Efficiency is an optimization and sublimation of yourself,

Efficiency is a witness of standardized implementation,


Efficiency is a vernier caliper for growing and development, it makes everything filled with passion and vitality;

Efficiency is a rapid interpretation of summary and improvement, it makes everything become meaningful and valuable;


It is another bold stride leap and analysis from CWMALLS Team, which makes KPI, efficiency, innovation, security, growing full of power; taking every day, every month, every season, every year as the time unit, the axle wire has rules to follow, becomes fruitful and makes brilliant achievements after the “sprint” and “breakthrough” of CWMALLS people; this is a perfect metamorphosis guided by “network efficiency” concept, and the best witness as all CWMALLS people continue to study, innovate, and implement; from feeling overwhelmed, savage growth, and then to running all the way, judged by time, the super denominator, it is efficiency enable us to get today’s standard, value, ecology, networking, mobilization and globalization, it is efficiency makes us more confident, braver, more persistent and crazier, but always stay the same; every pace, every step, every brand witness everything of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY and MWE FUND, CWMALLS Networking Efficiency is making undeniable contributions!


“Efficiency” is a respect for time and life; it explains everything with its unique equation, it witnesses our past, present and future centered with number and data; it measures everything in the form of value, success and result maximization, it makes us loyal to targets anytime; therefore, we carry out regular study, training, communication and evaluation on product, technology, marketing, management, etc., to find out the objective factors such as dissimilarity and generality, to optimize and combine, and improve our basic efficiency and comprehensive competitive power, thus to make team cohesiveness, executive force and sense of achievement have a full bloom; meanwhile, the full launch of networking efficiency concept is just like the magnifying glass, accelerator and catalyst to make everything become more transparent, simple and standard, and it has laid a good foundation for our inner management, decision and implementation; efficiency will take this heavy duty to take part in all our procedures, so that to convoy for our dream and mission, blossom a unique-self, and make everything! This is just the “sequela” of efficiency!


“Efficiency” is the proficiency index, as well as the assessment index; it is like sunshine, which makes us become filled of the sense of achievement, crate more values, and make everything become more meaningful with our earnest and pragmatic attitude; it is also the basic interpretation of 1+1≥2, integrating all resources, applying all tools, so that to cause more “chemical reactions” in front of the time, and it will make us reach the other side of the ideal; this is a guarantee of quality, a self-respect, and the criterion for standardization, ecology and value, it makes uniqueness really become of the motto of efficiency assessment; in this special historical moment,  CWMALLS people is practicing everything belongs to ourselves by our actual actions through the networking efficiency; CWMALLS starts the career by taking efficiency as the first, as the brave and innovator, it will join our great dream and mission, and make everything, it depends on you and me! It will be more wonderful with action!


CWMALLS Networking Efficiency: A different start with same splendidness, worth the attention

and participation!

CWMALLS Networking Efficiency: Different passion sets the fire for moving ahead, light up , warm you and me!


CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND will carry efficiency to the ends with the master’s attitude!



To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE