This is the absolute loyalty of dream and mission, it is without distractions;

This is the absolute execution of goal and plan, it proceeds without hesitation;


Full execution shows the attitude of CWMALLS people;

Full execution witnesses the bravery of CWMALLS team;

Full execution condenses the wisdom of CWMALLS complex;


This is the aside of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Sprinting Series — “Full Execution”, action is everything, the results bear witness to us, in the struggles without smoke of gunpowder, it transcends and sublimates again and again; especially on the world-class stage and among the strong peers, it leaves the dust behind, and performs a series of textbook-like classic stories domineeringly. Its spirit of cutting through the weeds, courage to act quickly and sprinting of cutting off all means of retreat brand every CWMALLS people with the epoch-making "hero" brand; whether for online promotion, offline integration, cooperation with peers or the original aspiration of public benefit and charity, everything bursts out extraordinary excellence in “Full Execution”! Let “Sprinting” and “Full Execution” be more intense! We would like to accept all unknown challenges!


Full execution shows the attitude of CWMALLS people; this is a quality, also a spirit; especially after putting forward “33 Months’ Battle Call”, we throw ourselves into the whole project with unprecedented enthusiasm and achievement; whether for the mission must reach toward goal, starting well and ending well of the project, or the up-to-date learning, CWMALLS people around the world have shown super strong perseverance, determination, and courage; self-motivated learning, innovation and execution make the impossible possible! More commendable and rarer attitudes are love, duty, responsibility such qualities, which are a flag and focus at every job in every action; such as continuous 96-hour closed test in the process of technological upgrading, making targeted contributions through UNICEF regularly, 24-hour transparent and efficient services in the promotion and operation of Dual Brand, full protection and respect of copyright, intellectual property rights, patents, reverence and attitude toward product and market, etc., which shows the attitude of CWMALLS people all the time! Is it inherent, or because God help those who help themselves? Please pay attention to every CWMALLS people!


Full execution witnesses the bravery of CWMALLS team; this is the example of uniting as one and making concerted effort, also the endorsement of being majestic and powerful, and wonderful artificial excelling nature; the world-class CWMALLS team fight bravely for the goal and plan, and follow the promise for dream and mission; whether for the back-end R&D, design and manufacture, or the front-end promotion, service and experience, the entire CWMALLS team brings continuous excellence and surprises in the process of transparent, efficient, standard fully operation and execution! Especially in the team spirit, capability and attitude aspects, we complete every impossible task nicely! It also witnesses the intrinsic meaning of unity is strength and collaboration is the model; for example, the global patterned “CAS” operation of CWMALLS®, CWMALLS COMMODITY™ crushes one by one, wins honor and finally achieves success after the cooperation and coordination of different departments and teams and forming unifying force! For another example, the successful operation of the standard, valuable, ecological system “CWSVE” also makes CWMALLS team become an industry model, their never-give-up, unwearied, against-all-odd sprinting, execution capability and strength burst into bloom and created many miracles! This is the journey of globalization, internationalization and networking of CWMALLS team, from going all out to fully executing, only with brave sprinting can we realize all goals and plans in 2020! We are worth your expectation!


Full execution condenses the wisdom of CWMALLS complex; this is the world-class united innovation and execution, it excavates vertically and integrates horizontally, and carries out cross-border combination in the center of “33 Months’ Battle Call”; similarly, the cooperation of alliance lays a solid foundation for the normal operation and development of our three super operating centers (CWMALLS Asia Pacific Operating Center, CWMALLS North American Operating Center, CWMALLS European Operating Center) and three super networking centers (CWMALLS Super Networked Lab, CWMALLS Super Networked Factory, CWMALLS Super Patent Review Committee); therefore, CWMALLS, SVE NEWS, MWE FUND jointly developed “Student Union Commune (SUC)”, “The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing (MTIEC)” and other world-class super projects, they condensed every member’s wisdom of CWMALLS complex and were executed fully at a sprint pace, finally realized the new formula of 1+1=N! Meanwhile, it carries out network seamless docking of world-class information flow, capital flow, talent flow and goods flow, sets an example for green, environmental protection, sharing and sustainable development and creates more values! This is the wisdom of CWMALLS complex, it condenses common dream and mission, it focuses on common goal and plan, it will convoy the coming 2020 as the mainstay of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Sprinting Series! “CWMALLS complex” is a new species and will start a new journey!


