Art is an interpretation of perfection,
CWMALLS Art is a combination of originality and technology;
Art is a praise for classics.
CWMALLS Art is a representation of philosophy and history;
Art is……
CWMALLS Art is……

CWMALLS 2016 growing series – “CWMALLS Art” officially opens up the new journey for pursuing perfectionism; formed up by “uniqueness” and “perfection”, CWMALLS Art makes every work, every style of new product, every commodity send out a unique taste and charm; this is a start to ascend step by step, and more of the sublimation of original design, this is a grand banquet eastern and western art, more of a technology and retro carnival, this is a mix of world culture, and a full enjoyment of integration; “CWMALLS Art” is shouldering the mission of “inheritance”, “protection”, “development”, “innovation”, “mix” and “sharing” to bring the real value of art experience for you, him, her and me; this is the responsibility of CWMALLS people, the dream of CWMALSL team, and the unique genetic structure of CWMALLS complex, to make every originality, work, and product full of art cells, and send out rich artistic breath; this trait has laid the foundation of a difference for your quality living and wonderful life, and become the new station to pursue romance, aestheticism, confidence, charm and delicacy! “CWMALLS Art” will have a full sublimation during our all-round upgrading in 2016, it will light up everything as well! Let endless pursuit of perfection become the new status of our common growing and sharing!

“CWMALLS Art” is another super great work after CWMALLS Technology, it is the spiritual soul of CWMALLS Design, the inner value of CWMALLS COMMODITY, the motive power of CWMALLS growing, and the core for sharing with each other, and is……; therefore, we carry out unprecedented great study and innovation, and have vertical and horizontal digging and cooperation with various artists all around the world, at the same time carry out second, three times of innovation and fission based on original art by the latest technology means, and finally become CWMALLS Art, this is artistic works and products, and more of the artistic attitude and life; with our own special quality and attitude, CWMALLS people will activate every originality and design with passion, dream and great love, to make them have more of the arts and humanities quality, and the appreciation and collection value; this is a unique start, and more of a challenge of metaphysics, “uniqueness” and “perfection”, as the answer of the contents of CWMALLS Art, will have a perfect interpretation in our technology, product, marketing, service, management, innovation, standard, and ecology, and in everywhere; woven by the heart, built by the attitude, “CWMALLS Art” will set off a global full enjoyment revolution by fast spread of mobile internet, and the eager recommendation of general fans; this is the choice of feeling, and the sublimation of humanity, “CWMALLS Art” will shoulder the mission of quality and happiness, to accompany your everyday wonderful life!

“CWMALLS Art” is the start of perfection, the joy of sharing, and the value of experience!
“CWMALLS Art” is the responsibility of carrying, the civilization of inheritance, and the quintessence of innovation!
Let’s experience and share it! It will be your protagonist forever!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE