CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2018 Patented Design, Valentine's Day Gift Series — “CWMALLS® Raccoon Fur Coat”

CWMALLS® is the world's first online casual luxury brand: personalized, free, beautiful, valuable...
"Custom Made", “Patented Product”, “Green Product”, are all in CWMALLS® Leather Jackets, Shoes, Bags series!
CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY are the pioneers and creators of the whole industry chain standardized value ecosystem.

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2018 Patented Design, Valentine's Day Gift Series — “CWMALLS® Raccoon Fur Coat” officially being sold both online and offline synchronously around the world; this is the symphony of pure natural material and original design, also the witness of humanistic feelings and perfect love; the world-class networked united innovation, design and manufacture make every detail and element burst forth its special glamour! Whether you are in the United States that is influenced by “Bomb Cyclone”( or in Canada that is affected by the extreme cold weather, “CWMALLS® Raccoon Fur Coat” can make you feel its unique functions and characteristics; functions like skin-friendly, light and soft, hygroscopic, warm, windproof, etc. of the raw materials pass on, spread true love in a warm love way; birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift or other gift will become the absolute protagonist in the chilly winter, it will be different because of you, and you will be wonderful due to it! “CWMALLS® Raccoon Fur Coat” hopes friends and partners around the world to appreciate and experience it!

CWMALLS® Raccoon Fur Coat” is the new style of patented design launched by CWMALLS global networked lab and CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee according to this year’s special weather, also the innovative masterpiece of CWMALLS design team and product team; its unique Internet genes make everything close enough to touch, from originality to inspiration, to design, to manufacture and to experience, every link transforms and sublimates quickly with the effect of the visual, efficient Internet and Internet of Things; the quality guarantee of the world’s top four fur companies, the quality supervision of the world’s testing, certification authorities, the seamless connection of CWMALLS Asia Pacific Operating Center, CWMALLS European Operating Center and CWMALLS North American Operating Center, the super “Global Free Customization” service of CWMALLS team and other experiencing services bring distinctive sensory experience and artistic enjoyment to the globalization, networking, personalization, ecologicalization and value of every “CWMALLS® Raccoon Fur Coat”! It is the first choice of 2018 Valentine's Day, also the endorsement of withstanding the bitter cold weather! The business style, slim fit style, leisure style, each style is charming; the classic black, generous brown, luxury grey, all colors bloom; global free shipping, global no-reason return and exchange, global free maintenance, global unified price, global unified quality and other internationalized standards bring more surprises and value to your, his, her quality and wonderful life! Welcome old and new clients, customers, fans, industry elites, etc. to pay attention to and share it! Its excellence is just your brilliance! It will be more wonderful to register, shop and review on the mobile terminal! There will be big prizes at any time!

Tips: 2017-2018 winter of North American region will be the coldest winter during recent years. Hope everyone to prepare for keeping out the cold! (There will be a large-scale dangerously cold weather above 45 degrees north latitude.)

Note: Due to the influence of “Bomb Cyclone” in North American region, packages to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Chicago, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and other cities will be delayed for 24 to 72 hours, please focus on the logistics dynamic timely according to the tracking number to avoid unnecessary trouble! Thank you! Meanwhile, from now on, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY provide “Global Free Customization” service officially, first 50 customers to participate in this activity will get a great gift! Welcome friends and partners around the world to appreciate and experience it actively! Excellence is here, where are you? Thank you! In 2018 innovation comes first, in 2018 we cooperate and share, in 2018 we transform perfectly! (2020 is worth your expectation.)

“Cutting-edge School” “Innovative School” “Powerful School” — CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND
“CWMALLS® Raccoon Fur Coat” — gelidity is no longer cold and warmth is in CWMALLS, let’s give love thumbs up!

CWMALLS Dream: Four Basis(Information Flow, Talent Flow, Goods Flow and Capital Flow), Three Centers(North America Center, Europe Center, Asia Pacific Center), Two Funds(Maintain World Fund, Maintain Earth Fund), and One College(CWMALLS College with two courses History and Philosophy)
CWMALLS COMMODITY Dream: To offer pure natural, ecological “green products”, “environment-friendly commodities” continuously to consumers around the world; meanwhile, to transform more ideas, works and patents to products and commodities to form a virtuous cycle of ecological chain and value chain. 
CWMALLS Mission:To create the global standardized value ecosystem!
CWMALLS COMMODITY Mission: Integrating the world’s high quality featured new products for you to share and benefit everyone!
MWE FUND: Maintain the world’s peace and stability, maintain the earth’s balance and development.

2018 CWMALLS: Standard, Value, Ecology;
2018 CWMALLS COMMODITY: Technology, Art, Intelligence;
2018 MWE FUND: Charity, Public Welfare, Responsibility;
Eco-friendly intelligent wearing, Low-carbon and environment friendly life, both are in CWMALLS global networking and mobilization.

Noted:Visit, register and shop on ( )via mobile devices, you will get surprises! Welcome everyone to focus on our “O2O”project and “CPC”project; meanwhile CWMALLS COMMODITY Four Modernizations Movement has officially launched (Innovation Liberalization, Work Individuation, Product Standardization, Commodity Unification), please pay great attention!

Great News: CWMALLS Network Factory, Online Factory Store offer small wholesale service and ODM & OEM; If you need wholesale, please contact our customer service about the specific style, quantity and price, more favorable for larger quantity! Meanwhile we also provide “Made to Order” or “Personal Tailor” service aiming at our innovative featured products “Sheepskin Coat” series and “Fur Coat” series; minimum order quantity varies from 2 pieces to 5 pieces according to the product you choose, and it usually takes 3-4 working days, very flexible; welcome any person or organization involved in physical stores, departments, TV shopping, online stores and group buying service to pay great attention to it! There will be surprise for you when placing an order!

2018 CWMALLS COMMODITY best selling are under way…
(Our main products are original designed and handmade products, Leather Jackets Series, Leather Blazers Series, Bags series, Dress Shoes, Flats series, Cargo Pants series, Denim Shirts Series, insist on yourself, sharing CWMALLS!)
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2018 is the year of brand, quality and service! 2018 is the year of innovation, cooperation, and sharing!
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