The dream horn resounds through the heart again, “100-day sprint” has began!
The battle drum makes you excited again, “100-day sprint” has been into action!

This is the season for CWMALLS people, this is the home field of CWMALLS team, and this is a great event of CWMALLS complex; passion, dream, responsibility, mission break out and burst into bloom at this moment, experience, sharing, interaction and cooperation set fire to the meaning of sailing; we are still same outside and inside, we are consistent, and we start well and end well to practice our journey belongs to the future, we still share everything with you in concentrated, professional, bold and cautious posture and attitude, so that to make every originality, work, product and commodity show its value! With full positive energy, CWMALLS and CWMALLS COMMODITY will open up this distinctive future travel with you; be your own protagonist, be your own director, let CWMALLS 2016 sailing become a classic!

CWMALLS 2016 sailing – the third season officially opens up the prologue of 100-day sprint; intension is still the theme, fear is still the challenge, by experience, study, exploration and implementation, we will melt all trouble and difficulties with ten times of confidence and courage; it’s nothing serious, so what, start all over again, such free and easy attitude will make us feel a sense of relief, and will make our “extreme” concept sublimate quickly; decision and persistence will become the central symbol of CWMALLS 2016 sailing – the third season again, and make the flag of CWMALLS and CWMALLS COMMODITY become the compass target and direction; this is an accumulating profound self-challenge, and the journey to realize the dream and mission, only unifying our thinking and understanding, uniting as one to struggle, can make our third season bloom itself beautifully; this is a season for CWMALLS and CWMALLS COMMODITY to fully bloom, bear fruit and harvest, and it is also the season to improve the whole industry standardized value ecosystem, and as well as the season for mutual maturity of valuable, standard, ecological CWMALLS and technological, artistic and intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY; we cherish every minute and every second, and we catch up every day and every week, reasonably arranging, carefully planning and doing our own job well will make our third season become the absolute home field and protagonist!

CWMALLS 2016 sailing – the third season, cooperation, sharing, interaction and study will act as the denominator to fully show the value and inner content of CWMALLS COMMODITY, and will make innovation, braveness, insistence and endeavor achieve more achievements; this is not a continuation of time, and a struggle of the real thing, taking history as a mirror to write our own history, it will definitely be fruitful on the axis of time, and it will sure to stay forever on the developing history of CWMALLS; CWMALLS 2016 sailing – the third season is a full upgrade in mobile technology, and a great examination after the upgrade of product and service standardization; we won’t be too conservative any more, and we won’t be too egotistical, we will walk to the front end and the market, survival of the fittest, we will break open a way through bramble and thistle to realize the dream and mission of CWMALLS people, and “ruling by the grace of God to do something great”, we will run through everything with such spirit! “Serious”, “persistent” CWMALLS team look forward to sharing and witnessing our third season with you, its splendidness is also your brilliance; being suffering while enjoying, nervous while substantial lonely while crazy……this is our third season, this is our dribs and drabs!

The boundless vista is at the perilous peak, we are brave and insistent;
To spare no effort in the third season, we have no regrets;


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE