From the “One-hundred Day War” on July, August, and September, then to the “Sprint One-hundred Day” on October, November, December, nervous and excited, painful and happy, these emotions are interweaved in everyday life and work that owned to yourself and the team; gain and loss are no longer important, it is significant to recognize the situation and recognize yourself, in such a complicated social environment and in the blue ocean of network information, how to grasp yourself, how to seize the opportunity that fits you and belongs to your development, this is very important! Should learn to “choose”!

From a destiny to a variation then a destiny again, every day, we are “playing” the “roles” that belong to ourselves or others, it is hard to play every role very well,  you need to learn to choose, learn to give up; although it is difficult, you have to learn it well; because time belongs to oneself and life is a destiny belongs to oneself; we should embrace our today, tomorrow, and future bravely; make the promotion and choice to our own targets and plans! We should survive in the variation and develop in the destiny;

From single choice to multiple choices, there are always A, B, C, D, E variable choices for things filled in life and work, sometimes we don’t know what to do , sometime we are lost; there are ports and chanced everywhere, “everything is possible”, but what belongs to you just “once”, what belongs to your faith and mission just “once”; make the passive life become initiative with the life and experience, you will be dazzling, and extremely happy!

Choice and extraction are for better sublimation; to make the target clearer, make the team more steady, make the mission more powerful, make the attitude firmer, make the faith become more noble, make choice become more decisive, make……you will be more charming, and more appealing and full of appetency; make your interest and hobbies be the owner and you will be extremely happy!

Choosing is to changing, and making adjustment and reflection at the moment of a close call; be instinctive or passive, it is unknown; but all these are to reverse the course of events, and to strive for further improvement; soul-stirring, nerve-wracking, brave to take action, this is the attitude; the courage and attitude that being brave enough to learn to make choice from the fleeting chances, it will be the beginning of life’s magnificent change! It will be the beginning of “switching” roles! It will a distinctive beginning! It is the “charm” of choice!

“Choice” is like the “magnifier” and “scalpel” during the everyday life of past two hundred days; make this complicated environment become normative, become standard, become more rational, become……; we will take every tiny innovation, every tiny adjustment, every tiny change to sublimate to angle of choice to implement, it is to make us become more professional, make our mission more perfect! We are brave to choose, we are brave to implement! We are happy to share, we are happy to cooperation! We are happy on the way forward!

2014 we are different and we are expecting to have a journey with a different you!

Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!

Faith+Promtion+Implement= The Result You Want

Our Mission: Integrating world’s commodities for you to share and benefit everyone!

Profession makes outstanding—sharing!