From the comprehensive conception in 2010, theoretical demonstration in 2011, sailing online in 2012, barbaric expansion in 2013, profound adjustment in 2014, rational return in 2015, smooth transition in 2016, rise of counter attack in 2017, perfect transformation in 2018 to strong alliance in 2019, the hard work of CWMALLS people, brave fight of CWMALLS team, being best of CWMALLS complex are indispensable every day and every year! It is your, my, his, her, our and their full execution that has made CWMALLS, SVE NEWS, MWE FUND what they are today! Wish 2019’s CWMALLS people, 2020’s CWMALLS people, 2021’s CWMALLS people, 2022… to stay true to the mission and forge ahead! Let’s make sprinting become the best endorsement!


“Full Execution” — no one knows whether flowers bloom or fade, they will be fruitful sometimes!

“Full Execution” — it doesn’t matter whether it will rain or not, whether the moon will wax or wane, colorful clouds are always in the heart!




March 21, 2019

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This is a sprinting without any suspense or accident, the mission must reach; this is our attitude.

This is a sprinting without any route of retreat or consequence, it keeps the same as usual; this is our spirit.


The sprinting of 2019 is sturdiness and soaring; it represents accumulating richly and breaking forth vastly.

The sprinting of 2020 is cyclone and surpassing; it coheres with flowering in spring and yielding fruit in autumn.


This is our sprinting, its difference is being distinctive;

This is our sprinting, its marvelousness is being extraordinary;


When “wind” becomes the supporting role of protagonist again, CWMALLS people have been on the way of sprinting; when “love” becomes the protagonist of screenplay again, CWMALLS people have been on the way of sublimation; it is a fighting for dream and honor; it is a blooming for responsibility and mission; the spirit of perseverance of CWMALLS people will bring super sensory experience and artistic enjoyment to you on the way of sprinting in 2019 and 2020! It is not only the witness of dream and mission, which witnessed spring, summer, autumn and winter one after another, but also the endorsement of attitude and spirit, which endorsed sour, sweet, bitter and hot one by one! Only in the process of sprinting can we make goal and plan become paeans! This is the choice and confession of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Growing, Sharing Series — “Sprinting”! Welcome everyone to pay attention and share persistently!


The sprinting of CWMALLS people: this is a multiple test of psychology, physiology, wisdom and ability, also the super combination of product, market, management and culture; everything takes goal and plan as the core, everything takes result and performance as the standard, we go ahead, break through, and sprint to success on the track of time in order to show that CWMALLS people always keep the absolute loyalty to dream and mission, and always keep the uniqueness of absolute execution of goals and plans! Whether for every day, every season of 2019, or every minute, every second of 2020, the sprinting of CWMALLS people will be spent in tempest, and sublimated in severe training and hammering, we will also fully implement the independent cooperation of the three global operating centers, implement six bases’ crossed expansion to finally create all the conditions for listing on Nasdaq in 2020; especially the aspects of talent (200 CWMALLS people around the world), product (over 20,000 patented products), market share ($200 million in annual sales) must be accomplished so that the sprinting of CWMALLS people can be meaningful, valuable and have future, sustainability!


The sprinting of CWMALLS people: it is the release of past, sublimation of the present and respect of the future; from the original jogging and running after others to the present fast running and sprinting, the willpower and loyalty index of CWMALLS people have become the industry model without doubt; since 2012 daily “critical point”-like work and life have formed our special feelings and strengths, and made every CWMALLS people form cross-border, time transgressive genetic structure; especially in the networked, internationalized era, the sprinting of CWMALLS people not only needs to brave the wind and the waves, keep pace with the times, but also needs to cut off all means of retreat and forge ahead, to give ourselves an account, give the future an account; only on the axis of time, on the way of chasing the dream can we be united and pull together to make wind become our booster to accomplish each goal and plan successfully, and finally realize all the commitments of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY; meanwhile, we will realize the rising of CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee, CWMALLS Global Networked Lab, CWMALLS Global Networked Factory and “Dual Brand Strategy”, “CWSVE”, “SUC”, “CWPP”, “E-WTO”, “SBUS” and other related projects to make the relationship between “red flower” and “green leaf” become more beautiful in sprinting!


