Cooperation is horizontal integration,

Sharing is vertical excavation;

Cooperation and sharing are the coordinates of mission,

Cooperation and sharing are the witness of dream;


In this way, for the perfect transformation in 2018, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex have carried out earthshaking self revolutions, cooperation revolutions and sharing revolutions all over the world; everything is for the initial dream and mission, everything is for the good vision and attitude! Only cooperation can realize the super sublimation from 1+1=2, only sharing can annotate the value and meaning of 1+12! Distinctive responsibility and mission will become more pragmatic in the call of time, extraordinary choices will become the aim and direction in cooperation and sharing; this is the second season of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, it moistens things silently, it has personal independence of conduct, it pulls one hair and the whole body is affected, only cooperation and sharing can make us run to the distance!


“Cooperation and Sharing” whether the cooperation and upgrade of the back-end technology, product, promotion, management and other aspects, or the front-end sharing and interaction of attention, appreciation, experience, service and other aspects, its only standard is uniting everything and blossom itself; therefore, having a common goal became the motive power, staying true to the mission became the steering wheel, only with the interaction of cooperation and sharing can we activate and release everything, and maximize value finally! Similarly, as the cores of “Cooperation and Sharing”, making the best of the both worlds, mutual encouragement and supervision, seeking common points while reserving differences are fully implemented and executed in every process and link! It is just like a catalyst or additive which makes everything scale new heights!


“Cooperation and Sharing of CWMALLS People” is a three-dimensional sublimation from top to bottom, from left to right, inside and out; only with one-to-one cooperation with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, CWMALLS people can be stronger, only with free and equal sharing, CWMALLS people can be more clinging; feelings, dream, mission and responsibility, this is a marathon without terminus, only with mutual understanding, help and cooperation can we make better achievements; for instance, cooperating with educational institutions, training institutions and recruitment agencies not only increases publicity efforts, but also finds more partners; for example, sharing with web celebrities, fashion icons, opinion leaders not only promotes our products, but also transforms the earnings, which realize win-win results! This is “Cooperation and Sharing of CWMALLS People”, which is pragmatic, low-key and progressive, it suits action to the word, its Inside equals outside, it starts well and ends well!


“Cooperation and Sharing of CWMALLS Team” is like a group of “chorus”, unification, coordination, resounding and other properties can only be immortal in an open heart; whether for management consulting agencies, insurance agencies, media agencies, testing and certification bodies, or third-party platforms (Google, Yahoo, Bing, VK, PayPal, Amazon, Apple, SAMSUNG, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.), CWMALLS team stands at the height of history, builds cooperation with many industry leaders and shares more information, data, results to achieve overtaking of CWMALLS’s networking, internationalization, globalization and space sharing! Meanwhile, via powerful alliances, we excavate and activate more innovative, original, patented products, and realize the virtuous circle development of standardization, value, and ecologicalization to truly realize all the promises, vows of "MADE IN CWMALLS"! Therefore, under the leadership of CWMALLS team, CWMALLS Global Networked Lab, CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee and CWMALLS Global Networked Factory we deepen cooperation and share everything for achieving dream and mission!


“CWMALLS Complex” is the spokesman of cooperation and sharing, its unique DNA structure achieves each other, inspires each other and then becomes the super spokesman of the Internet and Internet of Things era; it is the crystallization of cooperation and sharing, also the future of cooperation and sharing; ideology with a flexible, transparent, free, fair and value-based blockchain makes every point, line and plane become the protagonist and maximize the value; it is the root of recycling economy and ecological economy, also the molecular of cooperative economy and sharing economy, as the “new species” of the networked, standardized era, “CWMALLS Complex” will have an epoch-making significance; this is the pearl of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2018 Growing, Sharing Series— “Cooperation and Sharing”, it is worth your attention!


Cooperation and Sharing: the “free falling body” in the Internet era, things will be easily settled when conditions are ok, letting nature take its course;

Cooperation and Sharing: “a clear stream” in the Internet of Things era, which is remarkable and worthy of attention.