“Executive ability” is to complete given assignment down the line;
“Executive ability” is earnest and pragmatic attitude to guarantee both quality and quantity;

A person’s executive ability decides his success and failure;
A company’s executive ability decides its rise and fall;

2015 Cwmalls people opens up the prologue to improve our “executive ability”, the prologue to let the feeling fall with our practical action; this is not a person's fight, this is the fight of all Cwmalls people; it is a dedicated, professional, serious and good learning fight, this is a fight to improve our executive ability; we are ready to fight for surpassing today and ourselves, we have set the fight plan to improve the executive ability; to make innovation, standard, unification have a qualitative leap, to make technology, product, management have a quantitative sublimation, therefore, Cwmalls people have made overall preparation——only improve the executive ability can we keep everything on schedule!

Earnestness is a stepping stone to success, execution ability is the basic guarantee of success, efficiency is our trick; therefore, only under the premise of unified ideology and clear target, can we make earnestness, execution ability and efficiency to become our “nuclear weapon” for fast development; with basic attitude of not compromise and lose heart, with the basic requirement of not abandon and give up to make our execution ability show extraordinary talents! under the premise of right direction and clear target, the index efficiency and earnestness is the key to all success; all Cwmalls people should still pay attention to this! I believe we will do better!

From 10% of the execution ability, to 40% of the execution power, to 60% of the execution ability, expect 101% of execution; along the way, from the execution of individual to the execution of team, from single work to team work, we Cwmalls people accepted the baptism of brutal market; it’s the execution that implement every idea, every plan, and make it into fruition , it’s the execution we made our dream and mission come true and into reality; it’s an attitude, a spirit of responsibility, it is a idealism thing, the pursuit of ideals, execution of our achievements, our everything! We are willing to share the glamor and achievement which execution ability brought us! Cwmalls people are on the way improving execution ability, Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you! 

Executive ability is the key to success and failure, Executive ability is the source of happiness; 
History is the product of material object + time, executive ability is the creator of a precedent!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS COMMODITY