"CWSVE" — The new standardized logic of CWMALLS people!

"CWSVE" — The new journey of value of CWMALLS team!

"CWSVE" — The new ecological species of CWMALLS complex!


Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2020 Globalized, New Species Evolutionists Series — “CWSVE” officially starts both online and offline synchronously around the world; this is a revolution of world’s economic network standardization, also a start of global network ecological standardization; the joint recommendation and certification of CWMALLS Global Super Patent Review Committee, CWMALLS Global Super Networked Lab and CWMALLS Global Super Networked Workshop make “CWSVE” become the new standard and new experience of the networked, ecological, globalized sharing, shopping and living! Meanwhile, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY “Three Goods”: good product, good service and good price, and the experience service which is constructed by safety, fairness, transparency, efficiency and innovative service which takes standard, value, ecology, patent as core concepts let you enjoy surprises and values brought by all products of “CWMALLS” anytime anywhere! Therefore, CWMALLS technology team, product team, promotion team, management team, brand team carry out horizontal integration and vertical excavation around the world; via strong combination, optimizing the structure and activating more potential resources, under the unified guidance and combination of “CWSVE”, we form a standardized operation, valuable excavation and ecologicalized circulation which include R&D, design, manufacture, sale, promotion, service, management, optimization, upgrade and all links to improve a new feast of global networked shopping of CWMALLS COMMODITY™! This is one of the meanings of “CWSVE” which is a keen, aggressive, personalized, value new species!


“CWSVE” is building a brand new industry ecological standard in a brand new perspective and keeping pace with the time; whether for the back-end supply chain or for the front-end sales chain and promotion chain, from ecological chain to ecosphere, it all can focus on “CWSVE” to get a standardized, valuable, ecological AI self-optimization and upgrade to improve overall efficiency and quality; similarly, depending on cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, block chain, search engine, social media (person-to-person, circled) and other internet tools (https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnbbrandon/2019/10/14/..), it performs model data analysis, deductions and certifications to reduce risk and make every decision, action win! This is the reason why CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex recommend and share it, it is a win-win regulator and also a booster for development; it takes technological innovation as center, digital management as the standard and ecological cycle as its mission, thus to form a reasonable value chain and make every link become “seamless” to truly achieve intelligentized operation and standardized value! However, with the arrival of CWMALLS blue ocean era of globalization and its functional characteristics become more important, for example, patented product (Leather Jacket) conducting a comprehensive market-oriented sharing needs to carry out rapid standardized integration, transparent execution, data-based monitoring, chain-based collaboration, precision marketing, sharing services and ecological development from procurement, production, promotion, operation, service, management and other links, only in this way can we make the marketization of patented products become fast and efficient to make consumers appreciate the surprises and value brought by it in first time! Thus, CWMALLS Asia Pacific Operating Center, CWMALLS European Operating Center, CWMALLS North American Operating Center are fully implementing and carrying out all the standards of “CWSVE”, and uniting worldwide suppliers, distributors, fashion icons, web celebrities, bloggers, key opinion leaders, live streaming lovers, singers, film stars and other industry elites to spread and share via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, WeChat, TikTok, Snapchat and other social platforms, hoping to bring every extraordinary sensory experience and artistic enjoyment to friends and partners from all over the world! Meanwhile, welcome more professionals, industry association, standard institutions, certification authorities to participate jointly in the completion of “CWSVE” and hope to make the networked, globalized, standardized, ecological sharing, shopping and living become more wonderful with everyone’s joint efforts! This is the “Twenty-six to the N” project, abbreviated “26N” project, also the meaning and value of “Skyline” project and “Raindrops” plan. At the same time, it is also a model for fully implementing the "CWMALLS Double AA Plan", paying tribute and learning to the great Apple, and paying tribute and learning to the great Amazon! Harmony makes the world more exciting because of our existence! Thank you!


If the current “CWSVE” is a combination of dynamic and static, then after the upgrade, “CWSVE” will be the essence of static and dynamic! Whether it is forward logic or backward reasoning, the entire industry chain standardized value ecosystem of “CWSVE” will become the core of globalization and standardization; it will be like the “periodic table of elements”, allowing each element to be freely combined, to the variate from definite number, and then from the variate to the definite number, it will finally bring you a real standard surprise! At the same time, in the relative analysis and game logic of global industry data, “CWSVE” participates in every link as an absolute “new species evolutionist”. It is just like yeast and catalyst when it goes from the node state to the chain mode then to the ecological cycle, it makes everything different and extraordinary! CWMALLS space universal jacket, CWMALLS 2 in 1 multifunctional Leather Jacket and many other patented products are all classic masterpieces of “CWSVE”! Welcome new and old customers, consumers, fans and other friends from all over the world to taste and experience! Thank you! Please continue to pay attention!




August 19, 2020