The sprinting of CWMALLS people: it is the catalyst of overall blossoming (Information Flow, Goods Flow, Capital Flow, Talent Flow) as well as the witness of countless rich fruits (CWMALLS, MWE FUND, SVE NEWS, CWMALLS COLLEGE); it sometimes excavates, integrates vertically and horizontally, sometimes connects the past with the future, sometimes goes all out to break through, in a word, in the multi-dimensional assessment of efficiency, speed, time and management, the sprinting of CWMALLS people will be a super scenery line in global sharing and cooperation; it has too much impossibility, too much inconceivability, too much sudden… but finally becomes involuntary! The common sprinting of CWMALLS people in 27 countries and regions in the world will surely let CWMALLS®, WWW.CWMALLS.COM become a part of the world; meanwhile, it will become the evergreen in the technology field, art field and patent field, as well as the founder of standardization, valued and ecologicalization! The future has come, the joint sprinting of CWMALLS people is each other’s trust, mutual respect and perfect crystal! Welcome worldwide friends and partners in all walks of life to cry out and cheer for us! Thanks!


Our sprinting: 2019, 2020… it is a fighting for dream and honor; it is a blooming for responsibility and mission; this is the respect of perseverance and great, lofty ideals; this is the practice of the courage to be determined and the confidence to overcome everything! Action makes everything possible, sprinting makes plans successful! This is the story of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex! A good performance is better than a good play; doing well is better than acting well; we witness, verify everything belonging to the future and ourselves with ability and strength! Let’s share and encourage together!


CWMALLS JADE SEAL: CWMALLS people always maintain the absolute loyalty to dreams and missions, and always keep the absolute execution of targets and plans! Ruled by the grace of God, there must be great achievements — CWMALLS people.




February 23, 2019


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This is CWMALLS people’s absolute loyalty to dream and mission, being consistent, inside equals outside;
This is CWMALLS team’s best witness of belief and publicity, being upstream, going with the flow;
This is CWMALLS complex’s good pursuit for value and ecology, being responsible, love is boundless;

CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Growing, Sharing Series — “Vertical and Horizontal Excavation” officially opens the prologue of skipping to stand; it takes vertical excavation and potential stimulation as the center, and takes horizontal excavation and resource integration as the root, via the cross between a vertical and a horizontal, CWMALLS people’s coordinate and target will become clearer and more accessible! Similarly, as the main keynote of 2019, “Vertical and Horizontal Excavation” carries the major tasks of transformation, change, upgrading and sublimation; making everything become more standardized, scientific, intelligent and prospective, making everything become freer, more personalized, valuable and ecological, making everything become more… These things are what CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex are about to do, it sometimes moistens things silently while sometimes is like the fury of the mountains, finally it will explain everything with execution, change, cooperation and sharing! That is us!

“Vertical and Horizontal Excavation”: vertical series: these are the excavation and stimulation of individual, team and group ability; it verifies all on the axis of time with a learning attitude that keeps pace with the times as well as the execution spirit of never giving up! Its biggest characteristic is the active self-learning, innovation and revolution, and taking plan and target as the core to blend enterprise spirit, culture, concept and mission in blood to form an organic whole and create synergy, finally to form a “super spokesman”! Similarly, vertical excavation is also the optimization and improvement of quality and capacity; it not only makes you have great and noble ideas as well as hard-bitten will, but also endows you more sense of achievement and security, but the premise is that you must execute, manage and assess yourself inside and out, starting well and ending well, only in this way can it be possible to yield twice the result with half the effort and skip to stand! Therefore, CWMALLS management team and operation team ally with world-famous management and training organizations to carry out regular learning, communication to make CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY’s dream and mission become the lighthouse, homeland of each CWMALLS people, and get involved in the work and action to convoy the accomplishment of all the plans and targets in 2019! This is our “Vertical Excavation”!

