, CWMALLS® and CWMALLS COMMODITY™ can become eternal! The past has become history. The journey of next 33 months, CWMALLS people stay consistent, in 2020 we will see you in NASDAQ!

Is it really so hard? Yes, it is not simple; only by gathering wisdom from all people and advancing with the times can it be possible to break through!
Is that so simple? Yes, it is very simple; only by cutting the knots and cutting off all means of retreat can it bloom perfectly!


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The passing of time makes dream have sedimentary deposits; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Sixth Anniversary prepares everything for you!
The samsara of history makes mission have direction; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Sixth Anniversary annotates objectivity for you!

True story is always full of twists and turns, even a little bit surprise flashes by!
True protagonist is always ordinary and great, even the split-second choice is abnormal decisive!

The sixth anniversary of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY concentrates a time’s epitome and witnesses the occurrence of a miracle!
The sixth anniversary of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY goes along with you in a special way and confesses to you in a commemorative way!

This is our attitude, this is our choice; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Sixth Anniversary (Special Commemorative Edition) conducts the interweaving discussion on the central axis of time, making “story” of every day, every moment become meaningful and “achievement” of every year, every week become valuable! From learning, execution, summary to sharing, innovation, breakthrough, each task, subject and program is full of extraordinary DNA, every investigation and survey, demonstration, decision coheres with different wisdom; from one person, one dream to two people, one dream, and then to one team, one dream, we keep the absolute loyalty to our dream and mission as usual; CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex are sharing our stories of every year in the past in a special commemorative way, whether for the comprehensive conception in 2010, theoretical demonstration in 2011, sailing online in 2012 (Year One), barbaric expansion in 2013, profound adjustment in 2014, rational return in 2015, smooth transition in 2016, rise of counter attack in 2017 or perfect transformation in 2018, everything is visible before the eyes, everything exclaims in great surprise! The course of history of CWMALLS shares and encourages each other with you in terms of years!

Sailing online in 2012 (Year One): This was the best time, also the worst time, everything started to become clear after numerous confusing networked fighting; at least the networked shopping model formed preliminarily during this time, both platform vendors and brand owners stood at a historical inflection point; online shopping oriented by quality, brand and service became a new standard spontaneously; this is an ideal condition that CWMALLS people pursued, after all, we have a lot of experience and resources in traditional foreign trade’s product chain and supply chain; thus we said goodbye to the hesitation in 2010 and 2011, and WWW.CWMALLS.COM set sail online officially in 2012; dream is always beautiful, but reality is always cruel; the instable technology, unscientific promotion, nonstandard management and other unknown difficulties made our internet boat which just sailed out of the sea become much difficult, but finally we appeared on the world’s networked sharing, shopping and living stage! In 2012 we understood the importance of team working, the particularity of internet, the significance of capacity, profession and accomplishment, the uncertainty of international market, and other problems; however, CWMALLS people still chose to move ahead!

Barbaric expansion in 2013: This was the most wonderful section in CWMALLS’s growing history, also a year full of loopholes; it had an almost perfect beginning, we ran all the way, took cities and seized territory, we were the unique one; whether for the global distribution business, direct selling business or agency business, we got active attention from partners in European region, North American region and Asia Pacific region, they all asked to join our distribution plan; due to the unclear business cooperation model, hysteretic technology upgrading and innovation, unclear product category and other problems, it had great thunder but little rain! But the promotion, publicity way and keyword SEO optimization, etc. skills got a full lift this year, the best witness was that the world comprehensive ranking of WWW.CWMALLS.COM on Alexa became four-digit number, which was a miracle at that time! Worldwide third-party certification authorities, facilitating agencies and extension agencies carried out romantic pursuit of cooperation, causing concern of peers and investment banks; however, we immersed ourselves in the pleasure of technical indicators and didn’t timely grasp the actual demand of the market, the demand of our distribution partners, or the training, assessment, management of unified thought and understanding; but 2013 can be said that “CWMALLS Networked Distribution Model” was memoriable absolutely!

Profound adjustment in 2014: This was a rebirth of the phoenix, also the witness of testing dream and mission! In the first half of the year, from the beginning of the cliff to the free-fall development, everything was caught off guard; the demission of technical director and director of operations, the continuous attack of DDOS and relentless strikes of hacker made CWMALLS lose balance instantly and on the verge of collapse; what led to this “sudden death”? Why didn’t we supervise and prevent effectively? The pitch-dark at that time let everybody be at a loss, especially at the technical safety level, the invisible fear was paralyzing; “September 5, 2014” was also an iconic event, CWMALLS people reaffirm here that for this naked threat and murder we will never give up claiming responsibility. At the same time, CWMALLS saved itself with a strong will and courage, reconstructed four bases in the center of technology, product, promotion and management, making safety, stability, speediness and efficiency become the targets of profound adjustment again; the marvelous 2014 is a real step and turning point in CWMALLS’s growing history; all of its ruthless became so fiendish and hysterical in front of dream and mission, but finally the tough and good-to-learn CWMALLS people overcame everything, made everything become normal and braver! Let’s give 2014’s CWMALLS people thumbs up!

