Concentration is the basis of every innovation;
Concentration is the guarantee of every success;

2015 we opened the prelude of “concentration”; We are more rational concentration when facing the difficulties, We are more emotional concentration when facing the innovation; we walk through the tough yesterday with concentration, we got here with concentration on this healthy day, The concentration will help us achieve better tomorrow! Let the seed of concentration bloom and fruit age with the cultivation of Cwmalls people; let the gene of concentration flourish with the heritage of Cwmalls people; for this reason, we are taking action, we are sticking to it; we always dedicate, loyal to adhere to our dream, faith, mission, this is Cwmalls, this is the focus of concentration! This is all Cwmalls people's choice!

Concentration is an attitude, consistent;
Concentration is a spirit, faithful;

2015 we opened the veil of “concentration” ; we need to be concerned, we need share more, and we need more interaction to express and sublimate our attitude of concentration and spirit of concentration; therefore, we need to be more innocent, more concentrate to meet more difficulties and challenges; consistent, steadfast, let the innovation and results break out wonderfully and wildly! This is a role model, it's a force; Cwmalls people are glad and willing to share everything “concentration” brings us! Let us act together, let us concentrate together, for a good day like today and better day like tomorrow, to create more extraordinary! You will be super substantial and more sense of accomplishment!

In 2015, we will continue to practice the mission of “concentration”;
In 2015, we will continue to carry the strength of “concentration”;

In the same way, we still don’t have applause or flowers but we are strong in mind; in the same way, we are along with “concentration”, we are persistent and well learning; this is our present situation of growing and living, this is our direction for innovation and development; just like that “quality” and “user experience” is the lifeline of we CWMALLS COMMODITY, it is that all Cwmalls people work hard and well care it with a heart of “concentration” that makes today’s us, so that we create more green value for the society and all human beings! We can make it, we can succeed, just wait and see! Also, we are willing to grow and share with you! Cwmalls will be more wonderful with your participation!

Being wonderful due to concentration——CWMALLS COMMODITY


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS COMMODITY