“Vertical and Horizontal Excavation”: horizontal series: this is a cross-border fusion, also a multiple sublimation, it takes horizontal integration as the center and takes digesting as the root to carry out big cooperation and expansion on the world stage, finally to form the unique product and extraordinary experience, and to verify all of it with the whole industry chain standardized ecosystem! Like “CWMALLS Global Networked Lab”, “CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee” and “CWMALLS Global Networked Factory”, they are the best cases of our horizontal integration and excavation! It not only takes science and technology, authority, art as the center, but also takes networking, standardization, value as the carrier to form world-class competitiveness! But as the core of horizontal series of 2019 “Vertical and Horizontal Excavation”, we go with the flow, improve our exposure rate and conversion rate via alliance between giants to enhance competitiveness and innovation; therefore, CWMALLS promotion team and brand team carry out cross-border cooperation via information sharing and resource sharing to lay a solid foundation for the full implementation, execution of CWMALLS Digenic Product and Dual Brand Strategy! Meanwhile, it will play the role of a stabilizer for the excavation of international talent and integration of international team to make the success of horizontal series of “Vertical and Horizontal Excavation” realize value of 1+1>=2! This is our “Horizontal Excavation”!

The horn of 2019 has been rung, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex must realize full transformation through “Vertical and Horizontal Excavation”; it is not only the proactive excavation and integration, but also the drastic execution and upgrade; we don’t have any route of retreat, nor do we want any, only with our absolute loyalty to dream and mission as well as the absolute respect of plan and target can CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY become a part of the world! To create value for customers, to bloom brilliantly for the team, CWMALLS people are on the way! CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Growing, Sharing Series — “Vertical and Horizontal Excavation” is the best annotation and witness!

Making full use of every minute is in the heart, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex are excavating vertically and horizontally!
Riding the wind and waves is within sight, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex are excavating vertically and horizontally!

January 23, 2019

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This is the ultimate test of willpower and execution, Xiongguan Mandao is like iron;

This is a peak moment for networking and sharing, and now it's a step from the beginning.


Practice: lets inside equaling outside, being consistent, and everything becoming one be possible;

Practice: lays the foundation for connecting link, being nothing difficult, and every place under the sun.


From running blindly all the way to taking in everything in a glance with unobstructed eyes, this is the witness of breakthrough to sublimation; from the adherence to the dream to the loyalty of the mission, it is also the practice of growing to sharing. The accumulation of every little bit, the refinement of every word and action are aimed at bursting forth and example; the practice of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex is the witness and endorsement of profound accumulation and responsibility establishment, its spirit and attitude of making an example, forging ahead with determination also inject peculiar brilliance to distinctiveness and personal independence of conduct! This is our exercise, this is our practice! It takes history as a mirror, takes philosophy as the theory, follows the heart, starts well and ends well!


The practice of CWMALLS people: from the battle, to the hammering, to profound accumulation, it evolved, perfected and bloomed on the central axis of time! The main idea consisting of initial dream, inherent power and loyalty to mission indicated the direction and laid the foundation for the practice of CWMALLS people; the cognition from the bottom of the heart also lets the ideology maintain absolute purity, and convoys the practice of CWMALLS people! If the heart yearns, not to matter sorrow, they are also the test and sublimation from the psychological to the physical, as the core of practice, it doesn’t ask for west or east, and defends the true meaning of practice with life and perseverance! Pursuing our heart is the beginning of the practice of CWMALLS people, being loyal to our heart is everything of the practice of CWMALLS people, having a clear conscience is the ultimate of the practice of CWMALLS people! This is the practice of CWMALLS people!


The practice of CWMALLS team: it is a collision of values and outlook on life, also a revolution of materialism and idealism; it makes everything become one but meanwhile is still consistent, it plays a leading role in unifying thoughts and action; whether for religion, belief or race, national border, the practice of CWMALLS team will be the model of all rivers running into sea and being united! These are the seamless docking, refining, and sublimation of the standard, valuable, ecological CWMALLS, and the technological, artistic, intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY, also the meaning and value of the practice of CWMALLS team! Discard the gross and select the essence, let’s work together to inject brand-new power to the same dream and mission! CWMALLS team’s dream and mission made up of a person’s dream and mission, two people’s dream and mission, three people’s dream and mission will be a marathon of practice! Silence is better than sound, it is practicing and sharing everything in its own way! This is the practice of CWMALLS team!