Rational return in 2015: Making everything normative and standard was the management requirement of 2015; meanwhile, we defined the product positioning of majoring in leather series (leather jackets, leather shoes, leather bags) and tried to provide “Custom Made”, “Personal Tailor”, wholesale and other diversified business; “branding” was also a highlight in 2015, which started to lay out in Asia Pacific region, North American region and European region; online to offline (O2O) business officially started and gained active attention from some brick-and-mortar stores in the great lakes region of North America! The social, video promotion modes and seamless joint of supply chain formed a brand new service experience mode; technology upgrading on the mobile terminal also made “corner overtaking” become one of the “CWMALLS breaking news” in 2015; regular training, moderate KPI assessment, construction of corporate culture and other aspects were fully implemented and were transported to the back-end production chain and front-end sales chain, forming integration; therefore, 2015 can be called the thoroughly remoulding year of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY; from ideality to science, from consolidation to innovation, from standard to value, every link advocates and executes the principle of online and offline synchronous, making our own “coordinate” no longer the duckweed in the nets and the moon in the water; in 2015 it grew slowly in silence like a “Sweet potato”!

Smooth transition in 2016: Accumulating strength and improving ourselves made us get a long-term development in the networked, globalized, standardized, ecologicalized annual target of 2016; the reformation of “shareholding system” (CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY’s First Shareholders Meeting of Its Fourth Session) made everything become more transparent and normalized; requirements taking “Spokesperson”, “Live Broadcast”, “Global Free Shipping”, “Full Mobility”, “Networked Factory”, “Big Data”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Charity, Public Benefit”, “Green and Environmental Protection”, etc. as core concepts were also implemented and executed fully in 2016; the operation of three operating centers (CWMALLS Asia Pacific Operating Center, CWMALLS North American Operating Center, CWMALLS European Operating Center), globalized promotion of CWMALLS®、CWMALLS COMMODITY™, cooperation with some universities in the world, integration of supply chain, precise marketing, cooperation with celebrities, etc. were sublimated and completed in silence! Of course, the big event of 2016 is that we made a systematic summary, optimization and upgrade in the past technology, service, management, experience and other aspects, making “footstone” more stable, “direction” more specific, “target” more concrete and “team” more powerful! This is the 2016 of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex, which is low-key, pragmatic, advancing and responsible!

Rise of counter attack in 2017: as the main ideas of 2017, “love getting us together” and “keeping consistent” made everything full of positive energy! From patent to New York Times Square, from New York airport to international public benefit, everywhere showed the glamour of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND! “Profound accumulation” was bursting forth fancy elegant demeanor in every business area, especially the “SBUS” super networked shopping experience, “CWSVE” the whole industry chain standardized value ecosystem, “MADE IN CWMALLS” standardized operation, endorsement of grammy stars, 48-hour delivery service, off-site delivery service, full mobile and Pad technology upgrading, CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee, CWMALLS Global Networked Lab and CWMALLS Global Networked Factory and other standardized programs blossomed and yielded fruit roundly; whether for pan-European, pan North American, pan Asia Pacific markets or remote mountainous regions, remote areas, as long as it has network and logistics, CWMALLS people can provide super online shopping experience of global unified standard, unified quality, unified price and unified service! Thus, WWW.CWMALLS.COM set up a super standard in safety, satisfaction and other aspects of global brand networked shopping — “CWMALLS Standard”! It continued to bring more surprises and value to worldwide friends and partners with distinctive products and extraordinary experience! The standard, valuable, ecological CWMALLS and technological, artistic, intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY were cautious and conscientious, made an example and made dream, mission spread in the past 2017!

Perfect transformation in 2018: “Innovation coming first”, “Cooperation and Sharing” make 2018 of CWMALLS people have the super strong sense of rhythm; specific plans and clear targets have led CWMALLS to the "overtaking lane"; whether for the marketization of three products (patented product, network product, technological innovative product), standardization of “CWMALLS E-WTO” or the internationalization of team building, every link’s personal independence of conduct brings CWMALLS people super pressure and super power; especially in the aspect of “localized, precise” promotion, they are also courageous and wise, respectable; similarly, as a preparative year of coming into the market, in 2018 product, talent, GMV and other aspects must be more specific and more sustainable; everyone is the spokesperson, everyone is the salesman, everyone makes an example and spreads the culture, ideas and value of CWMALLS to the world, promotes the patent, innovation and products of CWMALLS to the world to make the world love CWMALLS®, CWMALLS COMMODITY™, its excellence is just your brilliance! In 2018 let’s make the world be more wonderful because of your, my, his, her existence and efforts as well!

CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Sixth Anniversary, gratitude comes first, building the future!
CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY Sixth Anniversary, ups and downs, capable of evoking praises and tears!

Still no applause or flowers, but it has had a tiny space on the international stage of technology, product, promotion, management and brand! This is the result of hard working of each past and present CWMALLS people; these are our stories in the past six years, which are admirable!


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