This is the selection of CWMALLS people, our four seasons of the year;

This is the choice of CWMALLS team, our four seasons of the year;

This is the duty of CWMALLS complex, our four seasons of the year;


When the growth ring of dream becomes the model of struggle again, when the fire of mission blazes again, our four seasons of the year come again and again, in this way we begin our own story; the absolute play, absolute director, absolute protagonist, absolute reality are performing our dribs and drabs uninterruptedly for 24 hours and executing our aims and plans all day for 365 days, spring, summer, autumn, winter witness everything of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY! This is a great time, we overcome all obstacles, sing and dance at our own stage; this is a brand-new world, we show our strength and verify our capacity on the center of the world stage! The spiral growth and wheeling expansion are the witness of perseverance, the endorsement of good to learn and braveness, the carnival of four seasons of the year! This is us!


“Spring” is an attitude, also a feeling, its breath exists in everywhere and everything! It’s the first spokesman of dream and the first guardian of mission, it runs through everything like totem! We hold it in our hands carefully and wish it to thrive, we put it in our heart and wish it to bring more hope; this is the natural law of rooting, sprouting, flowering, fructifying, this is the true confession with the concept of "spring", this is the annotation of four seasons of the year! It lives and grows in nature and economizes to avoid running short; the eventful years move us to song and tears; spring is in the air and my heart remains same; we persist in our dream and are forever young!


“Summer” is a test, also an experience and toughening, it challenges itself and practices mission; this is the rock and roll of passion and dream, also the magnificent chapter serving as a link between past and future; a single spark of it can start a fire, it advances rapidly and adheres to itself; this is the catalyst of artistic conception and dreamland, what it represents are thriving and luxuriant; this is the prime mover of hot and boiling, what it represents are loyalty and exalted! Being your own protagonist is often so passive, being the protagonist of future is often so affectionate, only after the test of raging fire can we have the sublimation of quality! “Summer” is just so wayward, mastering the duration and degree of heating is the beginning of getting twice the result with half the effort! 


“Autumn” is a realm, also a sublimation, look back suddenly and water flows when a channel is formed; follow the heart, start well and end well, being persistent and plum will blossom full of the garden; sunshine often comes after the storm, countless rich fruits are filled with true love; what it concentrates are dream and power, what it breeds are feelings and strength, what it represents are dream and mission; this is the backup force of will, also the endorsement of target, a little bit of accumulation, a word and an action of witness will leave the stigma of dream on the central axis of time; the progression of seasons, passing with the future; breaking the caldrons and sinking the boats after crossing, and riding away without any dust; skipping to stand and ascending the stairs; this is CWMALLS people’s “autumn”! It grows silently, it is brave and free and easy! 

 “Winter” is a power, also a challenge, it accumulates and unifies the world; the absolute confidence and courage bloom at this moment, the lonely and perfect pursuit verifies at this moment; I am who I am, remaining calm, this is beginning instead of ending, this is maturity instead of wildness; the connotation of “Winter” lets CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex find their own sense of belongings and achievement, they are the combined fleets to exploit instead of the lonely ark in the ocean; it hosts the missions for future, freely hover between heaven and earth, the power woven by model, responsibility, feelings, strength wanders on the stage of world, following our own heart and letting our own dream go! This is “Winter” ! This is the road! This is us!


A thousand miles begin with a single step, this is an unstoppable train; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY prove everything by actions!

Drips of beneficent water must be repaid with overflowing fountains of gratitude, our four seasons of the year; CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY give everything's feedback with sincerity!