The practice of CWMALLS complex: this is a world-class practice, also a cross-border practice; it sometimes crisscrosses while sometimes is in order, it is sometimes surgy while sometimes waveless; it takes mixture and unification as the basis, and takes standard and ecology as the direction to form as one, inject power and activate everything, thus leading to the practice in the center of “CWMALLS complex”! Partners from all walks of life form as one in the smelter of “CWMALLS Globalization”, “CWMALLS Networking”, “CWMALLS Standardization”, and “CWMALLS Ecologicalization”, and continuously extract and sublimate! So the practice of CWMALLS complex is the melting of the soul and unifying of the belief! A thousand-li journey is started by taking the first step, all are united in one purpose, inherit the past and forge ahead into the future; the practice of CWMALLS complex will share everything with you in an epic gesture!


The practice of CWMALLS made up of realm, mind, view, psychology, physiology, thought, standard, value, and ecology will open a new chapter; this is an inevitable choice, also a corollary, whether as the ultimate test or peak moment, it will become the core of sustainable and stable development! This is CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2018 Growing, Sharing Series — “Practice”!


Where there is a will, there is a way, cutting off all means of retreat, the hundred and two Qin Guan will ultimately belong to Chu;

Hard work pays off, sleeping on the brushwood and tasting the gall, three thousand Yue Jia can swallow Wu.




December 23, 2018 

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Inner cultivation is destined to be the salvation of solitude, loneliness and self-abuse!
The change of roles is also the cycle of loss, gain and nature!

Transformation: fission, sublimation, and growth from the inside out;
Transformation: the will, dream, and mission of survival of the fittest;

It is natural for flowers to bloom and fade; transformation and upgrade are dreams; crisscross is the coordinate; bit by bit, this is the witness; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2018 Growing, Sharing Series —“Transformation” officially kicks off, whether for the transformation of product, technology, promotion, management, brand or the transformation of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex, it participates, witnesses, deduces every silent gorgeous transformation as the role of protagonist; the struggle from “0” to “1”, breakthrough from “1” to “2”, persistence from “2” to “3”, innovation from “3” to “4”, upgrade from “4” to “5”, transformation from “5” to “6”, from “6” to “7”… Just in this way, we are living, growing and developing with the times; in this way, we are uniting, cooperating and sharing on the world stage, finally to achieve our dreams and missions! Excellence and surprises continue! Upgrade and transformation continue!

Transformation of product: this is a transformation without suspense, its unique gene structure (networked gene, patented gene), and extraordinary innovative ideas get every product burned in CWMALLS®, CWMALLS COMMODITY™; the world-class product supply chain makes united innovation, design and manufacture become more “international”; especially the product standard of “Country of Origin” and the cooperation with world's top four fur companies add endless vitality to products’ material, craftsmanship, function and characteristic; sense of science and technology, artistry, intelligence, ecologicalization and patent are also the direct reflection of transformation of product; the product structure made up of three main types (leather jackets, leather shoes, leather bags) and six series, from extensive single production to varied VIP service, then to 24 to 72-hour global continuous collaboration, and using big data, blockchain, standardization to set up a brand-new industry standard for every product’s transparent operation, and finally to make “Consumption Core” become the uniqueness of cross-border B2C as well as the endorsement of service and value! This is the transformation of product!

Transformation of technology: this is a people-oriented transformation of safety, convenience and speediness; its every line of code stands for progress and upgrade; its continuous SEO witnesses iteration and trend; its AI test, robot service, voice search and shopping also become the endorsement of transformation of technology; PC, mobile, Pad, APP, social media, video, live streaming and other terminal display, services also make browse, registration, shopping, review, transmission, sharing and other functions more seamless, safer, more smooth! Three world operating centers make the load balance of the server, database and backup more coordinated and stable! The cooperation with world's top network technology companies (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Facebook, etc.) also helps “CWMALLS Technology” WWW.CWMALLS.COM! As the core of the Internet, the transformation of technology represents the survival of the fittest, the victory of the brave, and the experience standards of upgrading, doing what you like! Thus CWMALLS technology team carries out cross-border cooperation and coordinated development, takes technology innovation as the core all the time to put the networked new retail, new service, new experience of one world, one home, global 24-hour “sharing”, “shopping” and “living” into practice truly! The witness of every moment and the endorsement of rapid changes become the uniqueness of transformation of CWMALLS technology! Excellence lies in sharing, and achievement lies in cooperation, let technology, the "root platform", bring more surprises and values to everyone!

