Crisis awareness is the footstone of growing and progress, which will stay with you at every moment!

Crisis awareness is the guarantee of safety and stability, which will achieve your everything at any time!


CWMALLS people’s crisis awareness is the endorsement of learning, reflection, execution, and the witness of innovation, challenge, achievement;

CWMALLS people’s crisis awareness is the all of competition, elimination, life, and the future of standard, value, ecology;


This is our(CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex) corporate culture and professional literacy; only with crisis awareness can a corporate, a team have a strong competitiveness and vitality, can it be true to form, start well and end well; this is our(CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND) spiritual mentor and super bodyguard; only with crisis awareness can a brand be more stable and more mature, can it be built to last and run a long history! “CWMALLS Crisis Awareness” is just like “The Sword of Damocles”, which can let you keep a clear mind, make a rational choice anytime anywhere, and be beneficial to the comprehensive, systematic, efficient ecological construction; let’s break open a way through brambles and thorns and race to move forward, making dream and mission burst forth their own elegant demeanour with the “asylum” of crisis awareness!


“CWMALLS Crisis Awareness” market part: The sense of competition including product, brand, research and development, design, promotion and service will become more transparent and cruel at the globalized, networked era; how to keep a foothold in the world community? How to gain sustainable development? How to stand out? How to cross the market thresholds, etc.? Only knowing the enemy and knowing ourselves, being scientific and rational, being teachable and gritty can we have a tiny space; only having crisis awareness, keeping pace with the times, being dedicated and professional can we develop better; either the duteous market research, or the logical analysis of peers, or the self-innovation challenge can only be expanded and executed better under the basic premise that the goal is clear and the direction is correct! But the necessary premise is being objective, scientific and rational! “CWMALLS Crisis Awareness” exactly finds out the problem, analyzes the problem and solves the problem through the activities and tools of taking part in matches regularly, entering the market, consumption question and answer, big data, cloud computing and so on! Meanwhile we optimize and combine the point, line and surface with reverse thinking to make crisis awareness, awareness of unexpected development really become a capable assistant and navigator of the corporate development! “CWMALLS Crisis Awareness” market part officially stands at the height of history and the frontier of the times to forge ahead for the great dream of realizing the comprehensive standardization, unification, networking and valued! Come on! Achievement belongs to the prepared people!


“CWMALLS Crisis Awareness” team part: Team is the basis of a corporate, team is the first executor of the goal, only unifying thought, unifying realization, being unified as one can we be invincible and gallop the great distance; team is the envoy of dream, team is the endorsement of mission, only being cautious and conscientious, confident can we attain our wishes and last to the end; under the mix and fermentation of crisis awareness, communication, training, assessment, planning, sharing, management and other team elements become calmer, more rational and make work be shipshape, make execution become quick and efficient, make goal become accurate and clear; minds and strengths gather together to get rid of all the difficulties, obstacles, carelessness, inertia and absorbing all the trust, responsibility, mutual respect and honesty; at this point, CWMALLS elite team have done a great job, based on Asia Pacific, North America and Europe to serve the world; CWMALLS team’s crisis awareness is the criticism and self-criticism, is the arrogant and rash implementation, is the united struggle, is the··· Seriousness, pragmatism, good learning, daring to do, undertaking and other excellent qualities are also shown perfectly in the team’s crisis awareness, making one prospers in worries and hardships, and perishes in ease and comfort as motto, making bloating and venality become shameful pole; CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex with dreams and CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND with missions will create more surprises and value under the catalyst of “CWMALLS Crisis Awareness”! Excellence and achievement are derived from diligence and struggling!


Thrive in calamity and perish in soft living, caution can catch the cicada!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, caution is the parent of safety!


“CWMALLS Crisis Awareness” will bring more distinctiveness, achievements and dreams to CWMALLS people of Cutting-edge School, Innovative School, Powerful School mentally, in spirit and career! Let’s give the CWMALLS people who dare to be the first thumbs up! Come on! Come on! Let’s cheers together!