Attitude is accomplishment, also the spirit;

Execution is responsibility, also the order;


“Military Order” of CWMALLS people is the loyalty to dream and mission;

“Military Order” of CWMALLS team is the vow to plan and goal;

“Military Order” of CWMALLS complex is the implement of now and future;


“Military Order” is a consciousness of metaphysics, which starts the heroic undertaking of proving everything with action and achievement; it is more like a catalyst or jack, making your blood vessel spray and your potential unlimited; it is more like a motto or compass, making you keep a cool head and struggle to move forward; this the guidance for growing, also the longing for future, both pushing ourselves and sublimating soul are the meaning, value of “CWMALLS Military Order”! It is stimulating every CWMALLS people to charge forward over and over again with the magic power of silence is better than cry, they are unstoppable, they break the caldrons and sink the boats after crossing, they transform perfectly!


“CWMALLS Military Order” is like a shield, which makes our heart stronger and our action agiler on the way of charging forward;

“CWMALLS Military Order” is like a spear, which makes dream blossom with abandon and responsibility, mission must reach in the center of the world stage;


Depending on three global operating centers, three global target markets and three global networked centers, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY officially set sail perfectly with the whoop of “CWMALLS Military Order”; this is the choice of history, also the choice of age, unifying thought, understanding and action, getting specific plans and goals born in mind and into the blood, overcoming all obstacles and making great achievements with fearless spirit; no progress simply means regression, rising to the challenge, being pragmatic and careful until success step by step without reasons, as the main idea of “CWMALLS Military Order”, it makes every CWMALLS people keep a cool head, stay united in your resolve and keep the sacrifice spirit of if I can’t do it, who can; this is a carrier-level strategic accomplishment, also the fearless feelings of blood is thicker than water; “CWMALLS Military Order” takes the effect of key stand in the networking, standardization, globalization, ecologicalization of technology, product, promotion and management; especially in the process of cooperation with the third parties, it is more likely to show the courage of being supercilious as well as the spirit of freedom and fairness; similarly, as the executor of “World's First Online Casual Luxury Brand”, we put “services” into practice definitely according to each old and new client, customer’s demands and appeals without any reason, satisfaction and value for money are our military orders! Therefore, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex carry out regular teleconferences, criticism and self-criticism activities to make the military order more deterrent, to be consistent and make inside equals outside for letting every action, expression and word become brilliant and powerful!


Macroscopic decision and microscopic execution are the basic guidelines of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY’s internationalization, marketization and sharing, also the action program of “CWMALLS Military Order”; whether in the previous stage of marketing research, demonstration and testing before decision, or in the later stage of execution, excavation and breakthrough, each CWMALLS people and project team make an example and set written pledge to fulfill a military order to express determination and will! This is a complex of materialism and idealism, also the witness of advancing with the times and keeping going; “CWMALLS Military Order” is like a mirror, making us know ourselves clearly and remain true to our original aspiration at any time; “CWMALLS Military Order” is like a flag, giving us directions at any time and making us forge ahead; its previous life is the cohesion of dream, its this life is the conquest of future, which bears our attitudes and will, motivates our ambition and feelings; it is a coordinate as well as a target, which indicates directions and convoys the internationalization, globalization and space of CWMALLS®, CWMALLS COMMODITY™, MWE FUND! Let’s mould CWMALLS people with attitude, build CWMALLS team with responsibility, cohere CWMALLS complex with dream! Excellence is here, “CWMALLS Military Order” goes together with you and me!


Being united as one, being careful and pragmatic are the endorsement of “CWMALLS Military Order”; it is hard to buy time! Let’s make time become the judge and make out dreams blossom in every minute of time!

Breaking the caldrons and sinking the boats after crossing, ascending step by step are the soul of “CWMALLS Military Order”; there is no turning back! Let’s make action prove everything and achieve our missions in the midst of action!