Transformation of promotion: this is the perfect combination of online and offline precise publicity and promotion, also the witness of input, output break-even development; “CAS”, “The Ecological Chain of Integration of Man and Thing”, “Advertising Alliance” and other super promotion projects also shoulder the mission of from nothing to have, from have to win; whether for the professional terms, or the personified propaganda, every word and every action of News, Blog, Forum, Video, VR, short film, poster, picture, manuscript represents the power of dreams and the greatness of missions; especially the cross-border creative fusion makes essence, true colors become the cores of big publicity and big promotion; its networking characteristic and internationalization basis make instant passing, spreading, conveying become a scenery line of transformation of CWMALLS promotion! Email, special topics, LiveChat, crowdfunding, group buying and outdoor advertising keep abreast of each other, laying a solid foundation for professional promotion, accurate exposure, popular publicity and alliance expansion! Meanwhile, effective conversion rate and efficient repurchase rate are the best return and witness of promotion value! Promotion is just like flowing water and floating cloud, with its fast-changing characteristic, it has become the difficulty and doubt of product marketization and networking, only with the determination to never give up, unswerving confidence and concerted efforts can it create its due value! Transformation of promotion is just like this, suffering while enjoying!

Transformation of management: this is the metaphysical, hands-off training, coordination, and assessment; it takes supply chain, ecological chain and value as the cores, connects the past and the future, cares for people, and takes corporate culture, spirit, vision as its own responsibilities to carry out transparent, efficient collaboration, mutual assistance; meanwhile, it takes the common goals and plans as the uniqueness, takes the enterprise efficiency and value as the maximization, takes the executive standards, quality as the cores to jointly create transformation of management through the Internet, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other modern scientific and technological means! It is not only the coordination and unity from inside to outside, but also the upgrade and sublimation of keeping pace with the times; it takes “standardization” as basis, takes “individualization” as challenge, and takes “liberalization” as humanity to implement the effective combination of cross-region, culture and belief, and realize the management concept and management realm of unity of people and things of 1+1>=1 or 1+1>=2 or 1+1>=0! CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex are carrying out networked barrier-free training and learning with partners all over the world, setting examples and recommending examples, and finally making every link and chain run efficiently and quickly to create surprises and bring values based on such management attitudes and methods! This is the transformation of management, invisible, silent or visible, vocal, consistent attitudes and spirit are the fundamentals of transformation!

Transformation of brand: this is the perfect transformation from “trademark” to “brand”, the perfect sublimation from “quantity” to “quality”, and the perfect iteration from “standard” to “value”; “CWMALLS®”, “CWMALLS COMMODITY™” bring worldwide friends, partners different sensory experience and artistic enjoyment with extraordinary product positioning, market positioning and service positioning! It takes global unified quality, price, and service as the criterion, it takes the online networking, offline localization as the guidance to provide you, him, her with world-class, the all-weather, 24-hour VIP services! The services of appreciating brand story, appreciating brand design, sharing brand concept and experiencing brand value have also become the powerful guarantee of "the world's first online casual luxury brand"! Whether for its multi-functional features, or "Custom Made" service, or innovation and patent, it will try to reflect its uniqueness! Especially the personalized brand concepts like “Limited Edition”, “Collective Edition”, “Commemorative Edition”, “Online Edition”, etc. also become the sources of brand sustainable growth, development and value, and stand on the top of market and consumption finally! This is the story of transformation of brand, pragmatic and radical, science and technology and art, open and inclusive, fashion and value, responsibility and obligation!

When transformation becomes natural, it will be the result of essence; when transformation becomes redemption, it will be the price of game; when transformation becomes value, it will be a relative transformation! Let nature take its course, follow the original heart, let every transformation become the beginning of stepping to stand; burning our bridges to the wall, rising to the challenge, we make every transformation become the endorsement of accumulating richly and breaking forth vastly! CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2018 Growing, Sharing Series —“Transformation” is a self-analysis, demonstration, and sublimation standing in the perspective of history and industry; always maintaining the absolute loyalty to the dream and mission, let’s make our transformation become more beautiful and wonderful That is us — admirable and respectable CWMALLS people!



November 23, 2018

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