Desire is motivation, while ideal is state;

Desire comes from humanity, while ideal is from belief.

There is only a thread of distance between ideal and desire, but they are as far as the horizon actually. Ideal can enrich our heart all the time; while desire is just the short pleasure brought by material pursuit again and again. Achieving the ideal can enrich our inward world, while satisfying the desire will result in more desire.

Don’t take desire as ideal, don’t judge the whole world’s thought in your own thinking way, don’t use your own life desire and ranking habit to stand for ideal. After all, what human beings need to be loyal to most is themselves in their own hearts rather than the one in others’ eyes.

Don’t take desire as ideal, desire can make us own a pile of commercial stars, but ideal can let us hug the real commercial civilization. The abyssal region of CWMALLS revolution needs top-level design, and our life as well as road also need top-level design.

Mistaking desire as ideal, when ideal can’t overcome desire, when people around the world take the desire of becoming “VIP” as ideal, when the performing mindset of “not returning to his/her hometown after becoming famous is just like walking at night in magnificent clothes” becomes a collective mindset — the reality is indeed bony and the cost is really huge.

The ideal is plump but the reality is bony. To be the powerful, capable and glamorous CWMALLS people!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE